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  1. 💥 Abyss Force 💥 Recruiting players to roll Siel Elyos for Aion Classic NA! 🔹Large, active and social community English-speaking, primarily NA time zones, but with groups of EU & AUS players as well. 🔹Highly organized siege/pvp focus Positive, helpful, and inclusive atmosphere. 🔹All players new and old are welcome to join, we do not discriminate based on skill/experience. 🔹Our core members have played Aion Classic in KR and are generally knowledgeable about the game. We are happy to share our knowledge with you! If you are interested in joining or just want to scope things out, join our D
  2. AGAIN?! What's your problem with Danaria, hmm?? Where's our Lucky Vinna II's?!
  3. Thanks for the info @Bryos-DN I'll check the first Ariana again when my CDs are back up.
  4. Ariana won't continue the quests for me. After completing the Breaking Through repeat it said something like "cannot attain quest" as though my quest log was full, but isn't. Another toon I don't think has even entered TS before, wasn't able to get any quests from her, and only a spy quest outside the instance was available. Have they changed where/how you get the hat quest from? Honestly, haven't completed it since Tiamaranta was still around
  5. TS hat quest is one time only.. and unless bugged, I'm assuming only available to characters not Archdaeva as the quest wont update on the only toon I've yet to complete it on.
  6. Came here to post this, so bumping this instead. Please, PLEASE do this.. you guys would make a killing! Also, add the Tiamat Guard hat skins too. You have both the Primal Spirit and Tiamat Guard armors up for sale, so put the hats too. Thanks.
  7. Yep, if I'm holding down W key to run right away when going through the door, I crash every time. If I wait a few seconds as I port through THEN walk, it's fine. Annoying! zzz
  8. I've killed her twice, but I'm done. Those mechanics aren't friendly to high ping. My success is luck on whether I get lagged back to the ground when using the iron hook or not, it goes on cd so it's gg if that happens.. and it happens a lot >< Probably my own problem, but I don't have any issue like that in any other instance.. so, ehh.
  9. Awe, no toy capsule event this year? I've enjoyed that a lot the past 2 or so years..
  10. What a bizarre "reward" list.. Merry Christmas to us o__o
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