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  1. Aion Classic coming 11/11 in Korea

    They talk about adding updates too. In the abyss armor video, they show abyss armor from 2.0....
  2. Nightmare/Event Coins

    Those items won't be deleted because we're NA. On KR event pages, they mention items being removed/deleted when events are up and thats where the text comes from. We just get a copy and paste event from what KR has and most of the items too.
  3. Game is unplayable

    With the hanbok transformation stats reverted back to its original stats, forcing us back to use the transforms before the event, unless you already have an ultimate transform, is complete shit.. I don't even know why anyone would play this with those outdated stats.
  4. Pradeth siege

    Remove one set of the gates so i don't have to waste 20 of my BMs getting nothing.
  5. Dream World

    Hilarious to see 2-3 months old characters get them on their firsts tries. Then everyone is wasting their time because the rewards list is from 7.2.....
  6. Special thanks to KT elyos for the WB feed from transfer imbalance. You should be questioning the few asmos players who has their 3rd tier imbued weaps.
  7. 7.7

    When are we getting 7.7 with retuneable accs that actually fit your class with 1 kinah retuning?
  8. Can we keep the 1 kinah retuning npc?
  9. How are sorcerers in pvp NOW?

    TLDR gear carries players/classes. So many times its been mentioned and part of it is NCs fault.
  10. Mob/Boss stats?

    If anyone can find anything on mobs/bosses attack and defenses, accuracy, magic accuracy, and type of attacks, like if its physical or magical.
  11. Are we playing EU?

    What happened to rank names?
  12. Can NCsoft Stop Failing?

    Also the ones who don't check forums daily and such.
  13. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    The problem with any of that is we got the answer a week later. They could have removed the transform from the 300 that got it within a day or 2. I wouldn't mind. Anything after that wouldn't make any sense, especially one week later. The easiest fix is to compensate those who didn't get it instead of take away, would could have been done on day 1, leaving the npc in game.
  14. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    The npc was taken out because it was selling the contract for 0 in stead of what was supposed to be sold at, 50. In the end, players for their contract for "free". What do you consider the contract from the survey we'll be getting? compensation? free? Which is literally the same as npc selling it for 0. And obviously the key in BCM can only be bought once, so any extra locked contract ingame does nothing. As a result, npc removed from the game for no reason now that everyone is getting one for free.
  15. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    Free locked contract survey like npc selling it for 0? Wasn't selling for 0? Took down the npc for a week for no reason....
  16. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    You konw the logic to that. I got my hanbok for free. 90% of ult stats(cast and att) and im KSing anyone for the needles just for me to keep my hanbok. Is that anymore fair for anyone who didn't get it before they removed the npc? I have almost 300 needles.
  17. NCSOFT is the new Vought

    With all the inaccurate info on news posts and such, no one really know if its a bug or not. Even on aionpower book, the npc doesn't have the contract listed, which meant its probably just for NA. And because its not listed, whos the ones providing us with info and why was it wrong then? https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/NPC/820778 https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/NPC/820777
  18. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    Not unless you're a caster class. 45% cast and 45% run is useless af.
  19. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

    Do you know not know what can be done with 90% of ult transform stats in a week?.....
  20. Put extendables in game again!

    I tested sms fear from last time we had this discussion on forums and yeah its not affected by cast speed and theres probably a reason for that. And same for sws freestyle being affected by cast speed. Going way by when they keep on changing skills and such, when remove shock could chain into 2 skills. For sw, it was a knock back and the current one, heal and heal over time effect. There was actually a way to counter being attacked, instead of being defense with a heal effect. Sorcs and sm has (kept) their cc, sleep and fear but longer cd. With 2 instant ccs, one thats instant and another that is a counter, sw doesn't really have much, except it could be spamable. with it being affected by casting speed, skills like rangers, gunner? that slow cast speed would slow freestyles cast time. uh no.. after 6.0 any class that can just spam ANY skill in ANY rotation has an advantage.
  21. PFHM second and third boss requirement??

    Both those bosses are pretty easy. Did both bosses and passed on the first (my first) attempt, just from group members who had done it before, explaining the mechanics. Cubics help. 40% attack on both and it was 17? defense for Primeth and 7 or 9 for Tarukan. Whats more important is knowing game mechanics. For Primeth, its best if everyone(like every boss) to stay alive. As you can see from videos, who ever the boss is targeted is kiting. Reaction time help, someone calling who has agro helps because game sometimes doesn't show on your screen who has agro. For stats, almost all armor pieces that can have it is tune for hp and p def. You could, mainly socket more hp just to have more hp to have less chance of being 1-2 shotted/better recovery time. And obviously defense cubics first for survivability, but once you figure out the fight, having more attack cubics, would shorten the fight and less agro swap/kiting. 3rd boss is almost straight dps. Tank has boss facing away from everyone. Kill adds before they kill the jotuns. When there is a clone that comes up, look for eyes in the corners where the statues are and there should be a roll for someone to pull the clone to it, but it can be anyone. When the clone is near you, don't use any heals or aoe, but if you do, help "pull" the clone by moving to where the eyes are. Attack cubics first, but def helps too because one of the bosses attacks will pull you and take 80-90% of your hp.
  22. Event item

    Pretty sure everything from the event is unstorable...
  23. Harvest Festival Merchant Issue

  24. Feedback Update: Events

    Can we keep the 1 kinah retuning npc for 7.7? so those new stuff doesn't cost 500m+ to get the stats we need?
  25. Event minigame

    Complete nyerking rubbish. Seriously waste 10 nyerking minutes spam clicking for nothing.