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  1. I over complicated it. It's as simple as find the Apply a Code Option, click on the unused code and the BCT box delivery will be there in game
  2. yes pin bug encountered for me... i log in #1 a/c just before aion fully ready, download patches but get to server disconnected so wait...then when aion ready login but pin bug x2...so clean cache with cc cleaner, registry check and clear that just in case...then log in other #2 a/c no prob... so try #1 a/c again x3 pin bug - on x4 go I switch char in menu and no prob then switch char again once logged in via system menu...conclusion...none but might as well mix it up for sanity's sake
  3. what's the problem with a second account. at least I can form a party in my time zone or in my house and if they both have prestige why would NC care.
  4. I would like to retract my criticism of the storage options for new char... I have now found the warehouse expansion tutorial in the main city so all is ok with that, although some pet n furniture storage options would still be appreciated given the rate at which new things needing store are created
  5. FYI comrades I was able to get the weekly 'free', but increasingly hard to access BCM Transformation Essences for ancient (x1) greater (x3) normal (x10), by a search on 'essence' in the BCM...it wouldn't surprise me given the gradual obfuscation of this access that NC are deliberately doing so for there own good reasons...there is certainly no promotion of this feature.
  6. so i have come to the conclusion based on the evidence from several past and current upgrades as documented in these forums that you NSCOFT NA do not actually do real-time build verification (smoke) testing before version release, although maybe there is a box ticked for it on some form that says it was done. To properly comply with that tick you have to have someone who actually plays the game confirm it, not scam it!!!! Do you actually have a test environment?
  7. so hi NA again... I can see you still haven't restored the single point of look up for known issues and u would therefore force me to trawl which I will not comply with but I can see BCM issues mentioned immediately above which is why I am here anyway, frankly it sucks, u suck and having to be here is same, so from my perspective I can't see how much coin I have, the menus are nyerked but the look up seems to work...maybe, but would I trust real money with you nyerkups on that basis...don't thinks so... and while ima bitching for nyerks sake do something about basic inventory for vandal...even
  8. thought i saw a link to a list of known issues but now I don't see. It would be really good if there was a single NA vendor list of issues so I don't have to trawl for stuff that might have already been acknowledged and I don't mean trawl in Russia, Europe, Korea or any where other than NA for clues...own your nyerkups nyerkwits...and on that there was nothing in the patch notes about ridium being replaced so can you do something about replacing it properly.
  9. TY mM so helpful to have a map clue for messenger locations instead of a video with an indistinct map of the general area
  10. i got same error today tried different bowsers and unless someone corrects me otherwise thyat they can use paypal in last 4 weeks i would say its phishing to get your card details direct. I'll look into buying a ncoin card meanwhile
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