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  1. Aion needs, more than ever, a report system

    The error starts from the moment that the players themselves think it is something simple and superficial. I would not be opening a topic here if it were me. I deal very well with the internet environment because I work online and with a giant community. Aion is a passion for me. But closing your eyes and turning your face to what is happening inside the game is unacceptable. There are numerous games that have penalty types for toxic players, including Aion's Korean servers. These have a great result. Aion is a game, not real life. It's no excuse for new players to come into the game and feel bad and soon give up. No wonder our server has few players. I believe that people who say that this is bullshit, are the ones that make the server worse every day.
  2. It is recurrent day-to-day to see the number of toxic players flooding the servers without punishment. Xenophobia, racism, homophobia and more! Unlike other locations and games, the Aion NA does not have a functional system for this type of behavior that degrades common sense and causes most new players to give up.