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  1. I agree with this entire statement. People that couldnt play should be given equal amount Coins to someone that grinded all day in Alliances. Or just do a Rollback.
  2. Tiamaranta's Eye

    Kinda copy pasting what a Tyd said in Fafa's post that was locked. I understand some people are upset because they didnt get to trade in to buy there 30-5000000 Omegas from grinding for a couple of hours, and or cashing in on SoulStones. But I know a few players that were lucky enough to cash in and buy a lot of omegas prior to the NPC being removed. I however, and many other Adults that play this game didn't even get to access the eye due to work / Having a life. So even if the event returns I and along with many other people that work 9-5 types of jobs + have a life wont have this immense amount of Coins to cash in right off the rip. But I'm mainly annoyed because you guys should've just left the event in so it could balance out your game. So there isn't a "p2w" alliance that destroys everyone because the mass amounts of money they dump into the game. This game stopped requiring skill back when the first Tia Eye was permanently closed, it stopped requiring skill back when Tempering accessories came out. But this event had the chance to revive the game to what it was, people would've been equal geared to all these people that think they are absolute badasses just because either; A: They can sit on the game for all hours of the day (this person knows who they are) B: Have fk tons of money to just throw away into a already dying game. C: Or they just have insane RNG But mainly its just A and B. But you guys probably noticed no one was buying 4k / 8k Ncoin codes so you had to login and see what was going on and you saw everyone having fun and you must've been like "Woah they are enjoying our game? This must stop at once! Time to nerf event / remove it so people spend money on our Arcade event!!" /end rant -Noko (re pasted)
  3. They don't respect the player base to give us a response / let us keep a event that would actually fix the game.
  4. Panasterra

    Added bonus we will all get a Lucky Vinna Apple upon login.
  5. Wish it was coming out tomorrow tho, would like to hit 75 again.
  6. Broken Hearts Reward List

    This would be nice, but I doubt they will ever do it.
  7. Broken Hearts Reward List

    This rewards list is a joke.