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  1. Dont spent Money U$1500 Transformations for Nothing

    A class action sounds about right. As does an FTC complaint. Chargebacks will get you banned but will hit their credit rating - if enough players chargeback there will be an impact we're sure. These games are effectively casinos just without monetary prizes but operate exactly as a casino would. Regulation is long overdue. Rep-D Chris Lee of Hawaii raised this issue years ago, think he lost steam as gaming companies started lobbying against him. Last time threw $2500 into the plume event for 65 daeva, didn't get it. Haven't done that again since although have spent maybe $500 in the last 3 months on gemstones packs, ultimate stones, etc. Largely regretting the ultimate stone fiasco as well, 1 +15 piece out of 3x +12s.
  2. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Minium vault broken again.
  3. To continue: One should realize that most "end game" players are in fact free players and not paying players (maybe they'll buy prestige and that's it). They have their gear, they have their skills, there's nothing they need anymore. New update, unless it's a complete overhaul, these players remain "free players" as the edge they have is infinite compared to the rest. These are the same players who run around in max groups killing players new and old alike for their fun. Reference this back to the old Aion days when parties of "twinks" would do the same leading to new and old players to simply quit. Gear changes didn't affect them due to their head start on time. Now for the sake of discussion say we were a new player, had $10k to spend on this game from nothing, new character. So play, get to 80, try to get gear, get repeatedly killed by the aforementioned groups, see if there's any way to fast track a way to even the odds to realize there's no way at all. Example, to make a DT set, you need g-crystals, you need etium, you need fragments and most of all you need close to 100m AP - none of these can be simply purchased. What you can buy, are enchantment stones and transforms which don't matter if you have zero gear. Why keep playing? Okay, maybe would buy an account instead with max everything to play - but this is profit NC loses on, not to mention a violation of the TOS. Other than that, why bother? Just quit. You're playing the game to be farmed by someone else. In the current state of the game, having pay to win players is actually a positive thing as it offsets the existing max geared players with potential new players who can challenge them so long as they're willing to spend. As everyone's gear at end game is the same, once said end game is reached - grinded for or purchased - it's an even playing field.
  4. @Vasilios-KTAll we see from your reply is "paying players are suckers for paying NC, NC should keep milking them for cash but make everything dedicated to free players". The end game is the same for everyone. Until there's gear that's for sale exclusively and unobtainable by any other means, then nothing is "pay to win". There's only potentially "pay to fast track" if there's even that due to RNG. If you're advocating making paying players to grind like free players, expect the game to close down, we pay to avoid the grind. In any case, very good they added the legendary transform bundle for BCC. Although find it patently ludicrous they also decided to give 1 "free" key to unlock a box that costs 9800 event coins when it seems like the maximum intake of coins is less than 100 a day. Luna remains the best example although the recent ice cream event was certainly one where having a bot army of alts would have helped tremendously (you can thank NC for omitting the auto hunting Korea has). Nothing we could have paid to get there, all grind. @Valedia-DN Free players are worth very little to be perfectly frank, in fact in some cases they end up driving away paying players. Reference Aion when it was a sub model where effectively everyone was a paying player, only some had more time than others (free players) who grinded "twinks" to troll/grief entire servers until entire servers emptied of players who were sick of being killed ad infinitum. The actions of a handful of morons effectively killed the sub model and turned this game F2P. Reference today where some players actually have ultimate transforms and or max gear or both without ever paying a dime if RNG said so (other than buying the account if they did). These same players go around trolling everyone they can again, to the extent of making people quit if it's sufficiently harassing. Plenty of max geared players obtained their gear without spending as the game allows it, especially if you have a group to play with. These same players cause tremendous damage to potential customers who are easily turned away from the game given it's extremely punishing without gear and you cannot "pay" to even the odds.
