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  1. Why does it cost 500k to retune items for shit stats? why does it cost 250k per enchant when its most likely going to fail? Why does it cost 200k per stigma enchant when you fail 100+ to get +3? Why does it cost so much to get non endgame rubbish gear to a useable state? and it took nyerking 2 years to reduce the selective retuning price from $2? to something reasonable....and its not even here yet....
  2. Yeah and with ultimate xforms making it on par with other classes. No sw would survive with its initial 1.7 sec cast time.
  3. Full hp w/o any "useful" cds. I mean.. if you died to a sw with them not using their sleep chain.. they nyerked up. lol
  4. That shouldn't really matter what a Sws is healing. "Wasting" ccs to be able to heal it self while the opponent gets their cd for their skills back. Makes no difference. Impassion boosts magic attack by 1k which is a lot and by the time sw gets to full health with 30 sec cd, Im guessing impasion is still on cd? like 10-15 secs? with both sleeps cds, thats 0 chances of getting bursted by sws then right? Not counting the fusion tranforms like the apostles.. frigidas combined attack and casting speed is 55%, while others maxed single is at 45. Are you forgetting how much run speed is lost from that? Fighting other classes, like glads RANGERS, sins, chanters where they capped attack speed even with 35% or even lower, they have 70% run over 45. Now for sw, its a kiting class right? so kit with half the run speed of the opponents. Then theres sheba, matching 60% run but again.. less attack and cast. Theres no trade off here since sw needs BOTH and thats why SW is only OP with March or Kaisinel(as others have said) to "match" other classes, who don't benefit as much except for capped run speed.
  5. Game Team Update: Feedback Response

    Along with siege time fix, can we move evening pvp instance earlier? 10 Pm is just as late as mid night sieges for people on the east coast.
  6. For sw, stinging note adagio, silence/bind, are non cast speed attacks, but the trade off is long attack animations (which is why attack speed stuff were popular). Outside of instant sleep, sws usually try and use these + flutter and such to burry silence/bind for their nukes. If a sw uses these against a sorc doing the same thing w/o instant sleep, sorcs skills would land first. Oh i meant attack speed debuffs + ccs
  7. Idk what build sorcs use but instance sleep chained to another sleep is annoying if its caught offguard. Cast speed can be compared, until it can get March/kaisinel. Sorcs mainy need casting speed as the attack based ccs are close to instance. Sws are all long chains. when sws first came out till now, and even now its debatable, its priority was att speed over cast. Attack speed harp combine, gloves, scrolls, you name it. And that is to get out long delayed cc skills out quick. after 4.8, when vision stigmas came out, sws skill rotation changed a bit for pvp. To kill anything, it needs to though the same process as a sorc. Sleep,+/bury cc, burst. And with that, casting 4-5 + 3 sec burst skills with a hybrid att/cast speed transfrom + 9% cast speed weap. As for the dispel.. its not like a cleric where it can be spammed. If used at the wrong time, can't pot out silence and death. yeah only with capped att and cast speed. outside of that its literally junk. Which is as cheap as a root in openworld, when the opponent drags a mob with them.
  8. Actually, if a sorc can't kill a sw they're playing the class completely wrong. It doesn't matter who does more damage at that point as its a 1 shot kill if done right. Who has instant sleep? The only thing I can think of in a ranged right is sorcs instant > sws 7 METER aoe sleep. Who gets first hit?
  9. You even know what you're talking about? When a sw goes full dps, it can't heal for shit. Sorcs has way more dps and way more burst than sw. Mobile... like the long cast time chain just to kill someone just like a sorc? Do you not know sws 9% cast on a harp compared to sorcs tomb/orb's 20% cast?
  10. Not quite. Sws -800 heal boost when in dps stigmas.
  11. No, its a decent buff. Damage isn't cut nearly half. Cast time reduced by 70%. CD time cut in half, meaning it can be used twice as often with overall damage boosted a little. And with some of the sws chain cds, it can be chained up by more than just sleep and one chain burst. Also, in 7.7 https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/KR_-_Update_July_29th_2020 Refreshing MelodyCooldown: 60sCooldown: 30s, just like every other def reduction skill. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/KR_-_Update_February_19th_2020#Bard Skill damage doesn't match on some skills either.
  12. None of the sws skills are a nerf. Second skill change for 7.7 would solve sws dps problem.
  13. Im liking it so far, as in no weekly reduction.
  14. Aetherforge Masters - Hello?!

    They're still useful in 7.7. Going to need A LOT of them. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item_Collection
  15. 7.5 Part 2 deploying to Taiwan on 2020-07-28

    How long ago was the first part of 7.2?
  16. @Kibbelz Stigma rates to 30%

    Not going to happen. Way too complicated to do.
  17. Ping

    Why are the servers so bad? Can't even do certain game actions correctly....
  18. World boss

    Sure you can. As someone said to me complaining about no content.. try harder.
  19. World boss

    Really want to go back that far? Too bad some people can't even pay $10000 for those skins.
  20. World boss

    lol... what about 6.0 where dn-e never got any anomos kills? 6.0-6.5 then 7.0 with demaha bosses.. then ring event shows who had more potential when it was relevant again. maybe try harder
  21. Farming EXP Mark

    And each mark cost 500k. 500k x 1500 is 750m.
  22. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Need more cube space too.
  23. Lunar Weapon Craft - Y'all need RNGeesus

    Theres a solar weap box on KT Elyos broker for 50b if you're interested.
  24. Upgrade ancients to legends using the scroll. takes 5 ancients instead of 10 morphing with bobonerk coins. this applies to pve stones. scrolls first, then morph. for ults, morphing the probably the only way now, unless you have 9 renown in those regions to buy the upgrade scroll. both morphing and upgrading uses 5 legends.
  25. Updated Transformation Contract Bundles?*BCM

    Can't do any research w/o anything to test with.