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  1. EU Cares About His Community

    GF is a separate company and EU consumers seem more intelligent overall. NCWest is a subsidiary that does nothing at all because Korean working culture is "initiative is bad and gets you fired, just obey". NCK is probably laughing at us because we're all still paying them even when prices are grossly inflated and nothing we want ever gets implemented.
  2. I was there, during the golden age of Aion.

    Aion when: There was massive western player hype that led to us doing the marketing for NC The factual reality that it was a zombie grind Korean game was ignored When western players were distracted by the pretty graphics over WOW's cartoon like graphics Once that initial "wow!" moment passed, the merges happened and the game hemorrhaged players. I'm actually surprised western players still care in the least for Korean MMOs as the model is the same, a zombie grind and "milk the players dry" cash shop micro-transactions system. But hey, the graphics. Yeah, I fell for this one too, the graphics were indeed nice compared to what was available at the time. They still aren't bad but the furry fetish is doing a great job at removing the only appealing aspect of this game.
  3. My understanding is that if we bought a physical copy, the game is effectively owned by us. Because the game is only hosted online does not change the calculus that the copy is still owned by us and nothing stops us from doing a to host a server to play the game solo. Private for profit servers are somewhat more questionable, but I suspect the same argument can be made that owners of a copy of the game can host a game for others to play with. NC owns the trademark which means you can't develop something that is a copy and or whatever. It does not mean you cannot host your own server, run your own settings and are forced to play on retail. If this was the case, Blizzard would have shut down DOTA long ago as DOTA was profiting off WC2Editor and third party scripting for a game within the WC3 system that used Blizzard trademarks and everything - but claimed copyfight for DOTA's creator. DOTA effectively spun off into DOTA2, while using Blizzard assets, development and trademarks for the initial run. Blizzard did not shut them down - I suspect it is because of the ownership issue. Same for older games like Diablo 2. I used to host a private server for Diablo 2 and had about 500 accounts registered, I own a physical copy even after Battle.net decided to no longer support the game, so; solution was to host my own. I don't recall ever getting cease and desist letters. This is also in a way the same argument why they can't sue gold sellers to shut them down. If you own a copy of the game and you are generating resources in the game nothing prevents you from selling those resources that you effectively generated for a profit. Their only recourse is the ban the accounts and tell players it's "illegal" - under their rules - but not illegal in the legal sense of the word. No copyright or trademark laws are being violated through gold selling or even account selling. Property within the game without being modified is changing hands for an outside transaction cost is all. Copyright laws generally exist to prevent copies, rips and reverse engineering. Not when someone takes an existing product, does not modify it and simply uses it in an unconventional way. I'm no lawyer though.
  4. They most definitely tried to kill the game with the equipment "update" that made the equipment of everyone who wasn't playing at the time (and a whale) completely useless. They've basically killed the game by making geared players completely invincible against non-geared ones. Old system, 12 players could kill you even if they were in NPC gold gear and you had general gear - that damage added up. Now? You can take on full alliances and never die (if you have heals) - because what's 100 damage on 50k HP? Such a system will never be able to attract new players as there is an insurmountable gap now that trading is also gone. One of my best PVP fights was me in 60AP gear in 3.5 against 5 players in PVE gear - I won with about 500 HP left and only because I got them one after another and they had terrible teamwork. Nowadays? You can forget about stuff like that. Can't trade, can't gear up fast, can't fight - why bother playing? It's no coincidence in this patch I have not seen the influx of new players that have accompanied every other previous patch. It's mostly returning veterans trying it out or the existing renamed players who never left.
  5. No furries. Katadan back. Old equipment system back. That's about it really. A private server with up to 5.0 equipment but with 4.0 maps would be awesome.
  6. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Bring back EBOnline I say. Okay, that aside, this is an amusing change. There's an actual chance there will be 100 active transforms where as for years there was a max of 20-30 at any given time while others were too busy hoarding the 20k AP required to transform than use it.
  7. New Enchanting System Changes

    In this one update, with 200 stones I have pretty much made my entire ancient set +15 and evolved 3 pieces. This should have been the system off the get of, it would have saved a lot of people grief from having to deal with those compensated players who still have de-facto god mode although legendary genesis does a considerable amount to close that gap. Game would have bled less players who had logged in to 6.2 had this been implemented earlier.
  8. Help! World boss anomos (weak factions need help)

