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  1. What happened to our skin rotations?

    If you look how bad our BCM is compared to EU. We have a total of 6 skins. 3 of them are the snake costumes that were given out in bundles from old events. The Carousel has been on the BCM since last year and i have yet to see but a couple of people actually wear it. And here is EU. A total of 35 costumes as of right now. Some i have never seen in this game before.. hmmmm
  2. What happened to our skin rotations?

    Tbh whoever is in charge of the monthly events should be fired or put somewhere else. As if they think anyone would waste their money on ugly skins that were so cheap once. The game is becoming so empty of skins its insane. The only thing i have to save them is Luna and they dont even give us an option to make it bigger (which i really wish they would i would buy the sh i t out of luna to upgrade for more slots). If this upcoming christmas event gives us the same skins that were in bcm imma flip out
  3. So like....what happened to our schedule of skin rotations where you guys would bring back old skins for a certain amount of time and who tf is in charge of Monthly items in bcm? We are being starved of skins for awhile and the monthly store you guys gives us is skins nobody even wants to look at ??? In October you gave us costumes that dropped in a event before, like I dont think one person bought them from bcm. And this one, my god, I know its Christmas but there is more skins out there that have that "Christmas" look. If you want peoples money, why dont you post skins people actually want or skins we havent seen in awhile. The broker is looking empty and sad. @Cyan
  4. Did someone forget something? @Cyan
  5. @Cyan when will we finally get our Retune Buff from the last event??
  6. When will be getting our Retune buff? Any new info on it or a date scheduled?
  7. Decent event? Have some standards dude. This doesnt even compare to the events that we use to have in past patches. This one isnt even P2W, no one gets to buy the Reagent more than once for the rest of the event unlike Shugo Tomb where people were buying reset scrolls left and right.
  8. I knew something was gonna happen to make this event the worst. So its only 1 leg contract per account and thats even if you get 20 contract pieces before event ends. Why didnt you guys put a limit on it instead of making ppl guess
  9. @Cyan totally off topic here since its resolved but when are you guys posting the winners for the drawing contest??
  10. Costume Rotation~~

    A LOT of people thought i was selling i got excited every whisper i got then sad when i had to explain i was buying D':
  11. Costume Rotation~~

    How about putting back in Contemporary Look! We havent seen that skin in like 2 years and a bunch of people are wanting it
  12. Dorinerk's Wardrobe

    I agree i want more slots for the luna wardrobe! Maybe the way they did for prestige players and gave them extra character slots! 8 spaces is not enough for all the skins i want to use
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    yeah tell that to all the other people who cant get a ancient to +15 with leg stones
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    @Cyan umm what about enchantment rates?
  15. Thank you Ncsoft

    My deepest thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this patch of Aion. In less than 3 weeks of launch, you have killed the population. Today is reset day and nobody is bothering to log in anymore. Reset day is suppose to be the main day people log in. So lets name off a couple things you've done wrong so far, shall we? You took away a perfectly good event that got people kinah, fragments, stigmas, to gear up because you decided it needed to be "fixed" You AGAIN messed up enchantment rates SO BAD to the point people cant even get an ancient piece to 15 with legendary stones (trust me ive tried) The rewards in KBF are bugged, people are receiving items that aren't even a thing anymore in the game IB is so buggy that people constantly get stuck in "invisible boxes" forcing them to log out and may have to lose their run because of it It took you 3 weeks to finally decide to fix Divine Siege like that wasn't a major issue in this patch ??? We have no active GMs that play the game anymore, contacting support is like talking to someone in a language they don't understand, its pointless Vandal free gear/skin was suppose to be given out the 28th, its now the 4th of September same with extra slots for prestige soooo yeah not surprising I'm sure there is a lot more to add but in 3 weeks this is all that has happened. So thank you for killing the game once again, I hope you have to shut down the 2 remaining servers you have cause there is no more trying with you guys anymore~