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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 24, 2019

    Do you guys just love ruining things? Everyone is quitting because of the sh i t you guys are doing, seriously...
  2. https://imgur.com/I5O9VzK I saw this the other day and ive never seen gear like this in the game but was told it was suppose to be anniversary gear or something. Could someone tell me the name of it if we got this or not or have we yet to get this pretty gear q.q?
  3. Is Ncsoft killing Aion on purpose?

    Just a bunch of shi t that no one buys except luna. I would rather them touch the gold sand traders than the bcm but its ncsoft, cant ask them to do s hit w.o them messing up something
  4. This bug is by far the worst bug we have ever had, no question. Ncsoft has done some stuff in the past to nyerk off players before (tia event) but I feel like this tops off all of it. The GP/AP system is the core of the game. AP needed to upgrade gear, GP to keep ranks, rewards from siege such as IDD scrolls, enchantment stones. Yes even though GP from IB and ID still work it causes players to WASTE luna and keep resetting them over and over because of no other way to earn gp. All because the development team doesn't take this bug as serious as they should and leaves @Cyan to deal with the crying and abuse by players. If it was a MAJOR issue to them we would get updated frequently, we would already have a plan to reimburse players for all the gp/ap/stones/scrolls they lost during this time, the development team would have gotten the build done properly the FIRST time. Players now have to sit and wait around for someone to do their job right, some don't even log, some getting ready to quit this rubbish. Too focused on updating the bcm and giving us horrible events rather than fixing problems and listening to what we actually need and want. You want a dead game? You are getting exactly what you asked for.
  5. Fix your damn game. Geez

    This gp/ap bug is quite annoying. We haven't heard anything of what you guys are doing as of currently to fix it except Cyans little message before reset saying "Im passing it to devs!". Knowing how shite ncsoft is, players wont even get reimbursement from this. Can someone do their job right for once?
  6. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    Seriously losing my damn patience with ncsoft. What a bunch of sneaky f ucks
  7. This is my hedgehog baby Lilyia, sits in my lap and sleeps while i farm and sing to her~ Who is your buddy?
  8. Aion Suggestion - [Motion Card: Bookworm]

    @Cyan omg please consider this 😍😍
  9. Um? Why though? Having the box in the beginning was no problem. We dont have a lot of time to get a S rank in the instance in the first place now we got to waste time opening the box and rushing to get the pots??
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 9, 2018

    Not the shugo console!! ugh game looks like shit without it...
  11. Wave song and Sea feast weapon boxes?

    yeah after all that spam LOL and ikr D: no shield :c

    Just wait for 6.0. SM has a lot of changes to it. Some skills will have less cd, like example Spirit Armor will have 2sec cd instead of 1min. Just gotta wait c: