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  1. Thank you for the reply, sure helps a lot! I've tried Theo for the first time yesterday and was indeed amazed by the xp it gave! Can't wait to try the others now. I hope just as much Open World pvp will change with the new map because this sucks now lol.
  2. Where does the Open World pvp happen? I've seen a few asmo around in Iluma, but with a whole ely zerg chasing 2 or 3 and then waiting for some other brave asmo to show up, I wouldn't really call that pvp. Is there any other pvp than the casual 1v1 arena, or the events like Ophidan Warpath etc you queue up for? How active are sieges nowadays?
  3. Hello, Me and my fiancé are returning players since last week, currently at level 68. The leveling from 1 to 65 was easy, and I wouldn't say getting to 68 was hard, it just took a bit longer. We've been doing daily/weekly Luna & daily Fissure along with some side Iluma quests (the ones you have to kill x mobs). The amounts of xp we get from there are decent for now. Can anyone confirm though if the mobs level in Fissure and along with that the xp increases based on your own level? Aside from the things mentioned above, is there any xp grind we're missing out on? With pvp in the very back of my mind, I've been checking out this lovely guide already. Which helped me understanding the new archdaeva skills better. Can any experienced chanter tell me, if the following sets are still the ones to go for with the new 5.8 update. Main question; is Boundless still the best defensive melee set? I do know I'd have to purify the 75AP sets into 80 still. As for the weapons, since there's no 75 Prime Guardian casting speed mace, casting speed gloves or shield for chanters available (unless I'm missing something). Would Boundless or Furious Ahserion be the best alternative for all three? Is there any new/better staff extend, other than Provenance and Shadow Pact, and is it possible to fuse it with the Prime Guardian staff? If later on, we do manage to farm the spinel medals, but in case we do not have enough AP yet. Are there any players out there willing to sell their AP, and if so, what should I look out for, what price would be a good price (kinah, NCcoin,..) for this etc. I know it's a lot, but I hope to get some answers!