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  1. Looking to form DN FM static

    I'm an assassin with good DPS (posting on alt account) and have a heal cleric ready to go for FM. We have both completed it dozens of times but are looking for a more dedicated group. Please post here with your toon name and I will whisper you in game. Looking for 3 good DPS and a decent support chanter or a decent DPS cleric. Preferably with at least +5 gray wolf accessories and at least harvester gear. Thanks
  2. aion inbalance class physical being hack legalized BYE AION

    Sorcs have more utility than any offensive class. I think you need to learn how to play your class better. Use your ability of distance to your advantage.
  3. Two armor sets at level 10?

    I'd recommend the fledgling, it's better for low levels when frankly your support won't matter much, everyone burns through stuff quickly anyways