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  1. Transformation Update

    And your opponents
  2. Transformation Update

    I don't post much, but this is very much warranted. Thank you.
  3. I think the harder bits are the runestone slots -- wings/plume/bracelet runestone slots are much more difficult to get the 3x you need to make a good xform AND good skills, especially for PvP gear
  4. Howdy! So I'm just trying to see if there are options other than just getting new replacement pieces of the same gear in order to change Runestone slots/Gemstone slots. If we had access to Dazzling gemstones a bit easier, my Gemstone slots (for PvE gear, not PvP gear) would be amazing. But I have 2/2/2, so I can't even get a bonus skill from a shining gemstone. As for Runstones, I've opened both PvP and PvE gear, and an additional bracelet, and I got 5 Support and 2 Boost runestone slots, no attack. No pieces of gear have Rainbow on either Runestones or Gemstones. So, what do I do? Really at a loss as I start to see people with absurd attack Runestones and bonus skills from Shining gemstones. @NCSoft, are there plans to make these slots changeable with items or something? @players, are you just getting new cruel demaha pieces and using for both PvE and PvP when you finally get a decent slot?
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    Maybe they put it up so high because next maintence they'll "discount" it to only 3000 NCOINS for 10!
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    I *never* bother to post on the forums, but I felt the need to express that if it really is 3400 NCOIN for 10 *ancient* pvp stones, you've lost your freaking minds and the game is truly just meant to be a money grab until the next NCSoft game is ready to be released. Might want to reconsider this (or like mytek said, make it 20 legendary pvp stones for 4k like Omegas/Temperings used to be.) And I'm not even going to get started about how god-awful event rewards have been since this patch, or how useless templars were made (looking forward to buff next patch..if that even ever happens...) in both PvP and PvE... If you really want to know how to make the game better, shoot me a message, I'll give you my opinions for sure. Don't you know who I am?
  7. Otar asks...

    Don't you know who I am?