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  1. @Cyan , can you please add the wolf mount box on BCM, and also new skins, motion, legendary transformation box, thanks
  2. Me too, my some gear was 5-6 and I tried to get 7+ but failed 5 times and went to 0, really baaaaad!
  3. @Cyan tomorrow is maintenance, so before it can you please add the wolf mount on BCM, and also legenedary transformation box, new skins, motion as in aion Europe shop.. Thanks..
  4. I wish the GMs reset scammer's name! So the name is mine not him..
  5. @Cyan so you should add new skins, motion, mount, legendary/ultimate transformation box as in aion Europe shop! We need it
  6. @Cyan so, transfer character from Danaria to Katalam still available?
  7. @Cyan it would be better if we have the legendary transformation box on BCM or new motion, and new skins! I see there's a legendary, ultimate transformation box and more in aion Europe shop . . . why not in BCM! . . . And also mounts!
  8. I'm really surprised what is that lol.. Aion EU always better than NA example we missing things in Gold shop and BCM
  9. Yeah I tried what did they say, but it's still not solve
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