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  1. Hello and welcome back.

    There are many dungeons you can solo ,but not complete if you are not well geared ,that is to say ,you can kill some of the bosses alone ,but the last boss is usually a pain, especially SL last boss. 

    You can make some good kinah to get yourself started by killing first ,second and third boss in Primeth's Forge (Normal) ,some  most people post it as PFEZ in LFG.

    All you need to do ,is sell the legendary items you acquire from the boxes you open.

    From what I can see here in the forums and in game ,the number of  actually active players in game that do things has been drastically reduced (to nothing),I guess ,my point is ,you can just find someone who is active and run with them.

    "but also don't want to ruin a run for anyone" , that's nearly impossible to do if you run with someone who is geared... unless you leave the premade duo group then they get kicked from the dungeon :D 

    In all honesty , I hope you stay ,but then again I have to say ,you did return in a rather fragile period of the game's development, in a sense that people are wondering whether they should play Aion or just start another game that has more to offer , because our beloved Aion is nothing like what it used to be.


    Anyhow, you will need kinah for many things and it's rather hard to get at this moment ,so you can just sell the drops I mentioned above until you gear yourself with experience marks gears and then you can use them for other purposes ,such as Lumiel's Trasmutation , if you are feeling lucky ,you might get some good rewards from this new system.

  2. On 1/11/2021 at 7:51 PM, Vasilios-KT said:

    Great idea, but you forgot a massive part about it! On the bcm theres a token you can buy that increases your chances of getting in by 250%, only for 750,000$!! What a steal! 

    But overall, fantastic idea i mean the servers will be even less populated then they are right now and NCsoft doesnt have to hide under their blankets whenever a mistake happens, since no one will be on to notice it. 


  3. 1 hour ago, Arhangelos-KT said:
    • Reducing the amount of mobs that spawn could possibly fix the server NPC bug if this is what causes it, stop the crawlers from being in any wave and stop the useless 0-point mobs that also spawn along with the point-mobs.
    • Making a turret that makes the instance finish faster isn't going to change anything as the amount of mobs spawned seems to cause the trouble and you always need all 3 waves to finish, plus this would only help afkers and botters finish their lunas faster without even solving the "amount of NPC spawned".
    • Removing luna daily and making luna weekly more important with 7x the rewards of the daily is not only not helping but it is also giving botters even higher power giving them far more kinah than the actual 2~3 alt account legit players.

      ...a professional botter that has 200 accounts runs 200 accounts every day, 7x200 for the whole week.

      if you make this once per week he will run his 200 accounts on wednesday, and then on thursday he will start creating another 200 accounts to run them, when done he will make another 200 accounts to run on friday etc.
      So effectively the guy will get the same money on wednesday with his 200 accounts only, and then he will get 7 times more accounts and 7 times more money when he finally makes 1400 accounts to farm the whole week!

      So the people who have 2~5 accounts for their needs will get poorer due to inflation while those that buy kinah will get an even bigger advantage. Lastly the guys that caused the luna memory overflow will continue to overflow the memory and make 7 times more kinah now. Sure thing having 200 accounts is 7 times easier than having 1400, but professional botters do not care. Our incentive here is to make sure we do not bug the server.
    • AFK prompt window will most likely be automatically clicked by a bot.
    • To deal with afkness you need to make the game not get S-rank 4 out of 5 times while afk and A-rank 1/5 times. But again hitting the monsters will be possible with a bot, after all they are actually better at playing the game as they can tweak skills, gravity, resources and what not.
      The most important thing is that the botter will use skills against the mobs with all of his account and will get s-rank with all of them since he doesn't do it by hand. An actual legit player will eventually have to stop doing luna for his needs because doing luna 12 times per day actively is going to drive him crazy, and that is one account. So in this scenario we gave the botters exclusive kinah crafting.


    The solutions have to be a combination of things that makes it harder for having massive accounts on one pc.

