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  1. I agree 100% It's a shame that Aion has many different and unique lands, but most of the housing system is in Oriel/Pernos. It'd be great to have a house in a spooky land, or the paradisiac shores of Cygnea/Enshar, or whatever land you love the most. There's also the fact that the streets of Oriel and Pernos are basically ghost towns at this point, I have yet to see someone run past me when I'm outside my house. The housing system would feel much more immersive if we had houses in areas where players, veteran or new, aren't a rare sight.
  2. Thanks!! Affordability is definitely an issue, and Labyrinth sounds great. I'll be looking it up
  3. Hello! I'm looking for armor to gear a Cleric lvl 66+, but I don't know how or where to start. (I currently play exclusively PvE) I was thinking of buying the Remodeled Danuar set and eventually enchanting it to 10+, but would it be worth it? Is there any other armor from the same price range that would end up being better later on? What about the Remodeled weapons (mace+shield)? I saw the Apollon's Chausses in the broker and its Combat Rating is higher at 0/15 enchantment (1,507) than my 5/10 Achdaeva's Remodeled Chausses (1,468). The Apollon's set is around the same price, would it
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