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  1. i literaly try everything and nothing seems to work so prob have to wait to see if ncsoft decide to do something about this..
  2. no really i allready did that and the problem there is i dont get the xingcode issue .. my aion just literaly close automatically when start loading t_t
  3. yeah i do have w10 and i literaly try everything .. i turn off firewall/window defender ect and still not working at all, i fact im just having this issue with aion only i have lot of games on my computer and this one is the only one i cant play now because xingcode said dosnt work at all. sad
  4. is anyone having problem with XingCode today? cuz im trying to log aion and keeps saying "Cannot Regist XingCode Module. i literaly try everything i saw on forums allready but cant fix it .. HELP D:
  5. so it seems im not the only one who can log on aion today because of some error now <.<
  6. so they said this buff event was planed allready , for a Thursday ? ok.. next point , they set omegas for 250/ temeper 350 on event because it said "this can affect the economy" a few days later they put omegas and temper on BCM waiting for ppl waste their money again even after ignore the same ppl on forums , its kind a like a joke allready idk,,,
  7. this is just a bad joke for real.. do they think we are a bunch of dumb ppl or what? Insert other media
  8. at some point if u make a nice event like u guys did the first day.. then change it a few hours later and make a huge diff on event prices of course ppl will get mad.. the first store got a super cheap prices ,, and now got a ridiculous prices.. is not even in the midle way to say.. ok im gonna even try do the event , beside they just turn the most fun and pvp map on aion to a pve zombie 24/7 . so dont surprise if ppl just get mad somethimes with the changes u guys and saying "this afect the economy on game " if u want to keep the economy up make omegas and temper non tradeable and at last 50
  9. update list reward allready on the old reward event post .. its oficcial the new prices are going to stay.. enojoy. https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/1914-updated-return-to-tiamarantas-eye-event-reward-list/
  10. when forums gets even better than a telenovela
  11. well if u think about it.. ncsoft remove the npc for a week , and check how much coins ppl can farm this week, and prob with that information set the new prices on this week.
  12. they said allready a explanation about what happen with the event will give it shortly so.. i gues we just need to wait.. but lets be honest the game was really fun and active today with the event+ eye even if it was pve. (not all day) i dont understand why they just remove the must fun thing in the game with nice rewards .
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