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  1. So many ani-hackers in those lists. looool.
  2. It's Wednesday and still not updated? Also who won the Aion gaming chair in that competition that was ages ago??
  3. Wee, exp event! My 3rd 50, let's go! Christmas "hip, hip, hooray" music WHEN?!
  4. They must have changed that 1.7+, cause that's when I quit KR classic, and it was still and event
  5. That Shugo was not a permanent feature. In KR it was for an event and he was only up for a few hours at certain times of the day. They obviously made an error for NA and had him up permanently, then quietly removed him altogether Watch, we’ll get an event for him soon 😉
  6. All that grinding for untradable skin that doesn’t even cover the hands or feet????? Ummm?? pic not mine, of tasoula
  7. I really wish the team would listen to this. It’s not about wanting more or wanting things easier. We literally have the world drop rates of a server with 10k players and 1000s of bots, our drop rate needs to be adjusted to reflect our numbers, like it was back in the day. It’s the same reason white drops sell for 5x less than they did back in the day, it was meant for KR classic numbers/bot problems. We don’t have that.
  8. They don’t play their game. Probably not even aware anyone’s downed Taha or finished up miragents yet 🤭
  9. This. Its like how white items sell for 5x less to the NPC than they did back in the day. Which, I have no idea the thinking behind it, since we’re on a paid model just like back then. I played KR classic for 4 or so months. I understood it there as bots were rampant.. but we literally have none compared to there (our current broker prices reflect that greatly!) so I don’t see the sense in lowering drop rates/selling prices.
  10. That’s chain, plate AND leather right there.. also look at above’s examples too, hell, look at any armor that is not a shop skin, and you’re almost full covered female OR male. These are far from an exception. OP is clearly referring to the shop skins everyone’s running around in, which are by player choice and can easily be dismissed and not used.
  11. yeah I'm soooo blind. such victoria secret, much asian fantasy 🙄
  12. Just letting you know there are event shugos in the abyss selling lodas amulets and stigma shards constantly up. When we played on KR they were an event and only up during certain times in the day. Not sure if deliberate or not since our 1.5 patch notes were just copy paste translation with no mention of them.
  13. So much this. Anything where you can be involved in PvP. Like Jep repeats.. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just add it to accounts that don’t have siel aura?
  14. I don’t get this post. have you seen literally every other armour apart from the shop skins? aion is incredibly tame, if it isn’t a skin they’re almost all fully covered armours. Even the cloth, with the exception of a couple of asmodian armours.
  15. Can we get a answer on this? People are putting in tickets asking about it and being told “there is no such event” despite literally screenshotting this page and sending it in. Classic keeps getting more and more bizarre.
  16. Very little adds up when you do it 3 times a day. takes no effort
  17. hahaha, oh man. Back in the day you used to get a 3 day ban for afking in dredge, I know because I got one >.< (even though I wasnt) Then they went back on it and said it's allowed. I don't think they have the playerbase to be handing out sanctions for afkers tbh.
  18. Oh, 100% with you on that! you should look through the KR forums, they are transparent about everything for their players there.
  19. My hope now is for 2.0 to be pushed faster. 2.0 has so much more content and better PvP. They delayed 1.5 FAR too long.
  20. 100% this. These "patch notes" were an embarrassment, and yes, completely disrespectful to your player base. I didn't think I could be any more shocked at decision/actions made for classic NA, but here we are.
  21. This was implemented in KR as 1000's attended siege and the commanders were dying in seconds.. we DO NOT have the population for this to be implemented here. I hope NCWest looks into this.. but, who knows. Doesn't seem they look into much but copy/paste and wait for US to test it. -__-
  22. I’m sorry, but who got paid to release those notes? THEYRE LITERALLY JUST GOOGLE TRANSLATED We already had half the stuff in them, these are the translated KR notes. LOL
  23. Yeah, who knows indeed! This was the Bakarma update, along with the DP point change. Big drop from 19k to 15k.. so really important top know ahead of time. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/KR_Classic_-_Update_March_10th_2021
  24. Can we know ASAP whether it's the original point requirement for these? Or the nerfed version the Koreans got just weeks after their 1.5 update? It makes pathing this instance drastically different. I'm asking because our mini patches/fixes are very jumbled compared to theirs. (eg. DC entrance being available day 1 of our classic, VS rifting over and Bakarma Barrier being introduced MUCH earlier here than there.) Without giving players as clear information as Koreans get on their forums. Thank you.
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