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  1. Well, like I said, I need to get Noble or it's not worth using, then all my efforts and farming would be useless. There is plenty of time after I'm done for others to get theirs, assuming it ever upgrades, and I know I won't get it every night, that's a fact. I've been very fortunate to have gotten it, and I don't take that for granted at all. It's considerably disappointing to have it fail upgrading every night too. I wouldn't even have said a damn thing about it, if it wasn't everyone just yelling and screaming scripts/bots/hacker -- and only DN Asmos seem to be making most of the comme
  2. Last three days were me, clicking very quickly. Sorry you didn't get a chance. I'll stop when I get my weapon to noble, so just wait a few days (hopefully.) But how am I going to get my weapon to noble? It'll just fail again and I'll just still have the same lesser crap I've had for months! Change the upgrade rate! I am a legit player, I don't have any scripts or tools. Are you kidding me? I have 100% no problem with banning bots and hackers. Except, at least DN Asmos, it hasn't been one. It's been MechEagle, Flen and me. So keep trying to get the weapon -- jus
  3. Human reaction time is that fast. Sorry. I feel very rewarded, except for the 4th fail on trying to upgrade. For point #1 -- People have lives outside of this game, even the GMs/devs. #2 -- Bots and hackers are a problem, sure. But they didn't get the weapon last night. #4 -- You got the first day weapon, what are you talking about "still not able to get anything"? And a human beat you, I did, again.
  4. Nah, I've had the first weapon in my inventory since February, it''s failed upgrading 3 times already. I'm ready to finish it -- everyone gets the chance to try, and I probably will miss it several times. We have until mid-January, it's day 5 -- people need to chill. Instead, maybe people could just work together and actually try to get the various World Bosses, maybe everyone can get these weapons without needing an event...
  5. Gotta keep getting it if it's gonna fail upgrading over and over, maybe they should fix that instead, since the weapons are hard enough to acquire multiples of (for the masses, anyways.)
  6. Well, if Mech doesn't use it, and he got it first day, then Flen doesn't use it and he got it second day, then I gdon't use it and got it the last two days, then clearly the script isn't working great, but we're not on KT. GL over there.
  7. Just because YOU aren't the one getting it, doesn't always mean hackers/cheaters are -- regardless of how big an issue that is in Aion these days.
  8. I don't post much, but this is very much warranted. Thank you.
  9. I think the harder bits are the runestone slots -- wings/plume/bracelet runestone slots are much more difficult to get the 3x you need to make a good xform AND good skills, especially for PvP gear
  10. Howdy! So I'm just trying to see if there are options other than just getting new replacement pieces of the same gear in order to change Runestone slots/Gemstone slots. If we had access to Dazzling gemstones a bit easier, my Gemstone slots (for PvE gear, not PvP gear) would be amazing. But I have 2/2/2, so I can't even get a bonus skill from a shining gemstone. As for Runstones, I've opened both PvP and PvE gear, and an additional bracelet, and I got 5 Support and 2 Boost runestone slots, no attack. No pieces of gear have Rainbow on either Runestones or Gemstones. So, what do I do? R
  11. Maybe they put it up so high because next maintence they'll "discount" it to only 3000 NCOINS for 10!
  12. I *never* bother to post on the forums, but I felt the need to express that if it really is 3400 NCOIN for 10 *ancient* pvp stones, you've lost your freaking minds and the game is truly just meant to be a money grab until the next NCSoft game is ready to be released. Might want to reconsider this (or like mytek said, make it 20 legendary pvp stones for 4k like Omegas/Temperings used to be.) And I'm not even going to get started about how god-awful event rewards have been since this patch, or how useless templars were made (looking forward to buff next patch..if that even ever happens...)
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