    • Limit the amount of luna instanced to 2 per IP simultaneously, when an account has prestige, the rule doesn't apply, so if a family with 3 people plays under the same IP, they can still do their thing as long as at least one has prestige or make sure they do luna at a different time of the day.


    My last thought is... as long as there is a kinah box in the luna recipes... be 1000% sure that botters will find a way to exploit it. One way or another, they will overcome any obstacle, even better than actual players, and every nerf they implement will once again end up hurting actual players more.

    Unless they remove the kinah recipe from there, which will totally destroy the luna-farmers and then actual players will have to find other ways to make kinah themselves too in which case NCWest needs to give us a way to make kinah.

    There are many ways to tweak the server ,and yes , it has to be some sort of combination between things.

    You also need to think about the balance , you already have many players who benefited from Luna rewards,

    bots or not , I'm pretty sure that you used the game of fate to make some of your fortune.  A drastic change will put

    newcomers into not so favourable situation , unlike what we've had until such moment comes.

    I hope they leave the the melon fanatic there for another week ,I still have bloody 1k melons to use :X

  4. 9 minutes ago, Belty-DN said:

    Siiigh..... NCSoft and papi Kibbelz, the problem here is not the luna is the Vanilla Tool thing. Just look at the Meloon event; at least 96% of the ppl who got an item there's was by beating all regular players by using the Vanilla, its become so normal now that they even brag in game about it; get some ppl playing the game and you will find all the crap they doing with it and how it will kill the game if it keeps up...... now player don't even want to run instances or help others in game do dungeon, because they selling loot they get by glide hacking using Vanilla. What NCSoft or Kibbelz needs to do is act more responsible and stop treating us the community like we are filth to them and actually spend a bit of time in game tracking those players down, when some of us actually still use real money in game (BCM) to keep you guys getting a check on your pockets .  Again luna farming is not the problem, it is Vanilla tool and the fact that you NCSoft are showing us you just don't care any more about the game or don't know what your doing any more...... I found and NPC a few days ago in Gelk who still sells crafting recipes from when Gelk first came out XD what is that doing there still when everything is supposed to be new and fixed. Give love to the players that have been playing the game the right way and take care of those screwing it to show us you still actually do care a bit for the game.

    96% bots and ,3% players the rest is yet unknown LOELMAO. Calculations are gettin better with every day. Sorry I don't mean to provoke you !


    I love melons. Got my alts geared with stones :) ,gemstone and runestone too expensive tho ,like wtf.

  5. If luna engine is indeed causing the problem ,can you not :

    • reduce the number of monsters that spawn ,especially crawler waves?
    • implement a new turret that takes large waves quicker ,does less damage to heroic/legendary grade Mosnters for the sake of ballance?
    • remove luna daily completely ,increase rewards for luna weekly and keep it once a week,that is to say 8 + luna's light worth of drops?
    • implement an AFK prompt window?
    • look for more ways to deal with AFKing the instance in general?

    There are many solutions ,introducing more randomness inside the instance should more effectively deal with botting (if that's the case) :

    1. Waves can have mixed monsters forcing the player to fight instead of sitting with 100000 accounts opened in a corner waiting for sweet drops.
      Since you can only use your crystals to spawn 1 type of NPC turret ,the turret could target it's appropriate monster while the player gathers more
      crystals for the other type of turret.
    2. Force some sort ot IP/Mac/HDD Serial restriction on luna ,in other words duoboxing should be the only allowed way,making it harder for people to
      think of ways to run on more than 2 accounts at the same time.
    3. Not sure how people do it. But say some prefer using their 3 single shot turrets and then go afk. If that's the case ,increasing the construction cost to
      2 crystals ,while also keeping the same rate of fire ,but slightly increasing the damage to a single target could also be a solution to force the player
      to be more active rather than sit back and do whatever (which they can still do ,however risk not getting S rank).

