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  1. What has this got to do with trying to find a name? Ya just gotta let it go...
  2. To level follow the gold and dark blue quest markers and if you haven't quite got enough xp to move onto the next yellow campaign quest then the light blue quests will get you there. There really isn't too many raids/dungeons/pvp until you hit level 80 so focus on levelling and getting the relevant gear at the end so that you can then join in on instances. From memory I think it is Shift+V to bring up the LFG window.
  3. Are you using a ping reducing service (wtfast, battleping, etc)? I was having this issue until Battleping put through an update and it's now disappeared.
  4. @Cyan @Hime The compensation gear that was handed out to people was a genuine mistake and has hit the very market that you were trying to entice back to play this game. People received emails asking them to come back to 'the old but new' Aion and try it out. Being one/two shot because you are wearing campaign gear and although you are in a group or two, somehow a couple of red/purple geared opposition players can run you over like roadkill, isn't the height of fun or entertainment. I have compensation on my main and while it isn't the best of the best it is enough for me to see that a g
  5. Go into your account on the website and claim the code that you see under the 'Aion' tab. Your goodies will be sent then.
  6. Siege numbers were pretty even from what was said in Alliance chat so....
  7. The gear disparity is ridiculous and the gap wont close anytime soon, I personally feel that players will leave just through sheer frustration as content is denied to them by over geared and unapologetic players. Seen it happen in the past and it seems NCSoft just doesn't learn from previous years.
  8. The AFK in this game is just out of control. I've returned from a long break from the game and a good 90% of the instances I join end up being a afkfest, not just EG either. It's really sad and I think I would rather just go and play something else where you actually play the game.
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