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  1. @Kibbelz @Loki When in the future will we see an ulti transform event? or an event that gives out leg contracts so there is a chance to combine?
  2. Its weird cause Ncosfts other games like BNS have a skin slot so once u buy the skins u keep it forever but they are more expensive than Aions skins because of that
  3. That would be amazing! Its weird knowing how low skins were ranked when I have come across so many players in-game that talk about the lack of cosmetics or spam lfg for them. Me myself checking broker constantly to see if there's anything new someone has put up. I feel like cosmetics whether it be skins, mounts, or housing is a big part of Aion and seeing Aion w.o any of those is like a cupcake without icing. Its good knowing you are going to try to bring up this topic to the development team! I hope something can be done in the future about this and maybe seeing our BCM get updated more
  4. Yeah I remember Cyan or Hime saying something about the BCM and why they were taking everything out. I do recall someone saying they were gonna add the items back eventually because of the update but it never happened and we started getting the 2 week skin rotations. Then those stopped suddenly with no reason why and there hasn't been anything said since. Even now it feels like they try to avoid any forum post regarding the issue
  5. Which is why the luna wardrobe was a fantastic idea but another problem around that was you only get 8 slots. Myself have already filled it, I would have liked to see if we could get expansions on it like our inventory Not saying skins will make the game alive again, but it sure would do something at least. People miss skins, housing, crafting, farming for cosmetics in an instance or event. Its what makes everyone's characters in the game unique. I'm pretty sure if I didn't have the amount of skins I have left for my toon, I wouldn't be playing, its what brought my attention th
  6. @Kibbelz @Loki I'm starting to feel as if the development team has something against giving players more cosmetics in Aion ( like skins, motions, emotes, etc) the reason being is really unknown and its confusing to say the least. Constantly seeing posts on forums asking for this skin, asking for a certain motion and then when the time comes around and its the "monthly" update of the bcm, you provide us stuff no one has asked for and go as far as trying to sell skins for 640 NCOINS that you use to be able to obtain from an npc with KINAH in the game (talking about the Gift-Wrapped s
  7. @Kibbelz Are we getting a christmas event besides the Animal Race Event?
  8. Some of the rewards seem kind of a big stretch even for Ncsoft to put in an event, but I loved that most of the stuff was things that relate to what patch we are currently in and makes people ACTUALLY want to participate in the current event. Also love someone said the Dragon Motion Set. Ncsoft has starved us so much from cosmetics in the game. I would really like seeing them put back in skins, motions as rewards since they completely stopped with skin rotations on bcm.
  9. @Kibbelz Just like Devil-KT said, the rewards aren't good they are awful. Ncsoft has gone out of their way to take away merchants before for an event when it was something they didn't like (aka Tias Eye). Your team is more than capable of fixing such rewards and removing merchants in a second. It only matters if they want to. When you say you guys "missed the mark on that one" you mean it completely went over everyone's head and shows that no one actually plays the game or understands what we actually need/want for this patch. We can complain all we want on forums but at the end of the day, w
  10. So their attention is set on a DJ game that no one is even going to touch just like Ncsofts last game that they had to shut down because, of course, no one played it. Its nice to know Ncsoft doesn't see us as a priority.
  11. Why is one of the rewards an emote that we got handed for FREE last patch??? Basically everyone has it. So excited for this but after looking at the disappointing rewards (ancient manastones), might have to pass on this event, YET AGAIN @Kibbelz @Loki
  12. @Kibbelz Is there anyway NA Aion can get something like the Quna Shop in KR Aion as regards to the skins? The gold Shop Traders rarely gets updated with new stuff and we dont get a skin rotation on bcm anymore so skins are very rare in our game and players are always suggesting and asking for skins to be put in events or on bcm. I feel like it would be nice for NA Aion to have something like this or for us to have a skin rotation on bcm again.
  13. So you got time to make a new launcher for the game but still have yet to fix the pin error that people are getting constantly ?????
  14. same :< People realize we are gonna have daylight saving times soon. I think the schedule of siege is fine as of right now, no need to change it or make it early
  15. I want my skins, im tired of checking the broker everyday and finding nothing q.q let me spend my stimulus check on skins Ncsoft
  16. Okay since i posted this, now we get an event that gives out red gear from Fm and Bos.....Now we really need 1 kinah retune LOL
  17. So during this long quarantine and endless farming and instances; people have been able to get geared faster because of xp/drop rate/xp buffs plus the stormwings buff and free enchants/skills w.e. It would be nice for our next event to be retuning. Ik it would help out a lot of players including new players who came back during the stormwing <3
  18. tbh it seems like this is gonna be yet a another downfall in our community and see a lot of people quitting after this, making our numbers even smaller which is not good. Its gonna get so unbalanced its just gonna make people stop logging in all together. As a player for almost 6 years I highly see myself leaving this year and its sad :<
  19. So we ask you guys for an event that we can actually do while people are stuck at home, not being able to work, some ppl losing their job, not able to go outside and you tell us we get one, right? CANT EVEN PARTICIPATE W.O SPENDING MONEY! Like you know there are people who are not making any money atm, jobs closing and shutting down and you pull this stunt to try to get the rest of our money. So while ppl who usually do spend money on this game cant even spare any because of this situation, you are gonna make this event p2w only to those who still have their jobs or those who can s
  20. Finally the lord has spoken. Thank you Cyan <3
  21. We are gonna be stuck inside our houses for however long this virus takes place and you are gonna give us a 25% drop rate? 25? Thats the lowest drop rate we have ever gotten and I'm sure it wont even do anything just like your "100%" drop rates. Why even give us xp buffs when we barely get xp now from anything lol? And instead of giving us an active event for bored people stuck at home, you gave us a afk jumpy event, dont get me wrong, the rewards are fine but cant we get an event on the side to give people something to do? Daeva dash? Kromedes Trial? Kumuki? Im about to pull a Kare
  22. omg would you sell any of those skins by chance?? Also ive been playing BDO too
  23. @Cyan any information on when we can have costume rotation back? Its been months since we have last seen it
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