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  1. Okay so I downloaded Aion KR to play it and I made my account and all that good stuff but now I need to verify my account so I can play Aion KR. But the only problem is, I don't have an Korean phone to verify my account... Could anybody help ?
  2. So instead of nyerking up the RPG experience for all of us why not just make it a option for the nyerking end game hard on's to just make a new character level 80 with descent starting gear and throw them into the game and play to their little hearts content. SO sick and tired of the only nyerking mmorpg I could ever play and like and get into is now a nyerking rushed, cut content, no RPG ANYMORE just a nyerking sad RPG fail rip off and another COD and that's sad to nyerking say. RIP Aion you're now an endgame only game with nyerking PVP only hard on's so good job. Ncsoft should just go join
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