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  1. Client crashes (send log) on using portal at landing

    Yep, if I'm holding down W key to run right away when going through the door, I crash every time. If I wait a few seconds as I port through THEN walk, it's fine. Annoying! zzz
  2. Mirash Sanctum

    I've killed her twice, but I'm done. Those mechanics aren't friendly to high ping. My success is luck on whether I get lagged back to the ground when using the iron hook or not, it goes on cd so it's gg if that happens.. and it happens a lot >< Probably my own problem, but I don't have any issue like that in any other instance.. so, ehh.
  3. Aion December Preview

    Awe, no toy capsule event this year? I've enjoyed that a lot the past 2 or so years..
  4. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    What a bizarre "reward" list.. Merry Christmas to us o__o