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  1. GoG is decent, I wouldn't exactly say it's good. Auto-hunt would we very nice in open world, taking in consideration of cubics. I don't really know how many players are still left over from 6.0 when you could farm in lab, but atm the grind is a little tough with the nerfed drop rate.
  2. GM Izko (Aion) Dec 10, 2020, 16:29 PST Hello, I would like you to try an advanced repair of the Aion game client. To do this: Browse to your Aion folder (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\NCsoft\Aion) Locate and delete the folders"BIN32" "BIN64" "DATA" and "L10N" Double click on the Aion Shortcut on your desktop to launch the NCSOFT Game Launcher. Use only the official NC Launcher, not any third-party launcher or .bat file. Once the file scan is complete, Aion will automatically start (unless disabled in settings). Close Aion and return to the launcher.
  3. That doesn't make sense. Others have reset for other people. And another thing, I finished all of my lugbug event quests on Sunday and it didnt reset Monday.
  4. Why haven't the Lugbug quest reset? All of my Daeva Dash lugbug quests are all still completed and did not reset with the weekly maint.
  5. Can I be whole heartily honest and say that this is literally the worse content ever. I don't know what your sells team is … selling you, but they are giving you bullshit. First off, BEFORE this patch, you all removed AUTO farm, WITH this patch, you all INCLUDED the debuffed experience nerf that INCLUDED the auto farm on the KR server. Now I have to say, that is just lazy. Don't roll out a patch, if the NA "patch" isn't ready. Currently, exp gain is too low to benefit. Regardless of the actual, things that you may have to back it up. To kill an Arbor Pluma with 100% Repose, 100% Berdins f
  6. Considering what you posted, I don't believe you are at all. A server buff and the coffin buff. But go ahead, explain why you believe your post is worthwhile.
  7. Let me get this straight, you're complaining about 2 very good buffs from 2 different events?
  8. Are we going to pretend like the Gp resetting isn't an issue?
  9. Can you please fix the rift to the abyss? The siege times changed but the rift to the abyss has not.
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