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  1. You should check yourself before you post... No, pet don't have 12 bag. He have half wrong functions and i can't understand how staff don't care at all to fix the pet or at least say something. Nothing here changed with ncsoft after 10y, they didn't care 10y ago, they don't care now.
  2. Nahh, he don't eat anything. Its fun, NcSoft selling stuff that cost reall money and its not working
  3. It says when you feed him, it gives you aether bundle. Sorry, but i cannot see any function how to feed him. Is he bugged or i'm doing something wrong? I buy all 6 different foods for pets and its not working.
  4. Please, turn off this event... Bugged event from day 1. Its the same as Tiamat Eye event, some ppls will make bilions in 1st day and we have this event for 2 weeks. Don't know what is going on with this company. I'm returned old player, playing for few month but last few weeks and these events looks like i'm playing in private server with 1 GM who don't have access to server files and cant do anything... So disappointing... Whats wrong with event? Quest reward bugged for big chest key You can access to event with 10lvl character, not 51+ When you are moved to event, you can
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