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  1. Aion 7.0 All Class Skill Changes

    Damage going through the roof again. They just keep raising the numbers, soon people will be hitting tens of thousands regularly... and mobs will have millions to tens of millions of HP. This is becoming kind of silly...
  2. P2W much?

    Can you check if other players on other servers might have ill gotten gains too then?
  3. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    Given the new system, cloth/leather/chain/plate doesn't matter anymore. Outclass their attack a cloth can tank physical damage indefinitely where as before they would be shredded. Or a plate can tank magical damage indefinitely that would have 2 shot before. They should just do away with the 4 classes of gear and let everyone wear anything they want.
  4. AIon 7.0

  5. @mooMOOMooMoomoo-KTI'd go buy a lottery ticket.
  6. AIon 7.0

    So in short a totally cheesy way for Ereshkigal to die. She held her ground against Fregion who destroyed entire legions in one attack, even the former arch-daeva who was stronger than every empyrean lord combined was powerless against him. In short, her destructive potential should have been similar. Instead, she throws rocks around, what the hell. I actually find the idea of regular daveas being able to fight dragon lords to be absurd in every sense of the word; but well, that's how the lore has been running since 4.8 when we somehow beat up beritra. Plot armor is a lovely thing. Those skins have Nier Automata written all over them. Totally 2B look for the female cloth and 9S for male cloth.
  7. nice new paint squirt class

    Make a huge male character that squirts white paint... The innuendos should be amusing.
  8. New Class is coming?

    This isn't Aion anymore, it's literally becoming a cartoon for mentally ill furry fetish people.
  9. NCwest and aion 6.2 has killed a beautiful game

    @Aly-DN You're assuming all sorts of things that flies in the face of how a company would logically operate. If a company operated as you think NCsoft does, the bureaucracy would be such that it would put our own government to shame and they'd be bankrupt. In previous companies I've worked with never were local branch decisions routed to HQ UNLESS it was a policy that involved more than that one branch. That's why you had to phone HQ to let them know and let them decide. NCWest blaming South Korea is simply a bogeyman that anyone who's worked in an international company can say is pure and utter hogwash. It does deceive ignorant players though. Unless NCsoft runs a radically different system than any company known, I stand by my statement that NCWest has significant authority to adjust the game as they see fit. It's not Korea's fault, it's theirs. It's their fault to pull transparent transforms from kinah store; notice they put a transparent pack on the ingot store for once a week? That could be unlimited and in the kinah store like it is in other regions. It's their fault to not increase enchanting rates; previous enchanting events have demonstrated that they can change the rates at will It's their fault entirely to even give compensation gear to begin with which is the primary driving factor behind these complaints - they didn't have to do it. It's their fault that you cannot buy legendary PVP stones on BCM like Korea can. This is what's causing the imbalance as well as even people who can spend and are willing to pay to catch up cannot. As such, compensated players keep their god mode. This is like the "twink" situation all over again only this time with the express blessing and support of the managing company. You can stop the white knight actions on a company that doesn't even pay you to do it.
  10. That was the point of my post, the difference between ultimate and ancient is basically double. An ancient player has about 10k/6k attack/defense, the ultimate player has 15k/10k attack/defense. The ancient player cannot penetrate the defense and all skills hit base - further reduced by the PVP mod which is I think 50% or 75%, in short, double to triple digit damage where as they will be hitting 4-5 digits easily.
  11. The problem isn't that +15 is hard to get, it's that upgrading the equipment is locked behind +15. If you can't +15, you can't upgrade the gear, in essence, the difference between someone with compensated gear and someone without cannot be closed simply because to close it, you need +15 twice to upgrade. Gear tier matters more than the enchanting level due to the bonus stats it gives, note the following (armor/wings/weapon only): Attack per tier (weapons): 3300/3700/4300 base Attack per tier (armor): 750, 850, 950/ 850, 1000, 1100/ 1050, 1180, 1300 Defense per tier: 620, 730, 850/ 730, 870, 1000/ 850, 1010, 1150 Wings: 330, 390, 450 defense/930, 1080, 1200 attack So let's assume you have a full set, your stats will be: +0 ancient: 3770 defense/ 8380 attack +15 ancient: (armor) 115/500; (weapon) 139/38; (wings) 232/64: total = 4372 defense/ 8866 attack Difference (ancient): 602/486 +0 legendary: 4460 defense / 9510 attack +15 legendary: (armor) 140/605; (weapon) 169/46; (wings) 282/77: total = 5188 defense/ 10101 attack Difference (legendary): 728/591 +0 ultimate: 5450 defense/ 10750 attack +15 ultimate: (armor) 160/715; (weapon) 199/55; (wings) 331/91: total = 6311 defense/ 11440 attack Difference (ultimate): 861/690 At a glance this actually looks fine, the problem is the bonus stats which are gained only at higher tiers and not lower tiers. Attack speed, critical, etc are all only granted at higher tiers and lower. +15 one tier lower = the stats of +0 one tier higher. There is also the passive skills that grant more with higher base stats (I am unsure as to how these stats scale as of the moment but it seems like defense is +50-80% base and attack is +10-15% base). Effectively, when comparing someone with ancient gear you will be looking at roughly 6k defense, 10k attack where as ultimate gear will give 10k defense, 15k attack. As the way damage works, if you can't beat their defense number you deal base damage; this ensures that simply being a tier higher is enough to result in a completely lopsided encounter. Being two tiers higher is no contest in the least.
  12. NCwest and aion 6.2 has killed a beautiful game

