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  1. elyos wanting free stuff like ALWAYS! anomos has a window of 12 hours and we have some people waiting for the spawn already on dn asmo side, elyos can't even pvp for it, they always run like pve heroes, if you want anomos's loot, then WORK FOR IT, there are more people on dn eyos side than dn asmo side, but all the elyos do is wait for the free stuff, like not going to the siege cuz they dont have buff or its on a low level, pfft.
  2. Gladiator 6.2 Version "End Game Stats/Gear"

    1) it is worth to pve but not pvp 2) and 3) i use the same build - Whirling strike, Exhausting Wave, Severe precision cut, lockdown, draining blow, earthquake wave( i have no extra slot :'( ) 4) idk 5) i heard its around 4k physical crit , thats all i know 6) what does that mean? lol 7)MA is fine, you don't need to socket MA 9)just yolo polearm in pvp 10)nope it's not worth to change helmet just for some ms points(which will be useless)
  3. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    well, thanks for killing the event, do you think we are slave of the event or what?? @Hime , i'm quitting of this endless event farm ... i have like 3 hours of playtime per day, 250 coins to get a single omega takes like 2 hours to farm, i prefer to do Drakenseer's Lair and get 3 omegas in a single run which takes 10 minutes ...
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    Wait, that does mean it will finish on April 04 instead of 11, thats 3 weeks, not 4 weeks
  5. Daylight Saving Time - March 11

    @Cyan there will be a maintenance on that time?