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  1. It is about two years too late. They take it out now that no one runs EB as much as they used to. Taking out relevancy of something not relevant anymore. Waste of time for coders. They should spend their time on fixing relevant instances. Like EC.
  2. The whole siege system is a bad system. Quite boring and badly designed for a market that is not in this side of the world. System errors everywhere all the time. During siege or during regular play. Disconnects out of the blue. One night a minute after siege 3 out 5 of us in the TS got disconnected at the same time. Customer support is just as bad as the glitches in the game. We wanted to ban bots in game, well that was hardly difficult, the game is in such decline that the bots stop playing to sell their kinah. All ncsoft needed to do is manage the game in a bad way so that not eve
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