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  1. @Cyan totally off topic here since its resolved but when are you guys posting the winners for the drawing contest??
  2. Costume Rotation~~

    A LOT of people thought i was selling i got excited every whisper i got then sad when i had to explain i was buying D':
  3. Costume Rotation~~

    How about putting back in Contemporary Look! We havent seen that skin in like 2 years and a bunch of people are wanting it
  4. Dorinerk's Wardrobe

    I agree i want more slots for the luna wardrobe! Maybe the way they did for prestige players and gave them extra character slots! 8 spaces is not enough for all the skins i want to use
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    yeah tell that to all the other people who cant get a ancient to +15 with leg stones
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    @Cyan umm what about enchantment rates?
  7. Thank you Ncsoft

    My deepest thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this patch of Aion. In less than 3 weeks of launch, you have killed the population. Today is reset day and nobody is bothering to log in anymore. Reset day is suppose to be the main day people log in. So lets name off a couple things you've done wrong so far, shall we? You took away a perfectly good event that got people kinah, fragments, stigmas, to gear up because you decided it needed to be "fixed" You AGAIN messed up enchantment rates SO BAD to the point people cant even get an ancient piece to 15 with legendary stones (trust me ive tried) The rewards in KBF are bugged, people are receiving items that aren't even a thing anymore in the game IB is so buggy that people constantly get stuck in "invisible boxes" forcing them to log out and may have to lose their run because of it It took you 3 weeks to finally decide to fix Divine Siege like that wasn't a major issue in this patch ??? We have no active GMs that play the game anymore, contacting support is like talking to someone in a language they don't understand, its pointless Vandal free gear/skin was suppose to be given out the 28th, its now the 4th of September same with extra slots for prestige soooo yeah not surprising I'm sure there is a lot more to add but in 3 weeks this is all that has happened. So thank you for killing the game once again, I hope you have to shut down the 2 remaining servers you have cause there is no more trying with you guys anymore~
  8. Enchantment rates....*enhales* BOI. Let me tell you how many leg. stones i have wasted getting a ancient pvp gear piece from 14 to 15. Its like an automatic fail. It might be different for other classes, but as far as I know it seems the rates have been reverted back to being shi tty again. So instead of ruining good events, maybe work on the bugs in the games that actually affect people in a negative way
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

  10. Rollback incoming?

    Ive gotten killed by multiple people in the game lol you think id cry myself to sleep because you have? Its a pvp/pve game, gotta get use to being k.o sometimes, but the amount of people who agree to "Lucimon is a hacker" statement is quite questionable but ey you do you boo~ If you dont thats alright, highfive, but if you do its kinda funny asking ncsoft to ban people for taking advantage over a glitch in the game c: <3
  11. Rollback incoming?

    Okay yeah people being punished for abusing the system and banned but...dont you or use to hack? *sips tea*
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    Do you guys just love ruining things? Everyone is quitting because of the sh i t you guys are doing, seriously...
  13. https://imgur.com/I5O9VzK I saw this the other day and ive never seen gear like this in the game but was told it was suppose to be anniversary gear or something. Could someone tell me the name of it if we got this or not or have we yet to get this pretty gear q.q?
  14. Is Ncsoft killing Aion on purpose?

    Just a bunch of shi t that no one buys except luna. I would rather them touch the gold sand traders than the bcm but its ncsoft, cant ask them to do s hit w.o them messing up something
  15. This bug is by far the worst bug we have ever had, no question. Ncsoft has done some stuff in the past to nyerk off players before (tia event) but I feel like this tops off all of it. The GP/AP system is the core of the game. AP needed to upgrade gear, GP to keep ranks, rewards from siege such as IDD scrolls, enchantment stones. Yes even though GP from IB and ID still work it causes players to WASTE luna and keep resetting them over and over because of no other way to earn gp. All because the development team doesn't take this bug as serious as they should and leaves @Cyan to deal with the crying and abuse by players. If it was a MAJOR issue to them we would get updated frequently, we would already have a plan to reimburse players for all the gp/ap/stones/scrolls they lost during this time, the development team would have gotten the build done properly the FIRST time. Players now have to sit and wait around for someone to do their job right, some don't even log, some getting ready to quit this rubbish. Too focused on updating the bcm and giving us horrible events rather than fixing problems and listening to what we actually need and want. You want a dead game? You are getting exactly what you asked for.