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  1. Marketplace

    Found this site for an aion marketplace... Is there really more than one? https://en.aion.gameforge.com/shop/category/display/3656/0?__token=e70c8017958182122d58b525c16935cb
  2. Shadow pact weapon box

    Wow ok so I won't buy one for my sorcerer tnx
  3. Aion February Preview

    Where do I go to read producers letter when it arrives? And how will I know when it does
  4. Shadow pact weapon box

    Does anyone know where I can look this up to figure out if the shadow pact weapon box is worth it?
  5. Aetherforge questions

    Hey so I'm just figuring out bout the aetherforging skill and was wondering if there is a place online where I can see a gallery of the crafted items. And mounts. I would like to see the appearance differences in the two ironfang mounts as well as the looks of the different armors... All the armor stats suck compared to the even armor we get for free so I'm assuming these armors are for cosmetics but have no clue what they look like... Please assist me.