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  1. Minion Upgrade Question

    If I combine a minion that already has exp in it, will that exp be transferred to the new minion? Like, if I combine my Sheba with 20k exp into a fresh Modor, will Modor get an extra 20k exp? Thanks.
  2. 30fps locked?

    Sorry guys, fixed it! For some reason the power save mode switched itself on. Just had to turn that off.
  3. 30fps locked?

    I logged in today just like any other day, and I found that Aion is locked to 30fps. I usually run it with 100+ fps, but today, even outside of populated areas, I'm capped at 30. Did I accidentally mess up a graphics option? All my other games are running smoothly as usual. I have no idea what's going on
  4. Minion Upgrade Question

    Thanks a lot guys. That is really great info. I didn't know you could buy minions from those artifacts.
  5. Minion Upgrade Question

    Ah, thank you. Do you know how much more exp an evolved minion gives? I'm just trying to figure out if it's worth feeding my current minion everything I have (while waiting for one I really want), or if I should just save everything up for god knows how long.
  6. Aetherforge Materials?

    Hey guys, I see that some pets and mounts you can craft with aetherforging require items called "Stone of Life", "Stone of Fate" and "Opportunity Stone". Anyone have any info on how to get these items?
  7. Aetherforge Materials?

    Are they like super rare drops or something? I've killed plenty of primordial mobs and never seen any of those drops.