  5. @HealingSquid-KT Marketing issues and events, you never know for sure you're being conned at the time - after all "we raised the success rates", an excel model would indicate that 500+ tempering attempts would net 1 +10, actually the math indicated roughly 366 required, however, not in our case. Likewise, statistically, a 54% chance of success without penalty on failure meant that the probability of getting only 3/30 was minuscule, however, again, RNG said otherwise. Regardless, a company that treats its paying customers better generally get more people to spend. NC is running a rather dumb system. @Vasilios-KT People like us fund the game you know. That's reason enough that paying players should have an edge over free ones. To argue otherwise is asinine, the game would close down without paying customers. That's probably why they never took off the ultimate enchanting stones from BCM for a month despite saying they'd only run until 7/14. The BCM likely doesn't sell much these days aside from stones as most of it isn't worth buying. One look at the "hot" tab shows 2 things, stones and reset scrolls for particular instances. It's just bad design. That's a failure on the part of NC, every item should be worth buying. In any case, have dumped more on phone games than Aion frankly as phone games in general do better with what they sell and how they sell it. You're buying actual progression vs "sorry, back to square one for you today". But maybe they'll address this when they address the RNG problem. Alts mattered back in the day; recall the snowball events? 50 alts, 10 snowballs a day, 500 a day for 2 million each, a billion kinah a day, nothing you cannot buy in game with kinah - loot rights come to mind. Endgame PVE dropped from the balls, so yes, you could get a full set of endgame gear without playing the instance even once. Omegas, temperings etc dropped from the balls too, so you could be max geared by running an obscene number of alts and with some good RNG. However, if RNG fails you, you've lost nothing but some time where as the guy buying it just lost out on a few grand. Why do you think they made event materials un-tradeable? F2P players actually had it better than P2P players for the longest time with alt abuse. Even now, luna farming on multiple alts allows the F2P to effectively replicate what the P2P can do. P2P is forced to spend to sell BCC -> kinah where as F2P can simply farm kinah boxes off luna. Those same 50 alts doing 1 luna run a day on 4 clients is 250m a day in kinah boxes. For the P2P to get that, that's roughly 1200 BCC worth it items.
  6. Ah, so it's back to the "p2w is bad", this isn't even the issue, the issue is RNG. Players who spend are nyerked far harder than free players by RNG given we're actually throwing money into the game where as F2P only spends time. It's not like every ultimate transform is actually a high spending player - if anything, many of them are alt accounts that were sold because they got lucky on RNG and later became "top accounts". Personally have thrown thousands of dollars into this game over the years, yet am not max geared and never got anywhere close to max. Aware of players who spent a fraction of this amount and or ran 10+ alts nonstop for events and had gotten max gear. Why? Because RNG said so. Frankly would rather have paid for some certainty than the current, let's throw a few hundred into the game for no return - like buying 30x ultimate stones ($200) and ending with 1, repeat 1, +15 item from 4x +12 because RNG said "nyerk you". Recall buying tempering solutions/omegas, tempering event for 65 daeva event? $2500 spent without ever passing +6. Some F2P players got +10 for completely free. As for our suggestion to sell legendary contracts in the 6400 BCC pack? Yes, it would be ideal to at least have a guaranteed legendary for spending $80 vs an ancient and a crap ton of white contracts. Players who spend fund the game, it would be nice if NC treated us less like a cash cow. It's worse than a casino betting table in some ways. Events are for people with lots of time, some of us have no time but we have money. That's not a reason to screw us for as much as possible though.
  7. Sin and temp have always been the two classes that could never full heal from mobs (sin until vampiric and only if your attack is high enough). Everyone else had/still has the means to full heal from mobs usually on shorter CD/at range and more efficiently. It's absurd.
  8. Prestige: Prestige pass should come down in price. $15 US a month for absolutely nothing over free isn't worth it. +5% speed used to be worth it before transforms when max run scroll was 30%. Now with ultimate transforms you have players run as fast as mounts capping at 12.0. Thus, the lucky hand buff is now useless. +400 PVE attack is also insignificant and often times only means 400 or more DPS which again, is completely trivial in the current state of the game. The prestige box is a joke, 20 coins? Crafting materials (1 at a time?!), guiding stones?! The box should give rewards equal to the weekly rewards from lugbug quest once a day for it to be even remotely valuable. Prestige vendor is absurdly overpriced. You can spend an entire year gathering coins for... 1 ultimate stone. Slash prices by 75% for things to be more reasonable. It's hard to justify subscribing for something that simply doesn't do anything or give any meaningful advantage. Maybe make prestige buff function as an administrator buff, no soul sickness as mansions are impossible to find these days. New player retention: Guards need to be buffed across the board. Think of the balaur "super buff" that they sometimes give themselves in Demaha/PF, etc where they move at 20+ speed, attack for 10-20k damage an attack and attack 2 times a second. Guards should be dependable for players who can't fight to fall back to for protection. As they are, they run at 6 speed, legendary transforms can kite circles around them. They have poor accuracy so their debuffs are often resisted, they attack for 1-2k damage on a geared target. Effectively a single geared player can run into a group of guards, kill everyone then run out without even losing half his HP. This does not give a good impression to players who are trying to level or get some basic gear. Alternatively new players could be given a custom set of gear that gives them the following buff as a set effect: +100000 PVP defense, -100000 PVP attack. Effectively, they could not be farmed by players for troll purposes but they could not abuse the "godmode" to participate in PVP due to them doing all of zero damage. The "griefing problem" is specifically an NA thing per memory as Korea had to implement rift buffs back in the day due to NA players trolling new players to the point of depopulating entire servers. The new gearing system being streamlined makes it good for new players, however, when they're being stomped on while trying to get some basic gear over and over again - worse, when they're being farmed in the main towns with guards not being able to do a thing - player retention isn't going to happen. Transforms: Change the ancient contract in the 100 bundle for 6400 BCC to a legendary contract, change the 62 types into 50 types (so green and up). This alone would make the bundle somewhat worth buying. While people like to talk about ultimate transforms, many players still have yet to catch up on legendary transforms - especially returning/new players. Offering an option for purchase makes this a viable route.
