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  1. The video is nothing more but a talking dude. He may cite this and say that. But at the end, he says he needs help from lawyer or law student. Right there the credibility is gone. A law student could do nothing, because they'd be practicing without a law license and that is illegal. With him saying he doesnt know what to do etc cause he needs a lawyer, shows that he didnt look up the laws, even in the US. Citing precedent make seem to blur the he is providing a good evidence, but thats all a rant, not based on any legal help. Doesnt't matter, if they dont want you to use the game while they have the trademark, they can sue you in a country like the US or Korea to cease and desist or for monetary damages. Your court system or laws have no affect on what a Korean or American court rules. You can try and run a private server, but if ncsoft wants to shut it down it can. Remember, NC Soft is a Korean based company, which has a division in America. I believe in EU, gameforge has a license to run, control and admin the game separate from NC Soft, but it is licensed to do so by NC Soft. I believe a judgement for monetary damages in the US can be enforced on any person in the world. Getting the money might be a problem unless they then sue you in your country's legal system for the monetary judgement of the American court. Just cause you bought a game in your country doesnt mean the trademark owner doesnt have rights. You may think your country's laws protect you from the game company, but that would be dead wrong. This is business law 101. It would be the equivalent of your country protecting you from a copy right strike on youtube. Then finding out youtube has the final say on their platform because they are based in a country other than yours and can bring suit in either country. But guarantee that the suit will be brought in a country that has a favorable outcome to the company, not you, the consumer. TBH, a cease and desist order would be the first step in the litigation process. This can be court ordered or through the company's legal team. That is like a slap on the wrist. I'd be far more worrisome of a legal battle for monetary damages if you ignore the cease and desist order. Because, depending on where the company files the suit, you will either ignore then and they win by default. Or hire the lawyers in your country and the country the law suit was filed. It would be cheaper just to comply with the shutdown than to fight a company that has resources far greater than yours. That's all that should be said. If you disagree, I wish you luck in your adventures where ever they take you.
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    Funny, I usually get between 20-30 in one siege. Guess I'm lucky.
  3. No Server Transfers?

    I tried as well, nothing. But doesnt the BCM take longer to update than the regular game? If I remember, the bcm was always updated later in the day
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    Getting free compensation gear and not having to farm ancient then all the mats to upgrade is fair for the EK folks? I will tell you that farming weeks for legendary gear is not the same as gifted legendary gear, which is probably more cause the time to get all the mats, level crafting, etc I'm not here to argue right or wrong, cause in my eyes there is not a correct answer.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    No I understood, and again I state that rolling on EK was my choice, just as not rolling a toon on EK was your choice. I always read that on the want transfer from EK to XX. It was my choice, I should live with it. Same goes for having a lvl 1 on EK that can get the rewards, everyone had the choice to roll a lvl 1, some did, some didnt.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    You, all, understand that EK is having the same problem with sieges? So if you get the same rewards as they got for the upcoming merge, you think they wont get it too? Just like someone said in game, you think NC Soft will go through all the logs and find out who got what at a siege and reward the people who didnt get anything? No, it'll be everyone gets the reward for NC Soft's mistake., KT, DN, AND EK.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    Some of us put up with months of sieges with less than 1/3 of the asmo faction. We arent privileged as KT to own the reverse numbers like you. In that six months, you have gotten more than 5x they rewards for sieges than we got on EK. Yes it was my choice to roll there, but then it was your choice not to roll there.
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    Little hint, life's not fair, the more you cry the less that happens
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    So siege happened, there was like 2 dozen asmos maybe 3-4 transformed. All 1 star and above yelling dont take fort, we want the buff and we dont get gp. While the xforms farmed all the guards, transformed so us little guys couldnt catch up to them. This siege mistake is causing too much drama.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    nah the transparent scrolls are too much, vinna and enchantment supplements
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 1, 2019

    What if NC Soft is trying to figure out who got GP/rewards from sieges and who didnt, first? I dont think giving everyone rewards for sieges would be fair to those that didnt get gp, stones, etc. Could be a solution was found but they need to find a way to make sure no one receives double rewards. That may take time. Someone stated in another thread, just close this season now, give season rewards and then suspend the problem till there is a fix. That is still faulty cause if I was a one star Friday, I didnt receive gp for the sieges Saturday or Sunday. Some who were able to receive gp now passed me on the rankings, not fair again. Things like this make me happy I am not in customer relations as a career.
  12. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    What I do? I dont want any part of this
  13. I'm trying to level up. I got stuck on the level 74 campaign quest Frozen Legion. I click the crystal ball but dont get transferred to Sanctum. I logged in and out several times and nothing worked
  14. Event total fail

    I'd rather the berdin stars than more pve enchant stones......sitting at 250 ancient and 150 legendary.
  15. EK Server Situation

    I left a long time ago. Even got to do two sieges last night. Lost on DN, switched to EK Elyos and won. I don't think the number someone put up of 3:1 Asmos advantage is correct. Felt more like 4+:1. Look how long it took last night with level 5 to win. And how close the Asmos were to actually wiping us before we dropped the diety.