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  1. Transform to Gunner

    Thanks, What do u think about Kromede cuz Atackspeed 35% ?
  2. Transform to Gunner

    Hello, What best transform legendary to Gunner. Thanks.

    hi, everyone. Everytime that use ALT+ATB game close and show send log report, someone can help me about it. Thanks
  4. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    Sorry but i dont believe this. I used 179 ancient stones to put 2 itens +10 and in anothers itens fail more than 30 time. Is ridiculous enchantment rate and really frustrating.
  5. Hello, Well first I wanted to congratulate you for the work done in this 6.2 patch. If you asked me in July if I would return pro aion I would say for sure that no but this patch brought back the good memories I had in the 2.x phase. In the legion that I am many people who did not speak to the years reestablished contact thanks to the aion. Please keep this up. The game looks great. I would suggest two things with the vision of who has years in this game, In this patch I decided to change class and much of what I invested were in another char. But what is it? Motion and titles. I think these items influence far less than the contracts and could be bought with the account. Besides that there are no more titles in BCM and as I do not know if it will come in the future this implies a little advantage, little more an advantage for who has it. As for the motions I would get to leave the coolest char with the ninja motion but I did not find it in the game. The transformations are very annoying the players due to their skins, because although it has transparency causes a lot of disturbance and annoying to have to use skin of transformation and this is a feedback of a good part of the players feel free to search. Sorry to use the ticket to give feedback but as I created a topic in the forum and was not answered I decided to be more direct. Thanks again for bringing the game I love back. Aion game since the beginning of 2.0, at the time still paid monthly. Thank you and sorry for creating this ticket. "Good asmo is dead asmo"
  6. Motions and Titles

    Hi, i create another char but dont have anymore motion ninja and titles on BCM for now! I think that this itens (motions and bought titles) can be share with account how cubic and transformation. What do u think ?
  7. Titles

    Same problem. I think that Title can be share in account how cube and transformation.
  8. My question is if I buy an avaionation skill in BCM more than once can it come back to me, or every time I buy comes one I do not already have?
  9. Help about how get gear legendary.

    Thanks so much friend
  10. Hello, I have seen many people with gears legendarys already in this 6.2. Well I'm not in a hurry I would like to know the best way to get the gear pvp. Where and how can I get the items LEGENDARY LIBRIUM and Fighting Spirit Fragment. I accept suggestions. Thank you
  11. Satisfaction survey

    The best instances should be those that belong to Lore of the game by encouraging players to make and kill the dragon lords. Plus every week had an event set monetizing the game and turned that fashion. How will someone do the game instance if they are giving the set to an event? Look at Assaut on balaurea. Only had beshmudir temple in silentera. Only she encouraged PVP, PVE. Here came wing enchant, rings, earrings, necklace, pen, bracelet and sale of enchant on the site. Shame! Yes, this is an outburst.
  12. Satisfaction survey

    If one day I find the person who created assaut on balaurea. I'll give you a hug and thank you for the years of joy you gave me.
  13. Satisfaction survey

    I remember when aion arrived in 2010 with assault on balaurea. I truly loved playing this game. The siege, The PVE, PVP, The maps made intelligently, I missed nights and nights playing with my friends. It was a really fruitful content from beginning to end. A beautiful patch and this was the pinnacle of the aion in my eyes. Came 3.0 with sarpan and Tiamaranta eye, Patch that was deleted because it was not cohesive, Came 4.0 with Katalan, Danaria and two more maps that were deleted, and Now that 5.x that came at a time sink still more the aion. In the midst of it all Ingsson and Gelkmaros resist why? Because it was there that Aion was really good, the best siege is in Reshanta and Ing / gelk. It's really sad to see the game that meant so much to me and my friends to fall like that. Feathers, Bracelets ... money money money. Blah blah blah. Thanks NCSOFT for giving me years of joy and what you did with aion has no forgiveness.