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  1. Event total fail

    I'd rather the berdin stars than more pve enchant stones......sitting at 250 ancient and 150 legendary.
  2. EK Server Situation

    I left a long time ago. Even got to do two sieges last night. Lost on DN, switched to EK Elyos and won. I don't think the number someone put up of 3:1 Asmos advantage is correct. Felt more like 4+:1. Look how long it took last night with level 5 to win. And how close the Asmos were to actually wiping us before we dropped the diety.
  3. Server balance after transfers

    What if, the buff isn't the problem but the lack of intestinal fortitude from the Elyos? What if instead of clearing Asmos in Divine, last week, too many Elyos attacked the diety and helped the Asmos? What if the Gov, Mochi, called what to do but no one followed? What if we had a level 10 buff, will cure stupidity?
  4. Kick feature in Evergale

    the kick feature was implemented for afk not for people who want to get carried or they quit. Again, it is being used to kick afks, but it also is being abused by requesting a kick cause you dont like the team you got.
  5. Kick feature in Evergale

    It was posted that this feature would be abused and it is. If an Elyos doesnt get Mochi's group they continuously asked to be kicked to avoid the quitter debuff. Either join Mochi's alliance or dont queue if you are going to be bitches
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    Ten groups fighting over one mob, thats 60 players, 6 get loot. Are the other 54 going to be happy or just start cursing out the others in LFG. Again, adding a toxic solution is never the answer. I guess most are scared to see the amount that things will cost for mindless game play in the eye.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    Again, please try to keep on topic and not attack me, you are going to get this thread closed. Why would I swipe my card? I dont need to be uber geared to play the game. Sounds like jealousy
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    Usually when a game loses the sub income, they have to start cutting overhead. Everything will fall below what it was before. And correct me if I'm not correct, but didnt we have the same problem back in sub days?
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    Good on you. Glance right over the meat of the post. But really, really good post
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    I can see this causing more troubles than leaving it the way it is. Group loot only means that the group that does the most dps on the mob gets the loot. A little toxicity in that method
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 21, 2018

    I guess NCsoft should charge us for the game again. Or just delete the NA servers. How does this thread along with the 200 other threads make the gamers look? Like a bunch of whiny babies? Yall can say I'm whiteknighting for NCsoft, I could care less what you think of me. Just stating the obvious that there is something wrong with the community for whining every time something doesnt go your way. How about relax, play the game and let the folks do their job for the free to play game. I'd actually perfer if this game went back to a subscription based system. That way all the free loaders can cry in another free game.
  12. Bonus XP weeks?

    I'm wondering if there are any bonus xp weeks/weekends. I have seen bonus AP, crafting and gathering. And was told there were possible +200% and +300% XP weekends/weeks. Thank you