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  1. They basically took a working system that could have been fixed in a number of different ways, albeit with some work, and took the easy way out by just doing a copy of the arena system that they have been unable to keep working for any full patch, its always broken three or four seasons in and never fixed until the next major patch. Not sure what they are thinking.
  2. Free Transfer Off EK to DN!!

    Pretty sure there is not gonna be a quick reply to anything on these forums anytime soon as NcSoft has scheduled two merges in two games the week after a patch destroying an integral system in one of those games and so are probably up to their eyeballs at the moment. Its probably a lot more fun for Cyan to be prancing around on his GM Blade and Soul character than to be here on the forums answering to a community that has been shoveled shit for so long it is now rabid anyway.
  3. NO GP FOR FORT!!!!

    @Cyan With all due respect, your casual response to this issue just goes to show how little you understand the far reaching implications of this last broken patch. Is there anyone left at NcSoft that knows anything about Aion anymore? The servers should have been taken down on Friday and patch reverted until such a time where your invisible QA 'team' can be replaced and a working version can be implemented. The only thing working in the entire system right now is NcWest's ability to continue receiving peoples money in the form of instance resets, which incidentally is the ONE thing the community asked to be not allowed if GP was being rewarded for these instances. Every day that goes by makes it harder for you guys to be able to compensate everyone affected in any fair or reasonable manner.
  4. Hi Sir Onion, while its obvious that you are playing on a vastly different playing field from most of us, you haven't explained why you think that feeding in an arena competition should be or is okay. I mean where does it get silly enough to where it means nothing to actually compete? No friends willing to feed you? No point competing. If you're not the competitive type and don't care that's fine, but there are lots of people who seek out meaningful competition in their games and this sort of thing just makes it meaningless. So she's 5x Champion but it means nothing because she fed herself. You don't have to 'play really well' to trade points, and if you are good enough you wouldn't have to.
  5. They are a disgrace and an embarrassment to their faction, this is not the first time they have been 'in the news'. You would think as Governor and Commander they would hold themselves to higher standards.
  6. I don't know which is more pathetic, the lengths and depths you two will stoop to for a win, or the fact that NcSoft has been informed of this and has done nothing. Anyone who competes at the higher levels of the Arena of Discipline knows the Pocos, the last three weeks have been blatant unabated feeding by the two: whenever Mochigirl won, Pocosin lost. Three weeks ago they were both in the top five. Mochigirl has not faced anyone in weeks and Pocosin is all of a sudden sucking terribly. Mochigirl is now #1 and Pocosin has fallen to #48. Hopefully NcSoft will restore fair and spirited competition by stripping and disgracing the two of you. Hopefully, because otherwise it will just become a feeding competition moving forward. Very sad that you value winning over your dignity, and absolutely disgraceful for the faction you represent.
  7. TFW our CM has not even bothered to check in since his last post (5 days ago) where he DID NOT answer the questions regarding the Harvester Master Accessories... These questions/concerns were first raised 12 days ago. The accessory tempering event is almost over. Still no answer. Sucks to be us.
  8. Dude please... You are obviously clueless as to the situation here. We are not asking for anything except an answer from Ncsoft (NOT YOU) regarding the Master Harvester Accessories due to a discrepancy with the exchange given in other regions. If you had taken the time to read the thread you would know this. Those of us with these accessories are at a standstill until we can get an answer. There is a tempering event going on and people affected by this cannot take advantage of it because why would we waste our resources on our PVP set that's going to turn into a PVE set? Every day that goes by without an answer severely diminishes our ability to recoup if things do not go in our favor, we cannot just go and buy a set of 80 accessories as replacement as acquiring the soulstones for purification is time gated. Not to mention the people like myself who have already spent their time effort and resources thinking they were getting ready for 6.x who are being literally shat upon if this goes live as is. At any rate, I don't think it is asking too much to get an answer to a 9 day old question that has been asked way too many times to not even have an acknowledgment at this point.
  9. @Cyan @Cyan @Cyan WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO TO GET AN ANSWER ON THE MASTER HARVESTER ACCESSORY EXCHANGE!?!?! It has been 8 days since the question was originally raised, to date we have not gotten even an acknowledgement of the issue!?!?!?! Surely there is SOMETHING you can say so that those of us affected can decide how to proceed, right now time (and an accessory tempering event) is ticking away!
  10. Why do you ask silly questions all the time... I am asking for clarification on information provided. It seems that we got the KR version of the patch minus the conversion of the Master Harvester accessories to PVP on exchange. It is infuriating and unfair to the people affected (most support classes) that after editing the original document TWICE! they cannot inform us on whether this is an oversight or is intended, especially in that there is an accessory tempering event going on. lol@ your QQ about my QQ but having nothing to add to the discussion otherwise, your post indicates you have absolutely no idea what is going on but congrats on your stalwart opinion anyway.
  11. Dear @Cyan, Can you please stop ignoring the Master Harvester giving PVE accessories on exchange questions. Can we please get a definitive answer in a timely manner. If this is staying as is it, the info should have been given to us long ago so that we had time to replace a set of accessories, not to mention re-tempering everything, and then the money and resources wasted thinking we were getting ready for 6.x, this is just not fair to support classes in any way, shape, or form. Here we are with an accessory event going on and we cannot even get an answer from you guys. Not even an acknowledgement that you know wtf we are talking about and are looking into it … nada
  12. Oh dear, so many un-informed people in this tread brandishing around such strong opinions. @Cyan you did not mention the Master Harvester Accessories (which when tempered give pvp stats) giving only PVE accessories on exchange. KR were able to choose either PVP or PVE so I am hoping you guys just messed up on the copy/paste. Either way could you please confirm that this is indeed intended or is an oversight? Most support classes use these for PVP, we will be PVP accessory-less if this goes through as is, I am already pretty sad because I just plussed mine up on the last power-up in preparation. Thanks in advance
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 25, 2018

    @Cyan Did you guys seriously just take down the server to fix ONLY the skills and not the broken NPC's ??????? This game is in such a state of disrepair, it is no wonder there is barely 100 level 75's on in any faction on any server at prime time. You guys just do not care.
  14. Thank you

    Because I wasted my time clicking on a topic that was addressed to a single person that said absolutely nothing. Y R U mad4? *Oh nevermind, I get it, +1 to postcount, carry on!
  15. While this is great news, note the *crickets* of a response from your community. This was the third thread on these forums over many months about these cruicible pots with no reply from Ncsoft. Most people who cared have already moved on as end-game competition has not one shred of integrity left. The OP of this thread was a leader in the DN Asmodian Faction, a mover and shaker in your game that made things happen within his community. Like so many others, he too has already left the building. Too little too late? I cannot not mention the irony of the announcement giving the P2W'ers a heads up on the removal of an item they hold dear to their gameplay, stock-up KingWallet!!, while just a simple "we'll take a look at it" message months ago would have meant so much to the community.