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  1. I want to trade my Convulsion Beam +9 or Debilitating Blade +9 for your Aethercharged Steel + 9 or Trauma Plate Trigger +9 if you have any in Danaria on the Asmodian side. I may be able to throw in kinah too if I have any on me.
  2. How can I farm or make a +9 stigma set?

    Thanks for all the helpful advice. Medals cost 1mil each, so I've just been buying every AT stigma out from broker that have been listed under 10m or close to it, but it seems like there really weren't many AT stigmas put up on broker, so looks like this will be a slow and painful expensive process. Ill try the spire, sanctum and evergale dailies to get more stigmas and perhaps buying more stigmas with medals. Im down to 300 mil now so Im probably going to need more kinah to fund this venture. Are there any easy things I can do daily or weekly to help mitigate costs?
  3. So I want to make a +9 stigma set for my AT on NA (Danaria, Asmo) before 6.x comes around to NA, but not sure how to go about it since I am not familiar with the 5.x patch. I haven't really played anything but 6.x on RU and KR since 4.x (albeit very casually). I have a lvl 68 ranger in full labrynth c2 gear with kroban c2 acc, which I picked up for cheap on broker, and my lvl31 AT that I plan on leveling up to 66+ during the Anniversary Bonus Boosts event through September 19 to September 26 for the 300% exp. I have around 600mil, and another 400mil worth of things on broker waiting to be sold, which I don't think will be enough to outright buy a +9 set. I'm looking to make something like this (mouseclic stigma calculator link) eventually. What methods do I have available to me to make or acquire the +9 stigmas that I want for my AT? Broker did not have any +9s that I needed apart from 2 which where respectively 700m and 900m when I last checked. Would appreciate any advice, be it dailies, weeklies, quest that I can do, etc.
  4. Best gear to exchange for in 6.0?

    Thank you for taking the time to write a post to help me out. I just made my new character and have only been leveling him for a day here and there so Im only lvl 40. Should be 66 in a day or 2, Ive leveled enough alts to 65 in 4.x for this to be a breeze. If I remember the KR exchange right, you can basically only exchange for ancient/legendary grade enchants and not at a great rate but I guess we will have to hear from @Cyanfirst on this. You do get ancient grade gear fairly easily in 6.x so maybe just exchanging for enchants and enchanting the gear you get easily will be better than working our asses off to exchange for +5 to +15 gear. How long would it roughly take me to get purified harvester anyways if I run it daily and how long would it take me to be ready to do the instance? Im a fairly experienced ranger who had full remodeled AC gear and 70a2 (or was it 75a2? I dont remember) officer wings on day one of 5.0 (shit patch btw, pushed me into quitting). My main focus will be to just get decent pve gear to be able to farm mats easily to craft 6.0 gear. I can worry about pvp gear later.
  5. I haven't really played since 4.x and the initial release of 5.0 but I've come back to prepare for 6.x. I'm making new characters from scratch on a new server with my gf who has never played Aion before so I was wondering which gear from the list posted here would be the best choices for us to try and work towards before 6.x? I will be putting the rest of my kinah into magical crafting and saving for the gold bar exchange so I would prefer to go for the better value gear that aren't too hard to get, but have no idea which gears are decent since I haven't really played during 5.x.
  6. Overall DPS rankings by class

    Rangers are pretty bad, but having leveled every class to 65 in 4.x, I enjoyed ranger most and have played them since through all their lows and all their hi-.. lows.. Still a fun a class so I still main ranger. With extra effort you can still be better than most players. Their DPS can be ok with careful weaving, rotations and buff management. I used to manage a top 3 dps with only decent gear consistently in EB before my original account got banned, but since it's EB people probably werent trying too hard.
  7. So as a 5.x noob, which of the exchangable gears are easiest to get for a decent 6.x exchange?
  8. 6.0 info

    No worriers, I bought a KR account already haha. Should add me up if you want help with testing or my help for yours. That means in overall we should have more manastone slots if not the same as pre6.0, just that it will be evenly distributed throughout all your gear now. It looks like accessory slot gear are more relevant now and influences your stats more than before. Overall a nice change.
  9. 6.0 info

    One of the 6.0 templar buffs gives I think 1k crit for 30seconds every 1min30sec, and the crafted gear gives a lot of crit, roughly 2k+ with a full set. Doesnt look too hard to craft either. The new crit cap and rates still stand to question though, and it looks like all the lower tier gear dont give any crit so it hasnt been exactly easy too so how the crit rates have changed. I think templars biggest issue is the lower skill base damages they have in 6.0. Compared to ranger and gladiator skills in 6.0 its fairly low.. Which is a really bad thing if the new skill damage scales similar to how magicboost does in 6.0.
  10. ranger's change in 6.0

