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  1. A class action sounds about right. As does an FTC complaint. Chargebacks will get you banned but will hit their credit rating - if enough players chargeback there will be an impact we're sure. These games are effectively casinos just without monetary prizes but operate exactly as a casino would. Regulation is long overdue. Rep-D Chris Lee of Hawaii raised this issue years ago, think he lost steam as gaming companies started lobbying against him. Last time threw $2500 into the plume event for 65 daeva, didn't get it. Haven't done that again since although have spent maybe $500
  2. To continue: One should realize that most "end game" players are in fact free players and not paying players (maybe they'll buy prestige and that's it). They have their gear, they have their skills, there's nothing they need anymore. New update, unless it's a complete overhaul, these players remain "free players" as the edge they have is infinite compared to the rest. These are the same players who run around in max groups killing players new and old alike for their fun. Reference this back to the old Aion days when parties of "twinks" would do the same leading to new and old players to s
  3. @Vasilios-KTAll we see from your reply is "paying players are suckers for paying NC, NC should keep milking them for cash but make everything dedicated to free players". The end game is the same for everyone. Until there's gear that's for sale exclusively and unobtainable by any other means, then nothing is "pay to win". There's only potentially "pay to fast track" if there's even that due to RNG. If you're advocating making paying players to grind like free players, expect the game to close down, we pay to avoid the grind. In any case, very good they added the legendary transform bu
  4. @HealingSquid-KT Marketing issues and events, you never know for sure you're being conned at the time - after all "we raised the success rates", an excel model would indicate that 500+ tempering attempts would net 1 +10, actually the math indicated roughly 366 required, however, not in our case. Likewise, statistically, a 54% chance of success without penalty on failure meant that the probability of getting only 3/30 was minuscule, however, again, RNG said otherwise. Regardless, a company that treats its paying customers better generally get more people to spend. NC is running a rather du
  5. Ah, so it's back to the "p2w is bad", this isn't even the issue, the issue is RNG. Players who spend are nyerked far harder than free players by RNG given we're actually throwing money into the game where as F2P only spends time. It's not like every ultimate transform is actually a high spending player - if anything, many of them are alt accounts that were sold because they got lucky on RNG and later became "top accounts". Personally have thrown thousands of dollars into this game over the years, yet am not max geared and never got anywhere close to max. Aware of players who spent a fract
  6. Sin and temp have always been the two classes that could never full heal from mobs (sin until vampiric and only if your attack is high enough). Everyone else had/still has the means to full heal from mobs usually on shorter CD/at range and more efficiently. It's absurd.
  7. Prestige: Prestige pass should come down in price. $15 US a month for absolutely nothing over free isn't worth it. +5% speed used to be worth it before transforms when max run scroll was 30%. Now with ultimate transforms you have players run as fast as mounts capping at 12.0. Thus, the lucky hand buff is now useless. +400 PVE attack is also insignificant and often times only means 400 or more DPS which again, is completely trivial in the current state of the game. The prestige box is a joke, 20 coins? Crafting materials (1 at a time?!), guiding stones?! The box should give rew
  8. The primary reason this was attempted as a ticket was due to reading on LFG someone saying "NC will also reset your transforms" - the guy apparently reset ancient-> legendary 3x to get an apostle transform that was seen in a server message. Thus, it seems to vary with the GM who responds, but maybe it's a GM who broke the rules as our ticket had a senior GM reply that RNG boxes were not permissible. Of course this policy still makes zero sense. 2/5 minions are PVP minions, 1/5 minion is for magical classes and 1/5 is for all. If rerolling a minion is permissible then so too should
  9. Guess assassin might have to go back to using vampiric slash since feral is getting neutered. 50% HP was one of the primary points of using that as VS does more backstab damage by far. DA being a toggle is excellent though. Vandal nukes getting nerfed is long overdue. Godstones coming back? Darn. Did miss the double para/silence.
  10. The event should be permanent. It makes it so that all players, not only the super geared ones can grind XP reasonably. The XP from hunting mobs should be nerfed though.
  11. No, they are definitely not "simply gliding in", this has long been a glitch that NC never bothered fixing - let's be frank, seems like the Koreans play far more fair than us North Americans do. That's just it, it "is" legally accessible due to bugs in terrain pathing, for example, on what is a vertical mountain face, a normal player might be "this is impassable", however, this terrain actually has hidden steps that you can jump up. How you find these steps? Third party programs that display terrain models exist. Are these paths intended? Pretty sure they would not be, just that it's a si
  12. So to our understanding, this was intended as way for players to have 3 additional chances every 6 months to reverse a bad RNG result as generally it's used for minion combine resets. So today, figured that it would apply to transform shard created boxes (consumable) as well. The answer received was that it's ineligible to "items that give randomized rewards". More weird given these are worth $50 each. This is confusing, is the minion combine not a randomized reward? You have a chance to obtain 1/4, you have a chance to fail the combine losing all combined minions, by using the token to r
  13. It is an exploit as it requires glitching on invisible terrain that is otherwise a vertical cliff. Sufficed to say, these exploits were found by people using third party programs that showed terrain pathing to begin with, they were not found by "luck". The "how to" videos are merely people following the directions. Simply because the terrain isn't flat as it should have been when they made it and has pixels you can jump onto does not make this "normal" behavior that players who aren't looking for glitches will never find. You raise Lakrum fort, this is different as there is no shield that
  14. This has been around since 2.0, it's a terrain exploit that allows players to climb past the natural glide barrier present in the fort to prevent people from just jumping in from above. It happens at north Gelk fort, sometimes south fort as well (although unsure if glide hacks are employed for this one). Likewise for Ing forts, both north and south have exploits where one can simply glide into the fort past the barrier. As only a select group of players knows and actively uses this exploit, they usually are the ones who always rank top 100 for transforms due to having this advantag
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