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  1. Huh? Who deemed it “too early” when we were/are behind KR’s timeline in many ways? 🤔
  2. crowns when tho? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/850774238826070016/933901440534052944/1629660393038.gif
  3. Still no crowns? I have tried hard to be patient on a lot of things since classic started, but how hard is it to give rewards that are promised on time??
  4. Either way, I was only counting level 50s, the main league had players of all levels. So yes, over all maybe a bit more than that, but not much.
  5. League hovered around 190 + a few white stragglers
  6. Can I ask why the event skin is just a regular armor you can buy from sanc/panda NPC with 100k kinah? 😓
  7. At "prime" time, there was just over 200 level 50s on each side. Considering that's right after merge WITH a major DP event.. that's literally the most we'll see until maybe 2.0.. possibly 1.9.
  8. I wouldn't put it past them at this point to have ninja edited that tinfoil intensifies I jest, but I hadn't seen that, so that's my bad there.
  9. What punishment? What cheater? No where on that bundle did it say "1 per person" this is why they haven't mentioned it, they know it too. Nothing stopping a new player seeing that, grabbing say, 10, and assuming it was as intended. While grabbing 500 of them should make someone question it, again, there was no mention of how many you can take. This is 100% on NCWest, if it was intended to be only 1, it's their job to clean it up properly by deleting only the extra taken by people, not the entire lot that exist on the server.
  10. Restore his damn stigma. They restored mine early on, when I also accidently purchased two duplicate stigmas. (Left in w/h and forgot about it) Whatever GM is looking at this look through the logs, Pyromage, you guys restored it. Stuff the AP restoration fix.. it's a stigma, not a 50e piece, clearly this was a mistake and not an exploit just like mine.
  11. Typical. Just like the treasure boxes in SR, you guys have no idea how to actually FIX problems, you just DELETE them. You know those SR treasure boxes contained accessories? You literally cannot obtain what is supposed to be an obtainable instance item at all anymore. It is not hard to go through the logs and see, oh, x player obtained 1000 pots via mail in one sitting.. best to just delete those. Now everyone has to suffer.. again, and again, and again at NA classic team's incompetency.
  12. 2.0 Literally. Honestly, 1.7/1.9 is not enough at this point. There are so many waiting to give classic another go with Igg/Gelk. Which unfortunately is very far away on our timeline of updates.. If there's anyone higher up that has any say on anything that goes on with NA Classic PLEASE read this thread closely.. do not just release 1.7. Bundle it up with 1.9 and fast track 2.0. Also.. MERGE THE SERVERS ALREADY
  13. I'm bumping this reply and the thread in general. Asmo fortresses have gates that have far more HP than elyos or balaur. (maybe because this was only tested randomly at an elyos siege?) Just restore sieges to exactly how they were in 1.2 EASY FIX. DONE.
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