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  1. Long story short, NC knew for long time about EC bug but did chose to do nothing, they even didn't warn people that its abuse. So any following action is NC fault not players (normal player would tough if its abuse or smth bad then company would give out warnings, right? ..... or otherwise its "working as intended"). From that point on every punishment is completely wrong and even worse that its not given out in Reasonable time. P.S. As for that funny joke about compensation, go out in real life and ask cops to give out compensation because you dont beat people or rob bank ........
  2. What kind of drugs you use, share maybe? Left with 2 deserted servers is "Game going strong" and "see it kicking 5 years on"?
  3. Your all so stubborn, NC want you to leave so they can easy close servers but you keep playing
  4. 7. Never use transform and stand afk in town 24/7 P.S. Good job btw and yeah i still have skins from TL shugos, Eltnen Shugo (Defeated Archon Set), token skins, 1 alt full bag/wh with skin boxes from Sanctum NPC and much more. <3 old skins but even they cant make me log in anymore ........................ Geez got even Arcanus' Wing Feather and that was damn hard back then.
  5. TRUE Aion spirit and soul was lost when they implemented Enchanting for ACC, Plumes, Essence core etc. Before we had to enchant 6 items for 1 set at max +15, after was like 16-17 items for 1 set and unlimited enchant (limited by your wallet $$$). Before any was able to get top gear in reasonable time, after only hard p2w was able to make it.
  6. So other regions gave Painters decent sets at 80lvl to help them do quests with 1235423465HP mobs while NA leave them with old Lakrum sets? They dont even learn from they failures aka Gideon vs new mobs in Demaha. I bet that GM in Lakrum set would die even in Balaur cave (1 of Lakrum campaign quests).
  7. Seriously there is load of ppl who wont delete existing characters and wont buy Prestige just to try out 7.0 Somehow NA keep shooting in its own legs ..............
  8. There is only 1 good thing about 6.0 and its upgrade cap, or its not if remember that back in days we had to upgrade 5 armor parts + weapon but in 6.0 you should upgrade 16 items to +15 and repeat that x3. In past we could get enchantment stones by breaking armor/weapon parts from instance but in 6.0 most common way to get upgrade stones is BCM. BAD things about 6.0 in my opinion: 1) They remove any value of items we gathered for years by claiming that in 6.0 items will have REAL value, what a BS. Kinah exchange rate is ~30m -> 1.3m, in gold bar shop is items for 200 gold bars wha
  9. Truth is that you CANT prepare for 6.0. Maybe just save some scrolls for exchange etc With 6.0 hype KR even managed to make your kinah lose any value. Last i heard that exchange rate is current 30m -> 1 gold bar -> 1.3m new kinah, at same time they lowered matt selling prices to NPC and removed kinah from mob drops, also they put in shop items what cost 200 gold bars = 6b in current price. And on TOP of all that in Quna shop is bundles for 70 Quna what gives you 10m new kinah when open. Ones who say that its worth to grind to 75 now most likely want you to feel same PAIN as they had
  10. If you would watch more careful then notice that you get XP from Dummy ONLY for certain amount when started 1 of Yellow quests, after that amount quest is completed and you get 0xp from Dummy (hit as much you want). So far noticed that in Account WH can put some looted materials, i think will be same with crafted mats and old tradable stuff (can any check last one?).
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