    AoE skills from luna detachment transformation are limited to hit (in worst case) only 10% of the crawlers. 

    It's a difficult decision ,for us the players looks easy ,but 1 mistake can cause a riot in the forums just as we've seen most of the time.
    Slightly reworking the luna daily seems the more appropriate step here.


    Thank you so much for the EXP BUFF  !!!! :)

  6. On 03/05/2019 at 5:05 AM, XYZX-DN said:

    Current state of aion tenor.gif?itemid=13031064&key=5779a54b50dont worry though ncsoft is trying there hardest to fix these issue 


    So then,the ship was sunk ,now let's observe how the crew drowns in their expectations for salvation.

    Good one :D

  7. 10 hours ago, Arkaida-KT said:

    HAHAHA I HAVEN'T SUPPORTED ANY OF NC'S GAMES SINCE I STARTED PLAYING AION!!!!......lol for starters aion is the only nyerking half worth a piece o shit game ncsoft even nyerking has in the first place!!!!.........ALSO I HAVEN'T SUPPORTED NCSOFT FOR A LONG TIME!!!!......I REFUSE TO PAY FOR HARDLY ANYTHING IN THIS GAME UNLESS ITS WORTH MY MONEY OR TIME!!!!......EVERYTIME THERE GAME GETS UNPLAYABLE MY PRESTIGE MEMBERSHIP STOPS!!!!.....EVERYTIME THEY RELEASE REDICULOUS SHIT AND BREAK SOMETHING TO GET US TO BUY IT......MY PRESTIGE MEMBERSHIP STOPS!!!!!!......you see.....my time is my money.....im kinda like bill gates.....every second of my life consists of my opportunity to make money!!!.....im always either doing something in my life to make money or doing something to help me make money.....i live my life playing video games for fun and entertainment.....and when i play these video games...IT HAS TO BE WORTH MY TIME TO LOSE THE MONEY TO PLAY THESE VIDEO GAMES!!!!.....IF THE GAME IS BROKEN OR NOT FUN OR NOT WORTH MY TIME I REFUSE TO INVEST MY MONEY INTO IT!!!!!!!........you see there are ways to wit these SHITTY ASS COMPANIES out of the world.....1 way is for the consumer to realize that the company is no longer worth there money...then the company goes bankrupt....the only OTHER way consists of when the consumer DOES NOT DO THERE JOB!!!!.....and when that happens the company is allowed to scamm and fraud their customers until they get sued....once they get sued after 20+ years and a ridiculous court case...ussually the company is handed over to a new CEO with new rules and gets to continue its ridiculous reign of fraud until its sued enough times to go bankrupt!!!......now...if you CONSUMERS WOULD DO YOUR nyerkING JOB AND ONLY PAY FOR GAMES WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY.....we would have a great fair fun and rewarding game to play!!!.....ASLO THIS PETITION IS FANTASTIC.....I SALUTE YOU ZILEX FOR CREATING IT!!!! IM WITH YOU!!!!!

    How did they even get here,deleting maps and content which was the core of having fun.You can compare the game to a tree.Once young and full of life ,but as time progresses ,it's being slowly stripped of leaves and life from hungry ,resource consuming entities.If this persist ,the forums will be the last frontier ,just a place where the ghost of old Aion lives.

    Sad story bruh.

  8. On 08/07/2018 at 2:39 PM, Cheesecake-DN said:

    NCsoft/Aion/bin64 folder. Rename aion.bin to aion.bin.old

    If no work, right-click Aion, properties, compatibility, run compatibility in Windows 8.


    Renaming aion.bin worked flawlessly for me ,thank you.

    It resolves the issue with xigncode not starting.

  9. I really want a new server with older Aion version ,one that has tiamaranta,sarpan,katalam,danaria and so on.This is nothing but a wish,hardly a demand,since I am not even in a position to make any.

    But are there any statistics that can show how many new players we’ve gained ,are they new players or old ones creating new accounts attempting to do something new ?

