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  1. Even if you get your alts you wont ge the same amount of points everytime and specialy when you are alt is not top rank they wont be able get high ranks.In the end they can make arena of dicipline for 2 days up for 2hours max so most go in
  2. Well,thats why NCSOFT should make change that or listen to my suggestion so there will be like that better the Arena Of Discipline and the competition
  3. I would like to say that,i personally queue for Arena Of Discipline every week and i have 7/10 passes every week and i get 0 points.How can i ever get a high rank to Arena Of Discipline when people pass on purpose so others do not get points or when they alreayd inside and leave the opponents till the last second and still cannot get any points.I think you should take action on this and find one solution, like when someone passes should lose one entry and when someone leaves or passes the other guy shouldnt lose at least the entry even if that means he dont get points, at least should
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