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  1. I'm sad.

  2. I'm sad.

    Don't be sad if u like costumes and cool chars and nice pvp and 50+ endgame dungeons and raids and boating etc etc, then Lost Ark is coming! They even released 13th class *of 18 overall classes) called Lance Master. But here is some taste of some other classes!
  3. Time to move on to the next big and long anticipated hype! I post it here bcos it is not Aion killer One simply cannot kill what's alrdy dead!
  4. I want Golden Age of Aion back! Also cannot come back to current Aion bcos it has Xigncode3 spyware!
  5. What happened to Kahrun

    Those old and golden Aion days are gone forever!
  6. Blade & Soul forum topic about Xigncode 3 and it's problems and about its intrusive nature! https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/229208-xigncode3/
  7. I decided to quit bcos of XIGNCODE implemenatation! I dont like my system and myself monitored and scanned all the time! Similar way i don't play any Denuvo Steam games etc. But i will come back if XIGNCODE will be removed! Goodbye Aion! (was not happy about upcoming 6.0 char-bound kinah system anyways)...
  8. 6.0 info

    Azzmaria i totally agree with you! As said there is a lot more points why 6.0 has such a fail system and instead of making game fun and have A LOT OF VARIETY they remove everything old and cool (cool skins, mounts & skins from AF etc) and add simply only couple crappy and OLD gear skins to those free-to-get quest/campaign reward items... Anyways i am still enjoying 5.8 as far as we have it, but if 6.0 comes to us as it is in Korea I myself and many others i have talked will finally (and probably totally) quit Aion (also because all of our alts and old items become totally useless - this never happened in any other patch).
  9. 6.0 info

    I agree totally with this post! And that was the biggest concern of me also before when i said that making everything and especially all kinah char-bound will kill all current trading and social interaction between new and old (veteran) players! We all are currently so used and accustomed to our "old kinah system" we have right now that we don't even give much thought about it. Let me give here some examples about our current playerbase interactions that 6.0 will totally kill out, making Aion totally shallow and empty shell (interaction wise). 1) Have you noticed how many people sell BCM emotions, omegas/temperings, costumes, event items and NCoins codes ingame right now? 6.0 makes it all impossible - One way of external kinah income and helping others/friends (or even upgrading your alts) is totally removed. Cannot sell anything BCM-based to anyone anymore (or if it will be somehow still possible then nerfing our current kinah value to almost 0 will help it not at all). 2) Have you noticed how many items (armors, plumes, barcelets, weapons, omegas/temperings, costumes/skins, event rewarded items etc) people trade between their alts and/or with each other (or newbie players) - 6.0 will totally remove all this interaction and upgrading friends, your own alts or even helping out newbie players becomes totally impossible. Do they really think that we all start grinding all our sets separately from 0 with all our alts 1 by 1? What about all our hard work and kinah (or real moneys) that has been spent on upgrading all our chars (and friends)? All our hard work and hard-earned sets will be rendered useless (that makes me angry actually bcos i have put alot hard work to upgrading all my chars and now suddenly everything becomes useless). This will kill all our alts (and multiple accounts) system and also nerfs all alt-based events income in every possible way (because u cannot move alt-earned kinah/enchantstones/temperings etc to your own total kinah or items pool anymore). 3) New 6.0 kinah system in my opinion WON'T KILL BOTS AT ALL!!! - as far as i understood about 6.0, then all Aetherforging materials can still be traded @ broker, so my question here is what you think who will start grinding all those massive amounts of crafting materials? Bots of course! You'll see that 6.0 system will cater only p2w (or real money investing) customers and everyone else is pretty much left out of it (yeh u can get it all but very slow compared to paying customers). 4) ONLY 1 new map with both pvp and pve quests in every camp - in pvp wise this is good ofc, but as far as i remember that was 1 main reason in older Aion versions where pve-only people (and there is alot of them in Aion) complained of being ganked and killed in every 5 minutes of some OP-geared pvp-only player! This killed some population in earlier Aion versions and seems that they are doing the exactly same old mistake again! Not a very good idea to make whole map pvp also. There is ofc many many other details that 6.0 seems to be a big failure in the long run and mainly because it is killing all social kinah/item-based interaction between players. Personally i think that 6.0 may indeed work in Korea, but it will kill all our current playerbase in NA especially (we have sadly only 2 servers left - that means game is not even now doing very well and if more % of playerbase leaves, then this doesn't promise anything good). So my only suggestion is - leave our current kinah and item trading options as they are and bring everything else 6.0 has to offer!
  10. 6.0 info

    I totally agree with this! After seeing all this 6.0 info we have now - removal of many old maps, removal of almost all old crafting professions, removal of almost all old and beautiful skins or designs, removal of all mounts and skins and pet eggs from AF, rendering old armors/weapons/wings/plumes/bracelets almost useless and MOST IMPORTANTLY TOTALLY ANNOYING CHAR-BOUND KINAH system - i am pretty sure it will kill all ingame economy and trading between ppl in NA/EU. Do they even realize how many BCM skins, omegas, event items ppl sell currently each day from BCM to earn their ingame kinah and this on the other hand makes items ROTATION (not char-bound everything) possible to those who cannot or won't invest real moneys into this game. ACCOUNT WIDE KINAH and KINAH ROTATION between players and alts is what makes this game currently alive, allowing us to equip, upgrade and lvl-up our alts with much ease. Totally CHAR-BOUND KINAH system will kill everything we have been used since Aion launch. I understand that making some armors/wapons and such soul-bound or char-bound is probably a nessecity but leave our KINAH alone! I would even suggest to make all coins, medals, insignias etc earned account wide not char-bound! Anyways 6.0 as it is now in Korea doesn't have any appeal anymore in the long run, because everything cool and hard-earned seem to be removed away! Ofc it will have certain new and old player influx when 6.0 launches but it will die out pretty fast because of this new linear progression and deep variety removal (both lore, map and item-wise).
  11. 6.0 info

    I am asking again - what happens to our old costumes in 6.0 we get from BCM and Luna in 5.8? Do they become char-bound or can i put them in account warehouse and give them to my alts? Are those current costumes even counted as same as new ones sold in 6.0 costume store? I am asking because in 6.0 videos i see those skins cost like 9 mil kinah each, but there is no info about if they become char-bound once bought from there. In 5.8 i have made 2 of my alts as skin/costumes collectors which gather all costumes and in time of need i can give any costume i like to my alts. Does same system work in 6.0? And another question is about those old skins (like Sauren, Rakhsa, Stormwing) reskinned over sanctum NPC cheap armor parts. Can we use them still to reskin our new armors/wepons/wings/earrings etc? Can i put those skins also into my account warehouse and give to my alts?
  12. 6.0 info

    I was hyped @ first about 6.0 but seeing all the deletions (scrolls, foods, maps, old designs etc) and CHAR-BOUND kinah system I am now totally against getting 6.0 in NA! I hope deeply that 6.0 fails hard in Korea and we are not getting it in NA! Can we please vote to keep 5.8 here!
  13. 6.0 info

    My question is what happens to all our costumes and skins??? Can we put them in account warehouse still to give to alt or they also become char-bound? It is concerning since some my alts are gathering costume sets and i don't know if i can give them to my alts then anymore. Does anyone knows what happens to our old costumes/skins???