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  1. It happens to us all. I've had to do the process multiple times in IB or everfail. A few times during sieges and right after. Just have to hope the loading bar boss falls quicker
  2. How many hits could you do in 1s?

    What buffs did the sin have going and what transformation? I'm not sure if there is a limit in attack speed reduction also.
  3. Character Creation Slots

    Holding breath, brb. Inb4 4k nc coin for 1 slot, up to 3 new character slots. harharha
  4. Maybe see a doc about that I came for delay in maintenance drama, too early I guess. Buuuut we get new things in the prestige box and gold sands trader
  5. sm

    Its not complaining if a skill is retarded or classes are OP, just saying
  6. NPC event missing.

    I alway check the event tab in the menu, in game. Looks like being online for 3 hours or something gives prestige an extra run with a reset coin. Not sure if free to play gets this. Looks like f2p get this as well.
  7. About the Steel Rake Fortress event...

    You dont' need to kill all the mini bosses to complete the instance to get some rewards. I can tell you killing 2 mini bosses and getting 6 captives freed plus the last boss gives 110 reels. Doesnt seem like a lot but if you bought the gold bars daily or even every other day, you have a chance at 4 or 5 in a day. Thats ok for me. These events arent suppose to be sprints, but marathons. Cant get 3k reels in one day w/o real money and living in the instance.
  8. Glitch? Bug? Exploit?

    I dont think we'll get an answer from staff. Just the generic we are looking into the matter. We can't comment on the actions taken.....etc Would be nice if it would be stated a bug/glitch. Cause all the upgrading we all have done, just one popped a 6 slot mean the chances of that are 0.000000000000000000000001% (no joke ;P)
  9. Account banned due to suspicious activity @Cyan

    Yup I do it with you and Mech allllllll the time
  10. Decent event rewards

    If I were a betting man, ok I am, I would put money that whenever we get 7.0. We will get a bunch of catch up stuff cause everyone playing Rembrandt or Van Gogh
  11. Account banned due to suspicious activity @Cyan

    But But its not his fault he was botting or afk kib farming. Everyone else does it and gets away with it
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Why we always crying p2w and beg for events? P2w was 5.6+, gambling luna to actually get end game gear without the work, this isnt shit compared to that I, too, would like to see more pvp oriented stones and spirits, But this is what we have. Updating the gold sands traders would be a plus as well, but I'm living a dream to see both happen.
  13. Minium morphing

    sorry for the double post, hit the submit button and said I had to wait a minute to post it, I did. Got 2 for one I guess, rng good on forums bad in game=
  14. Minium morphing

    Why isnt there a way to morph minium into a higher level. I mean vendoring 5k a week is stupid. We can morph enchantment stones but not minium. For the love of God please lol
  15. Minium morphing

    Why isnt there a way to morph minium into a higher level. I mean vendoring 5k a week is stupid