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  1. No, it was devastating for the game when Beritra was added and we just had a server merge so this will not happen.
  2. Yeah cause other regions can only get a completed 6.0 one that has many smaller hotfixes applied to it, and since there were lots of problems with 6.0 Koreans devs have to address that so that when we get 6.0 it will be clean and less problematic and this time it will take significantly much longer.
  3. Any word on when the last palace will be up for sale. It's already the end of January and it was said last year it'll go on sale soon. Also there is a structure missing in the centre of Pandaemonium where the wild joker event is. There should be some sort of brown steel tower but now there's nothing. Additionally when will instance entry pack reflect changes for 5.8 instances as well as bonus entry scrolls for them. Also will there be some address about the suspected DDOS attacks/ mass disconnects that people have been facing in siege and in instances like Evergale Canyon.
  4. And what skin is that? Omega is cheap 100 mill, used to be 220mill. Temperings were 550mill at one point now 100mill. The best example are +10 mana stones which used to 1.2bill during first SFT event now the are almost 270mill You aren't making sense and items being less affordable is a bad thing. Kinah is even more valuable now as you buy a lot of goods with it compared to last year or the year before.
  5. That person was talking about how something was costly this time last year but in the current day is much cheaper which is a good thing. You on the other hand are talking about something that was cheap, now made more expensive. Complete opposite, and untrue as skins get cheaper and cheaper. What do you mean kinah made from p2w. You can make lots of kinah without paying, not hard to participate in events and score big.
  6. Its called Frozen Monolith, you get 5 soulstones of a single type per run.
  7. Chain can't wear any cloth gear at all? Stuff 6.0 some of us need that extra mana and it looks good as well.
  8. Thats crazy then, two Kinetic Slam of the 2nd upgrade would refresh a 10 minute DP skill! With a lot of jelly and DP, Aethertech is unstoppable if their 4k DP skill is effectively a 24 second cooldown.
  9. I assume Divine Dragon cannon is Ravager Cannon, or is it Annihilation barrage.
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