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  1. In Memory of Instagib

    I am so sorry
  2. October Preview?

    I know you are cheating us with that lineage2 community :'(. Anyway I will be there
  3. Aion Error E02018

    I was about to take a look in the game after one year or so, but then I also could not update. I figured out my internet provider is the same as Alaynna, might be something related to it...anyway it looks like a sign to keep away from this game haha
  4. @Gideon (hear the community)

    greatly increase item prices, set all items to untradable.
  5. Anti hack and cheat in PvE

    what a stupid way to find it. It is easy to detect hacks and even more easy to make it impossible to use, but there is so many people who uses it that aion would die if they get banned
  6. What's wrong with SFT?

    my game does not crash but the sound disables for some seconds while the group has a lot of mobs aggroed. The sound back once the mobs are killed, first time it happens with me
  7. when you play 20ms or less, weaving is just something you can not even control, it is just so fast and automatic
  8. PSA: XP events and XP amulets stack multiplitively

    That weekly exp event increase the base aion exp, and then all other source of exp is multipling based on base exp. Lets say without any event we have the base exp at 1 ( or 100% ) a mob that gives 10exp without any amulet will give 20exp with 100% amulet 30exp with 200%amulet So the amulets , cake buff, berdins and stuff multiplies the exp based on the base exp, but does not increase the base exp itself. Now we have the weekly exp event which increase the BASE EXP by +100%. So the base was 1 and now increased by +1(100%) total of 2 ( or 200%). So we have a new BASE EXP 2 (or 200%) so the mob without any amulet will now give 20exp 40exp with 100% amulet 60exp with 200%amulet and berdins and other sources of exp will be also based on the new BASE exp. So the events with that shugo icon are multipling and changing the BASE EXP to a new value, while the amulets and other sources of exp (cake,berdin) just multiplies based on the current BASE EXP
  9. Collectors Edition Bonus Items

    that show how ncsoft west care about us, players that started on game launch and play until today. The collector's edition rewards was not even that OP that had to be taken off from us. They could give us a refund, since I bough that sh!##%% expensive version just because of the extra rewards
  10. New Server Name Suggestions

    Fregion Azphel and Ariel were one of the old server names when the game launched until the first server merge. So it is not possible
  11. Welcome to the New Aion Forums

    Thought it was a joke like aion vision trailer