    That's what they want you to believe. It's very easy to say "blame the faceless bogeyman", in reality a branch would have significant control over how they run their operations. Most businesses are like this, local branch deals with local matters and only consults HQ if the policies affect more than the locale. Notice how transparent scrolls can be bought with kinah but are paid for here? Notice how they can set enchanting rates and prevent gear destruction? Notice how they can set drop rates? NCwest has a lot of control, it's absurd to believe otherwise. They simply opt to not do a thing in hopes that players don't make this connection and blame the actual parties in question. Why the hell would a branch need a CEO otherwise?
  13. P2W much?

    Interesting, now imagine how many players might have gear they shouldn't have? I mean even on the older servers, I find it hard to believe that almost every player I've encountered somehow has ultimate compensated gear, even the no name non officers; it's puzzling.
  14. Drop purification requirement from +15 to +10

    1) Maybe you should avoid replying to my topics and or avoid reading what I post then. No one forces you to enter my threads just to say "you're wrong" and "everything is fine" despite the fact that there are people who support my stance and far less who support yours. Strange isn't it? 2) Why yes, at a 10% chance on success. So let me see, for ancient at 28%, you will net the +2 roughly 3 times. For legendary at 5%, you will net it at most, once out of 100 stones which translates into a full week of camps/weekly kill quests for crystals. Math really isn't your strong point is it? 3) Maybe you are. By definition, RNG is not repeatable through mass sampling and as such you are merely an anecdote. For everyone one of you, there are likely 98 others who cannot do the same. Of course I'm simplifying here. Anecdotes are the worst thing to bring up in any argument, notice why I stick to math alone and refrain from mentioning myself or making it about me alone?
  15. Drop purification requirement from +15 to +10

    1) as you have misrepresented "I'm just an average player" off the get go, what's to make me believe you didn't stack omegas/tempers for stones? You obviously have a vested interest in trying to "prove" me and others who think alike "wrong" as in you obviously think we should all just suck it up and either zombie grind it, or quit. I actually get that you're actively trying to push people who aren't pleased with the current state of affairs to quit. 2) Your own words obviously. Past +12 so 10-12 doable for ancient. Past +5-10/12-15 for purple and above so +5 and +12 doable for ancient. Refer to the math above. Oh and the chance of getting +12 with ancients is 0.25%. +12 with ancients on ancient is 8%. 3) Why yes, by definition because winning a lottery is only 1/26 million it's not impossible; just neigh impossible and improbable for practically everyone. Is that what you're trying to argue? Because it's not 0 it's fine? Why don't you dispense with the bull pseudo intellectual trolling and simply tell everyone to quit the game if they don't like it? It would save us a lot of time not to mention it would give me a good reason to stop replying to you as even if you're trolling, which I'm aware you are, it's not flat out trolling to the point where I'd simply ignore.