    Leashing the boss would help... so neither faction can use guards to easymode and actually have to fight for it.
  9. New Enchanting System Changes

    Okay. Now for the absurd furry fetish that Korea has that we don't have, let's make transparent transforms the normal and have them on sale for the same price in kinah as the "regular" type.
  10. Let's take a look at Aion RU shop

    You can't be serious. Virtual items are like printing money. Should be regulated as such honestly, it costs $0 to make once the coding is done yet can generate infinite profit.
  11. Let's take a look at Aion RU shop

    Because they can gouge North Americans for every nickle and dime, we just make that much more money than most of the world. Until we decide enough is enough and refuse to pay their prices - they'll continue to extort. Again this is something to write to your rep/senator/MP about - the corporate extortion - rather than the forums.
  12. 6.2 was the best patch but not in NA

    Aion has devolved into a shit tier mobile game basically. Even mobile games can run better than this RNG casino fest where everything was hiked up 500% (luna for example) or decreased 500% - say, 10 snowballs are now 2. I play one of such mobile games on my phone, have thrown around 5 grand into the game and guess what, I think it's more worthwhile than throwing that 5 grand into Aion as it is. Said thousands of dollars later I'm basically unbeatable, even as new content is pushed out again and again. Aion? I recall throwing a grand into the tempering game during the Daeva set event - guess what, nothing. Nothing at all. Even if I had won the set, 6.2 would have invalidated everything (the calculation at the time was, I figured $1000 was worth the potential future proofing that set would provide). Aion is random, failures, RNG; even most mobile games out there give you guaranteed returns per dollar spent. It's a shame NC, you could have had my money but hey, if you insist on throwing RNG with overpriced shit instead of lots of low cost items that I'll buy many of - sucks to be you. Based on their price hikes, I figure it's only a matter of time before Aion goes the CoH route and closes. The player base is getting smaller and smaller, 6.2 does not allow for new players to thrive at all due to the compensation gear nonsense. Naturally this also will eventually bore the old players too as they'll have no one to bully, no victims but equally geared players who - mind you, get boring as hell to fight (remember the 3.0 ghost towns?).
  13. Aion 7.0 All Class Skill Changes

    Damage going through the roof again. They just keep raising the numbers, soon people will be hitting tens of thousands regularly... and mobs will have millions to tens of millions of HP. This is becoming kind of silly...
  14. P2W much?

    Can you check if other players on other servers might have ill gotten gains too then?
  15. Aion 7.0 Skill Changes

    Given the new system, cloth/leather/chain/plate doesn't matter anymore. Outclass their attack a cloth can tank physical damage indefinitely where as before they would be shredded. Or a plate can tank magical damage indefinitely that would have 2 shot before. They should just do away with the 4 classes of gear and let everyone wear anything they want.
  16. AIon 7.0

  17. @mooMOOMooMoomoo-KTI'd go buy a lottery ticket.
  18. AIon 7.0

    So in short a totally cheesy way for Ereshkigal to die. She held her ground against Fregion who destroyed entire legions in one attack, even the former arch-daeva who was stronger than every empyrean lord combined was powerless against him. In short, her destructive potential should have been similar. Instead, she throws rocks around, what the hell. I actually find the idea of regular daveas being able to fight dragon lords to be absurd in every sense of the word; but well, that's how the lore has been running since 4.8 when we somehow beat up beritra. Plot armor is a lovely thing. Those skins have Nier Automata written all over them. Totally 2B look for the female cloth and 9S for male cloth.
  19. nice new paint squirt class

    Make a huge male character that squirts white paint... The innuendos should be amusing.
  20. New Class is coming?