    It feels like the population of the old servers is now all over the place,everyone playing in a new or a different server,this is of course just a question (perhaps a rhetorical).

  10. You know what they did with lineage 2,they made new servers with older version of lineage 2.

    I am not sure that this is a possibility with Aion,but with so many maps removed ,things simplified and much more ,perhaps this could be taken into consideration.

    Why they did it is clear (I’m referring to Aion),but it really looks way too simple to me now,and I have the feeling that if I start playing again it will bore me a lot.

    Perhaps it isn’t my place to write such thing,since I haven’t really tried the new patch .havent studied it thoroughly,but it just doesn’t feel right.

    Well,anyhow ,i used to think in a different way before (embrace the new patch ,learn to enjoy it),but deleting so many parts of Atreia really makes me sad,I wasn’t able to fully enjoy Illuma and before I knew it ,it was already gone.

    Maybe a new server running an older version is a possibility ? :)

  11. 19 minutes ago, Lerio-KT said:

    Yeah ,I made some tests today and this is what I got.

    Character level  65
    Monster   level  65
    [Sand Mane Seagric] 65698.5 XP  (If what Cyan wrote about the 100% default boost is true)

    Standard server 100%
        +200% XP Event    = 262794                                 [total change 300%]
                                 +300% Berdin    = 525588            [total change 700%]
                                 +100% Amulet    = 788382           [total change 1100%]
                                 + Berdin's favor {Charge below 50%}
                                 +100% Amulet    = 525588           [total change 700%]
                                 -  Berdin's favor

    Fast track server 200%
        +200% XP Event    = 525588                                  [total change 700%]
                                 +300% Berdin    = 788382             [total change 1100%]
                                 +100% Amulet    = 1313970           [total change 1900%]
                                 + Berdin's favor {Charge below 50%}
                                 +100% Amulet    = 1051176           [total change 1500%]
                                 -  Berdin's favor

    So,apparently Berdin's favor only applies to the base experience.It doesn't boost experience given by amulets or events.


  12. On 4/20/2018 at 8:00 AM, Azzmaria-KT said:

    probably the venerable elim amulet can not be used at the same time with another amulet. But that 200% means that is a X3 factor. That multiplied with the X3 from the event it is a X9. If you play on fast track server you will also get double exp. X9X2 = X18. 

    Berdin stars work in a different way. They provide 300% aditional experience from the base experience and not from the final exp but it has a limited amount of extra experience and once it gave it is out.  

    So lets say that killing a mob in standar server a normal day withou amulets provide 500 exp points. The star will provide extra 1500 points if you kill it (and that number will be sustracted from the total experience that the stars can give). But if you go to the same mob now with a 200% amulet, you will have a X9 exp. So you will receive 4500 exp and still an extra 1500 from the stars for a total of 6000. So berdin stars are not another factor to multiply. 

    Yeah ,I made some tests today and this is what I got.

    Character level  65
    Monster   level  65
    [Sand Mane Seagric] 65698.5 XP  (If what Cyan wrote about the 100% default boost is true)

    Standard server 100%
        +200% XP Event    = 262794                                 [total change 300%]
                                 +300% Berdin    = 525588            [total change 500%]
                                 +100% Amulet    = 788382           [total change 800%]
                                 + Berdin's favor {Charge below 50%}
                                 +100% Amulet    = 525588           [total change 500%]
                                 -  Berdin's favor

    Fast track server 200%
        +200% XP Event    = 525588                                  [total change 500%]
                                 +300% Berdin    = 788382             [total change 800%]
                                 +100% Amulet    = 1313970           [total change 1400%]
                                 + Berdin's favor {Charge below 50%}
                                 +100% Amulet    = 1051176           [total change 1100%]
                                 -  Berdin's favor

    So,apparently Berdin's favor only applies to the base experience.It doesn't boost experience given by amulets or events.

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