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  1. We got still old rank list . can we not get every month new list for governor and generals. Katalam got few lazy pigs do nothing for elyos community.Only thing there gp points important. change this aion so other ppl get change to to be better then old school today. they sleep all day or afk. make new rank system for everyone.
  2. when do we get new stuff we only got old stuff on bcm.There lot of new clothing,mounts ect. when we get this? https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/110901746,
  3. when we going to have this costume https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item:110901746.
  4. Aion you show people the first reward list. People going to farm for the first list rewards. Don't mess with people . And now all items need more coins. why this should always be on the na servers. AionKR got normal rewards. Change the rewards list to the first one.
  5. so this rerward list is wrong do we get new one to see?
  6. When is this app coming back .when is livestatus back.every game got app for android or ios .its easy to let it work again .So i hope aion exchange will come back and aion livestatus too.
  7. I want to see the Padmarashkas skins on bcm for sale! We have the weapon on bcm but not the skins plate,leather chain and cloth.
  8. when we get new hair tickets already arrived in aion eu!
  9. when I login when I'm in katalam I'm dc after I login time after time
  10. All the Padmarashka gear already for sale in bcm.Can you make armor skin sellable too for bcm. I never was in that cave but skins are so beautiful .It is in forgotten cave.
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