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  1. Nerf Fortress Diety HP until 6.0

    Byros as knightzm mentioned reducing his hp would help both factions as who wants to be there the full 55 min when you can do the fort and be out of there earlier and still have time to do your other pvp runs. We get 120 people come to siege about 45-50 of them are alts and people who afk. For me i have friends who have quit the game since sieges r so late and their have work early the next morning. If you want to stay up 24hrs a day 7 days a week go right ahead.
  2. Help Serious Evergale Bug

    Guys if you are in that alli keep submitting tickets ncsoft will either need to reset the instance or restart the srvrs to fix it and tell support we had same issue earlier this week we had to wait for the reset on wed
  3. Costume Rotation

    Hey @Cyan question regarding the new Steampunk outfit is it suppose to be a full outfit cause it does currently show shoulders u currently have. Submitted ticket and they said they sent it back to the devs to review any update on if and when they would fix it
  4. @Cyan you say to send in tickets i have been trying to get my scrolls replaced from when we were having issues on wed before you took the servers down on wed and its now saturday and i still have not got anything back they want me to do all these testing when we know this is a server issue. Please just reactivate the 64bit client and get the devs to work on the srvrs quickly..........
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 13, 2017

    Question since you updated the code red event could we get the morph to update the major serums to superior serums this way we can get all the new ones and not waste them