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  1. Server transfers?

    Thanks! I wasn't sure.
  2. Housing Refunds

    Level 71
  3. Housing Refunds

    I paid 12 mil for one house to be by legion mates, I could have just saved kinah with costs each month by having a free apartment. Luckily, I got back 14 mil including monthly costs along with 200 guestpetals.
  4. Server transfers?

    I wanted to go to another server (Danaria) because my legion went there, but it won't let me transfer, even though I have access to do so. Is transferring disabled? If so, for how long?
  5. What about the new hairstyles introduced in 5.6

    The guys only get one psshh...
  6. Known Issues: Server Merge

    Anyone notice Aion is way too bright? I tried fixing this in options under graphics somewhere but I couldn't find a fix. Is it just me?
  7. Event Window... will you ever fix it?

    I noticed it too. I like the window but only when there's an active event going on. We have one now but I never know how many items I need to get as the event currently doesn't even show up.
  8. New Server Name Suggestions

    Leocadia and Zephyrine Dovella or Galatea