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  1. In those 20-pumpkin seeds bundles (Gourmet Candy Calaxy), what is tradeable or brokered?
  2. Quoting the May Preview: "Secret of the Ancients will return in the middle of the month." Where is it!
  3. I am sure you are right. You mean "Loved" ? English can be deceiving. Thank you, sir.
  4. Thanks Aly for quoting me earlier. I had a bet with myself that you were gonna post such a reply. Even more, I knew you were gonna re-list the items from your POV. Listing a white dye as GOOD is just... funny. #ForumsTemplars.
  5. I think you've posted this in the wrong thread. You must have not even read what I typed to reply with a "asking for free shit" BS. All I ever pointed out to was the collection of trash items, which shouldn't be part of an "EVENT" ,to be narrowed down not even completely removed, thus increase the chance of getting worthy items out of such events.
  6. People weren't complaining about the time spent for whichever reward. We were complaining about the sudden change of rewards which nyerked us all up in lil shugos ass.
  7. There are ONLY FIVE worthy items out of the 33 on the list. Which gives us like a chance of 15.15% to get one of those five. I don't get why anyone would be happy just for seeing a "sports skill skin card"?. You all should be asking NCsoft to take out the trash items out of this stupid list. Otherwise, this is just waste of time like every other recent event.
  8. Client crashes the second I agree to the Aion's terms and etc. Was perfectly normal 12-15 hours ago. Does it have anything to do with the 64-32bit changes ?
  9. Mine just crashes the second I agree to the terms thingies.
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