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  1. After 7.5 Patch

    Lugbug Dialy's, Lugbug Weeklys, Abyssal Shatter, Renown System, e.t.c. Saying that is totally fake, u can get the transformations in many ways and as u like, once more, the only way is farming, is a MMO not a shoter or a moba or seomthing else, Now u asked for ulti transform event, i missed an event like that too, but as far as i know that event was like 2 months before 7.5? so let me guess, we wont be seeing that event any time soon, i guess so?
  2. Introducing Kibbelz

    Welcome! Be like @Loki he always post memes on his answers and we love it! well i love it :')
  3. we missing the npc to reclaim arena/gp rewards...

    i guess is bugged and elyos dont have it? atleast on Danaria Elyos
  4. we missing the npc to reclaim arena/gp rewards...

    same, i tryed to look for this npc and couldn't find Q_Q @Hime
  5. Please make Demaha and Lakrum WB spawn within server

    lez fite in ma bead boi! now reffering to the post, if u QQ'ing about gems and stuff, WB is not the only way u can farm those LOL, as far as asmos dont get the loot i dont care who get it :<
  6. Udas exp farm

    ... 1st the egg one, now this one... i just lost faith in the world
  7. SC Omega

    asmos are 2 bad to get wb, they are like extra dummies
  8. Omega Event - Elyos won first round

    Ncsoft, pls, i beg u 1000000 times, increase the lvl of the bots in asmos side, it was an ez win for us, even if the loot was garbo, it was 2 ez to get that wb
  9. for ppl like this i lost humanity's hope
  10. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    what about the season starts, i did my crucible yesterday and i did not got even on the rank, i know if i run now i will get in, but i just wasted 2 runs for nothing, it is right that the season starts a day after the maintenence or not?
  11. So, 2 things from me, idk if this is right, or something else is happening @Hime and Loki???? some reason i can't tag him Crucible season starts tomorrow at 4 am? so i did 2 runs that means it doesn't count until tomorrow? if i am not wrong in the patch notes it doesn't say anything about it, i could be wrong and it migth say so D: in that case ignore this oe lel https://imgur.com/PujINUt and in the other hand we have minum vault bugged npc, only way to finish it is by the way of cleric https://imgur.com/OxUCmxF and DN-E server lag spikes are annoying
  12. Well... you spoke and I guess they heard you guys

    and i am soo thankfully for this
  13. Katalam bugged again

    we also want a free reset
  14. Katalam bugged again

    https://imgur.com/Eo7oQ84 he is making friends on DN-E
  15. who's irinin in the lore?
  16. when i saw the title i thought it was sarcasm, until i read the entire post O_O
  17. Katalam bugged again

    free resets pls
  18. Customer Service abuse once again @Hime

    congrats simbok!
  19. dead pandaemonium

    that actually brings me memories of this actually reminds me of this lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHCK_C8gKFs
  20. [Aion 7.5] New Accessories and Feathers

    This information is rly helpfull, since i have ultimate DT set but not the Acc, i knew saving the BMS would've usefull quick question, does the new PVE Acc's are hard to get em?
  21. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 13, 2020

    Considering the situation and that some of them are at home and can't work properly is fast that they answer + as far as i know NCWEST AION TEAM is a very short team
  22. I wish i had free resets like KT

    every single character, not 1 per account, and i'll be happy

    so basically, the event is going to stay for 26 days, even if u get all the days an A rank and u lucky get 26 coins, u wont even reach to 1k coins ;-; fix it plox! https://imgur.com/xWJg3yv
  24. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    quick question @Cyan does the coins are tradeable between acc's or legion wh like the blossom?