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  1. We don't really need to contact the CEO of NCSoft. But of NCWest might be a good place to start. As players if we say that we want to spend money but kinda can't because they are not supporting the game/shop in ANY way they might do something if someone writes a letter. At this point we know the forums are useless and will NOT help us. We know Cyan+Hime+Gideon are all useless as contacts so lets go over their head to their boss and let Yoon know how poor of a job some of the employees are doing at NCWest.
  2. If we really want NC to listen to us we should find out who is in charge of the people at NCwest. Gideon is more than likely terminated at this point since he has been MIA since December. If we can find out who NCwest employees boss is and complain that they are doing a horrible job(they cant even make money in the shop because they dont add skins or motions or anything useful really) They are doing literally less than bare minimum to keep the servers working. They know nothing about aion and nothing about marketing or economics and business. There is huge potential to make money from even "f
  3. I think you might have a better chance asking here https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/en or maybe even here https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/
  4. The rate is not bugged. It is specifically designed to fail because of the Korean region. If everyone keeps saying its bugged NC will just say no it's not, ask for a custom enchanting rate buff in NA. We don't have the same amount of resources on consumables like enchant stones as Korea but still have the same low rates on Legendary/Ultimate gear.
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