    They got changed again today in KR, but the patch notes dont say what they specifically changed.. Hopefully a buff. With clerics being op now, the removal of fleshcutter arrow and being forced to choose between lightning arrow and agonizing arrow for the 50% heal debuff kind of sucks.
  11. 6.0 info

    I dont think it helps that clerics are one of the largest populations of aion. I dont think they have any bad matchups in 6.0 either, apart from maybe aethertech if they are geared above the cleric, or gunner since they have silence and the 50% heal debuff. They even removed fleshcutter arrow from ranger, so now they have to choose between a stun and agonizing arrow for the 50% heal debuff. Speaking kit wise gunners are probably best for fighting clerics, but Ive watched gunners fight clerics in arena (6.0) and just straight dps for a minute straight then get outhealed in a mere few seconds.
  12. 6.0 info

    I've read through the KR forums. Mixed opinions. The biggest one is that they are mad about losing kinah and some of their other deleted stuff that they worked hard to get. Their other biggest gripe is that healers heal for way too much in pvp, people were even posting videos of sins losing fights against clerics even when they out gear the cleric by a whole tier. Apart from that seems pretty positive. Some steps forward, some backwards. I think they still need to balance the huge strength difference between magic and physical classes. Even in 6.0 magical classes are still stronger. They have a new patch on the 31st that gives sins signet silence and rune slash back which should help balance things. SM and rangers got changes too but I couldnt find the said changes. @Kubei-DN You have a 6.0 account right? I was wondering if you could test something for me on a lvl 80 glad or templar. Could you check the skill damage differences between a 1h sword and greatsword of the same physical attack (the new attack stat), then the same for a greatsword and polearm with the same physical attack as well? Any 6.0 weapons will work as long as they have the same physical attack stat. If weapon damage isnt accounted for in skill damages then 1h swords should in theory should have the same skill damage as an unfused greatsword or polearm of the same tier.. which means the faster attacking weapon would have higher dps, 1h sword potentially being the highest dps of them all assuming it still has a higher critical hit multiplier.
  13. 6.0 info

    Just browsing the KR forums, I confirmed my initial analysis of the patch notes, it looks like they broke class balance even more.. Considering how physical attack will be scaling similarly to magic classes, it's really hard to say who go buffed more. For magical classes, their base skill damages got buffed 45-55% relatively, yes I did the math, you can pm me for my spreadsheets if interested. I didnt really do the same type of comparison for physical classes cause stronger skills didnt get buffed, and weaker ones got larger buffs, rightly so because physical skills didnt scale multiplicatively with attack pre6.0, it was just linearly additive, meaning stronger skills had less benefit from attack. So I just looked at the new physical 6.0 skills and compared them relative to the new magical 6.0 skills, and I found their values to be very underwhelming. Hardest hitting physical skills have a base damage of around 2k for most classes, as for the magic classes they are easily around 4-6k. Even granted that most of these physical skills have shorter animations or casts the difference is still way too large, especially since critical hits have been revamped to be even for both physical and magical classes. It is much harder to stack critical strike/spell crit in 6.0, BUT they are both evenly difficult to acquire since they are now very similar stats. Meaning hitting crit cap one or the other wont be easier than the other. Another thing I noticed, magical armors give more magical attack than their physical armor counterparts give physical attack, meaning getting magical attack is much easier than physical attack.. I think they designed it like this with buffs in mind? Physical classes do have more consistent attack buffs.. but it looks like not enough warrant this kind of balancing. 6.0 is still in it's early stages, so this is all subject to change. Hopefully they will work out these kinks soon, before it comes to NA. From what I noticed glads seem to be in an ok spot at least since they had innately high skill damage. Healers are a little busted since everyone is super tanky in pvp, while heals scaled to match all these huge hp pools everyone will have (and need healed in pve), I dont think pvp damage scaled quite as much to keep up. Considering the RS buff too.. it will be much harder to lockdown healers. This is just my opinion and personal analysis so take everything I say with a grain of salt.
  14. 6.0 info

    For those of you playing on 6.0, any tips for phasing into 6.0 once it comes to NA servers in a couple months? Im just playing casually right now, but wouldn't mind some tips to prep in these coming months for 6.0.