  9. Re: the token reset policy (loki/kibbelz)

    The primary reason this was attempted as a ticket was due to reading on LFG someone saying "NC will also reset your transforms" - the guy apparently reset ancient-> legendary 3x to get an apostle transform that was seen in a server message. Thus, it seems to vary with the GM who responds, but maybe it's a GM who broke the rules as our ticket had a senior GM reply that RNG boxes were not permissible. Of course this policy still makes zero sense. 2/5 minions are PVP minions, 1/5 minion is for magical classes and 1/5 is for all. If rerolling a minion is permissible then so too should the boxes be, these are RNG rewards as S Viola skill would be borderline useless for a physical class (bar the stat increase). In essence, this is no different than rerolling transforms as let's be frank, 1x legendary every 2 months and +$50 USD for alt shard boxes every 2 months isn't free where as A rank minions can be farmed and made S rank completely free. Logically then, allowing transform resets would make more sense due to there being a monetary cost being attached vs none at all. It's $300 just to attempt a single ultimate combination with 6x legendary with a 25% chance. Not exactly good odds and could turn very expensive in very short order.
  10. Guess assassin might have to go back to using vampiric slash since feral is getting neutered. 50% HP was one of the primary points of using that as VS does more backstab damage by far. DA being a toggle is excellent though. Vandal nukes getting nerfed is long overdue. Godstones coming back? Darn. Did miss the double para/silence.
  11. Server Bug Extend EXP EVENT

    The event should be permanent. It makes it so that all players, not only the super geared ones can grind XP reasonably. The XP from hunting mobs should be nerfed though.
  12. Fort Guard killed before gates during siege

    No, they are definitely not "simply gliding in", this has long been a glitch that NC never bothered fixing - let's be frank, seems like the Koreans play far more fair than us North Americans do. That's just it, it "is" legally accessible due to bugs in terrain pathing, for example, on what is a vertical mountain face, a normal player might be "this is impassable", however, this terrain actually has hidden steps that you can jump up. How you find these steps? Third party programs that display terrain models exist. Are these paths intended? Pretty sure they would not be, just that it's a side effect of having multiple polygons while creating a terrain map. This is a back and forth argument where some using these glitches claim "it's legit" where as the reasonable player would conclude it's not. After all, normal players do not run at walls seeing if they can teleport through because "reasons". The act of finding these "bugs" already implies the player is seeking to exploit game errors for his/her own advantage. NC used to do this, they had a policy that handed out bans for gliding into forts to train dredge commanders back in 2.0-2.5. This was a thing, if you wanted to make the other faction lose a fort you could pass the glide barrier using this glitch, glide in and train multiple dredge commanders on the deity to flip the fort balaur - they used to punish for this before the playerbase dropped so much they stopped banning completely. Parkour mechanics don't exist - these are glitches. Your character can jump that high, can glide that far and can fly in certain areas only. Your comment of parkour implies traversing terrain that was never intended to be traversed which itself is exploiting something not intended. If the developers had intended forts be raided before gates could be broken they'd add flight so you can fly over the gates - like they did in abyss sieges, you could fly into every fort by attacking the shield generator from above without destroying a single gate. Not only did they not do this, they made each gate vulnerable conditional on the destruction of the first and the deity as well. Gate 1 vulnerable, gate 2 and deity invulnerable, gate 2 vulnerable, deity invulnerable. This is blatantly obvious the developers intending players to have to progress in a linear manner through the fort in order to capture/obtain rewards for it. Something contravened by people using terrain glitches to reach areas that should not be accessible before this progression is met. Once you have a head start it's easy to hold it because next siege you have a transform and can now PVP. You're also able to glitch into forts if you wish to avoid PVP and still get max rewards. Your "competition" is limited to normal PVP outnumbered 10:1 without the benefit of a transform to enhance their chances of survival. Fort PVP is not like bullying leveling players in Lakrum as equally geared players are present, combined with the outnumbering, non transforms generally survive for seconds at best. You will notice it's always the same players gliding into forts, these players also appear on top 100 without exception after the first few sieges and immediately get access to transforms. Once they do, they stop gliding into forts because now PVP is easier as there are some on the other faction who will use the same exploit to kill their SM alts who summon. Of course, that SM summon still exists is a relic of the past, this skill doesn't even need to be in the game.