    This isn't Aion anymore, it's literally becoming a cartoon for mentally ill furry fetish people.
  21. NCwest and aion 6.2 has killed a beautiful game

    @Aly-DN You're assuming all sorts of things that flies in the face of how a company would logically operate. If a company operated as you think NCsoft does, the bureaucracy would be such that it would put our own government to shame and they'd be bankrupt. In previous companies I've worked with never were local branch decisions routed to HQ UNLESS it was a policy that involved more than that one branch. That's why you had to phone HQ to let them know and let them decide. NCWest blaming South Korea is simply a bogeyman that anyone who's worked in an international company can say is pure and utter hogwash. It does deceive ignorant players though. Unless NCsoft runs a radically different system than any company known, I stand by my statement that NCWest has significant authority to adjust the game as they see fit. It's not Korea's fault, it's theirs. It's their fault to pull transparent transforms from kinah store; notice they put a transparent pack on the ingot store for once a week? That could be unlimited and in the kinah store like it is in other regions. It's their fault to not increase enchanting rates; previous enchanting events have demonstrated that they can change the rates at will It's their fault entirely to even give compensation gear to begin with which is the primary driving factor behind these complaints - they didn't have to do it. It's their fault that you cannot buy legendary PVP stones on BCM like Korea can. This is what's causing the imbalance as well as even people who can spend and are willing to pay to catch up cannot. As such, compensated players keep their god mode. This is like the "twink" situation all over again only this time with the express blessing and support of the managing company. You can stop the white knight actions on a company that doesn't even pay you to do it.
  22. That was the point of my post, the difference between ultimate and ancient is basically double. An ancient player has about 10k/6k attack/defense, the ultimate player has 15k/10k attack/defense. The ancient player cannot penetrate the defense and all skills hit base - further reduced by the PVP mod which is I think 50% or 75%, in short, double to triple digit damage where as they will be hitting 4-5 digits easily.
  23. The problem isn't that +15 is hard to get, it's that upgrading the equipment is locked behind +15. If you can't +15, you can't upgrade the gear, in essence, the difference between someone with compensated gear and someone without cannot be closed simply because to close it, you need +15 twice to upgrade. Gear tier matters more than the enchanting level due to the bonus stats it gives, note the following (armor/wings/weapon only): Attack per tier (weapons): 3300/3700/4300 base Attack per tier (armor): 750, 850, 950/ 850, 1000, 1100/ 1050, 1180, 1300 Defense per tier: 620, 730, 850/ 730, 870, 1000/ 850, 1010, 1150 Wings: 330, 390, 450 defense/930, 1080, 1200 attack So let's assume you have a full set, your stats will be: +0 ancient: 3770 defense/ 8380 attack +15 ancient: (armor) 115/500; (weapon) 139/38; (wings) 232/64: total = 4372 defense/ 8866 attack Difference (ancient): 602/486 +0 legendary: 4460 defense / 9510 attack +15 legendary: (armor) 140/605; (weapon) 169/46; (wings) 282/77: total = 5188 defense/ 10101 attack Difference (legendary): 728/591 +0 ultimate: 5450 defense/ 10750 attack +15 ultimate: (armor) 160/715; (weapon) 199/55; (wings) 331/91: total = 6311 defense/ 11440 attack Difference (ultimate): 861/690 At a glance this actually looks fine, the problem is the bonus stats which are gained only at higher tiers and not lower tiers. Attack speed, critical, etc are all only granted at higher tiers and lower. +15 one tier lower = the stats of +0 one tier higher. There is also the passive skills that grant more with higher base stats (I am unsure as to how these stats scale as of the moment but it seems like defense is +50-80% base and attack is +10-15% base). Effectively, when comparing someone with ancient gear you will be looking at roughly 6k defense, 10k attack where as ultimate gear will give 10k defense, 15k attack. As the way damage works, if you can't beat their defense number you deal base damage; this ensures that simply being a tier higher is enough to result in a completely lopsided encounter. Being two tiers higher is no contest in the least.
  24. NCwest and aion 6.2 has killed a beautiful game

    That's what they want you to believe. It's very easy to say "blame the faceless bogeyman", in reality a branch would have significant control over how they run their operations. Most businesses are like this, local branch deals with local matters and only consults HQ if the policies affect more than the locale. Notice how transparent scrolls can be bought with kinah but are paid for here? Notice how they can set enchanting rates and prevent gear destruction? Notice how they can set drop rates? NCwest has a lot of control, it's absurd to believe otherwise. They simply opt to not do a thing in hopes that players don't make this connection and blame the actual parties in question. Why the hell would a branch need a CEO otherwise?
  25. P2W much?

    Interesting, now imagine how many players might have gear they shouldn't have? I mean even on the older servers, I find it hard to believe that almost every player I've encountered somehow has ultimate compensated gear, even the no name non officers; it's puzzling.