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  1. @Loki @Kibbelz i cant see how to get the design to get the +12 stigma selection box? halp? D:
  2. Lugbug Dialy's, Lugbug Weeklys, Abyssal Shatter, Renown System, e.t.c. Saying that is totally fake, u can get the transformations in many ways and as u like, once more, the only way is farming, is a MMO not a shoter or a moba or seomthing else, Now u asked for ulti transform event, i missed an event like that too, but as far as i know that event was like 2 months before 7.5? so let me guess, we wont be seeing that event any time soon, i guess so?
  3. Welcome! Be like @Loki he always post memes on his answers and we love it! well i love it :')
  4. i guess is bugged and elyos dont have it? atleast on Danaria Elyos
  5. same, i tryed to look for this npc and couldn't find Q_Q @Hime
  6. lez fite in ma bead boi! now reffering to the post, if u QQ'ing about gems and stuff, WB is not the only way u can farm those LOL, as far as asmos dont get the loot i dont care who get it :<
  7. ... 1st the egg one, now this one... i just lost faith in the world
  8. asmos are 2 bad to get wb, they are like extra dummies
  9. Ncsoft, pls, i beg u 1000000 times, increase the lvl of the bots in asmos side, it was an ez win for us, even if the loot was garbo, it was 2 ez to get that wb
  10. what about the season starts, i did my crucible yesterday and i did not got even on the rank, i know if i run now i will get in, but i just wasted 2 runs for nothing, it is right that the season starts a day after the maintenence or not?
  11. So, 2 things from me, idk if this is right, or something else is happening @Hime and Loki???? some reason i can't tag him Crucible season starts tomorrow at 4 am? so i did 2 runs that means it doesn't count until tomorrow? if i am not wrong in the patch notes it doesn't say anything about it, i could be wrong and it migth say so D: in that case ignore this oe lel https://imgur.com/PujINUt and in the other hand we have minum vault bugged npc, only way to finish it is by the way of cleric https://imgur.com/OxUCmxF and DN-E server lag s
  12. https://imgur.com/Eo7oQ84 he is making friends on DN-E
  13. when i saw the title i thought it was sarcasm, until i read the entire post O_O
  14. that actually brings me memories of this actually reminds me of this lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHCK_C8gKFs
  15. This information is rly helpfull, since i have ultimate DT set but not the Acc, i knew saving the BMS would've usefull quick question, does the new PVE Acc's are hard to get em?
  16. Considering the situation and that some of them are at home and can't work properly is fast that they answer + as far as i know NCWEST AION TEAM is a very short team
  17. every single character, not 1 per account, and i'll be happy
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