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  1. I just don't want to see the infinite plus on anything. It was a nightmare back then for even me and I could afford to spend a 100 or 200 a month. I do want more maps cause we getting stale here. The most exciting thing now is this afk event. Trying to afk 2 toons on two accounts to get a rng on a legendary I may need hahaha. I don't even Tuca, no way. Thanks though ;P. I love sieges, thats what got me hooked back on release, the abyss was so fun. And Kat and darn maps with those sieges. I will admit I am not the best pvper in my house, that goes to my dogs, they kill the crap o
  2. I am holding on to that being a weekly. But we all know our luck with stuff. Next week it'll be a 80-120 bcm coin for more than 1 an account.
  3. Not only a fun instance but a chance at more etium than the other pvp instances.
  4. yay more +infinite crap most can't afford YAY Anyone feeling that 5.8 crap patch coming back?
  5. Think Cyan mentioned that there was a bug that prevented total gp reset in another post. Not sure if NC Soft forgot. Seems automated with seasons resetting at like 3am server time.
  6. Elyos do it on the other side to the few asmo bots there. Nothing new.
  7. I'm running from my bad self, I shouldn't have to wait 2 weeks
  8. AFKing for 6 hours, hmmmm. INB4 another epic broker bots stoled my stufts
  9. I don't think that's a credited NCSoft method of figuring out who cheats and who doesn't. I wouldn't hang my hat on a third party software.
  10. Forgive Mech, he a filthy french canadian. Cyan stated accounts that were both suspended and perma banned. Not one in the same.
  11. Just hope they get those that were cheating during sieges as well. They deserve a perma ban for that shit
  12. Is there a way one person can get more war points than the other team without pvp kills, kunax kill and same mob kills? Had a toon from Intensity-KT get level 2 transform while I had 800 points. Then he got level 3 when I just got level 2.
  13. I can't see them going for zero. Hopefully not as absurd as the pvp stones are costing. Knowing NCwest, it'll probably be along the arm and leg pricing.
  14. Seems the whole community is being penalized for those that are exploiting sieges and who exploited EC.
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