  13. So to our understanding, this was intended as way for players to have 3 additional chances every 6 months to reverse a bad RNG result as generally it's used for minion combine resets. So today, figured that it would apply to transform shard created boxes (consumable) as well. The answer received was that it's ineligible to "items that give randomized rewards". More weird given these are worth $50 each. This is confusing, is the minion combine not a randomized reward? You have a chance to obtain 1/4, you have a chance to fail the combine losing all combined minions, by using the token to restore it, you're effectively resetting your chance to obtain any of the 4 again. So how is one not a randomized reward - with no direct monetary value, where as one that costs $50 a go is? Are Minions even eligible then? or are the people granting minion resets actually going against policy by granting them? @Loki@Kibbelz
  14. Fort Guard killed before gates during siege

    It is an exploit as it requires glitching on invisible terrain that is otherwise a vertical cliff. Sufficed to say, these exploits were found by people using third party programs that showed terrain pathing to begin with, they were not found by "luck". The "how to" videos are merely people following the directions. Simply because the terrain isn't flat as it should have been when they made it and has pixels you can jump onto does not make this "normal" behavior that players who aren't looking for glitches will never find. You raise Lakrum fort, this is different as there is no shield that prevents glide unlike Gelk/Ing forts where there is a barrier that stops all gliding and makes you immediately fall with flight CD time on ensuring a death if you try penetrating it from up high. The glitch involves terrain hopping through the barrier then being free to glide once past the barrier. Divine's system would not prevent this as gliding isn't flight, a no flight zone would not work. The only way this behavior can be stopped is either the glitched terrain is fixed (unlikely as developers would have to find exactly where these pixels are on a massive map of pixels) or, as suggested, guard towers are spawned up on the cliffs that would 1 shot players trying to traverse them, or, all guard mobs are removed from forts during siege and only the gates/deity are kept. An instant death shield is possible but would require developer work which is not something NC West can fix. Spawning guards though, is something they can do and thus our suggestion. Seems some also think "but it's your faction why would you care?" Everyone should care that the playing field is level as the point of the GP resets are to allow for more than the same old players getting top 100 and accessing transforms. When it's the same players reset after reset, that's when you know the system isn't working as intended. Trying to say there's skill to exploiting is somewhat questionable, are you trying to normalize what is behavior that lands certain unscrupulous players an unfair advantage by not only condoning but by praising them? Hard pass there mate.
  15. Fort Guard killed before gates during siege

    This has been around since 2.0, it's a terrain exploit that allows players to climb past the natural glide barrier present in the fort to prevent people from just jumping in from above. It happens at north Gelk fort, sometimes south fort as well (although unsure if glide hacks are employed for this one). Likewise for Ing forts, both north and south have exploits where one can simply glide into the fort past the barrier. As only a select group of players knows and actively uses this exploit, they usually are the ones who always rank top 100 for transforms due to having this advantage. Generally, there are a select group of players who will defend this exploit by saying "NC would have fixed it already" making the gross assumption this is an intended feature that is open to all (obviously it is not as it requires weird running/jumping into what visually are vertical walls). But there are such people in every game who abuse glitches to obtain an unfair advantage then try to sell them off as "it's part of the game". It is no mistake that the same group of players consistently ranks for top 100 while other players never get there. Effectively, the tolerance of such glitches makes the GP reset pointless as it's always the same players ranking regardless of the reset. A solution you can look into is to spawn guard towers (think Katalam towers that deal 2m damage per shot to entire groups) on top of the cliffs on the forts so that players attempting to traverse them are immediately killed and unable to exploit this. These towers would not affect normal game play as players playing the game without exploiting glitches would not venture into such areas anyways. Eliminating this exploit would make GP gain again an even playing field and certain players would not have a +1000 advantage per siege without having to risk PVP like they normally would. The first siege after reset is most crucial as no one has transforms yet and the playing field is 100% balanced. By being able to "glide" into forts to farm easy AP from the mobs, one can easily max out the GP gained per fort over someone who would opt to PVP (high chance of getting nothing at all due to being massively outnumbered on home turf for the other faction). Another workaround would be to delete all the mobs aside from the primary gates/deity as the HP on those 3 targets makes it impossible to destroy without a significant number of players in any reasonable amount of time.