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  1. What's the point of making the drop table for the Sovereing's gear not class only, Bastion Of Souls instance is a 1 player only based and the normal drop is just for the class that is doing the instance making the drop not trade time available or 1 time pass on gear that is not for your class make it a nightmare you guys should let us being able to trade the gear via warehouse at least.
  2. So a weapon from event that is unbreakable does have a better reward than the caeus p2w and the commander that cost more than 1 month of work to purify and twice the amount of omegas ? you guys really have a quality staff doing this conversion table hurry up and get those sunayaka boxes instead of wasting your time purifiying your ap weapons......
  3. 1 Divine Relic requires: 14 Ancient insignias 1 Insignia requires 15 Ancient shards and 1 shard per boss = 15 dungeons per day so you need half month for 1 Divine Relic Chest 1 Ancient Relic requires: 1 ancient shard = 1 Boss per shard so 1 dungeon per Ancient relic Chest So 1 Divine Relic vs 200+ Ancient relic for 14 days of dungeons its this intended or the divine relic is way to expensive ? 1 Divine Contains: Divine Relic Major Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic) Provinance Weapon Box Royal Sentinel's Weapon Box Pharaoh'
  4. 1-10p: Spirit Stone of Eternity Stamina 10-30p: Processed Ordine Paper 30-50p: Any processed scrolls (material scrolls or consumable scrolls) 50-70p: Pet-safe Jerky Ingredient 70-90p: Processed Elegue Reagent Paper 90-110p: Upgraded Recovery Potion or Upgraded Secret Elixir (same materials, up to personal preference) 110-130p: Pet-safe Cookie Ingredient 130-150p: Greater Enchanting Supplement (Mythic) or Refined Magic Fluid (both are viable, the former one especially if you run low tier Archdaeva instances and lack greater supplements) 150-170p: Processed scrolls 170-190p: Pe
  5. Posted by hime on a user thread about prices: Hey folks, it's a fair request so here are the new prices that we're waiting to update to live. They are higher than the previous prices due to the high amount of Gold Protectorate Coins being collected. When determining the new prices, we looked at the average rate players were getting the coins and made a first pass using that information, and then we made a second pass where we brought the prices down a bit to account for natural tailing as the event progresses. These will be the final prices. ItemsPrice Royal Sentinel's
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