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  1. 6.0 will be a disaster for housing, better off not having it.
  2. Lol what a crap argument, how about explaining in full detail why 5.8 is bad and 6.0 is good. It seems vice versa to that, though it'll be hard to explain if you don't even play the game anymore.
  3. SOme elyos players that afk are actually alts for Asmos, the same is said vice versa.
  4. About the power up week I heard level 80 and 75 AP accessories were exempted is this true?
  5. The people who know how to finish the entire run still benefit so much, as they can get these pieces and sell on the broker. Yes some dropped from event but its not enough and the demand is much higher than the supply. Its come to the point where for certain classes there is not enough for a single piece of armour, they would have to buy expensive boxes.
  6. No you do get compensated, even for +15 75 AP. If you stop playing and come back in 6.0 yeah you will be even more behind. Its best to play and try hard now, as you will get given another set of gear the 6.0 to use while keeping your old gear.
  7. Why are character transfers disabled? They should always be on, if its gonna disabled it should mentioned well ahead of time.
  8. Thankyou for this guide with this power up promotion I was able to level a lot of Aethertechs quickly to farm temperings from the homeward bound event.
  9. Its been like that for years and as long as lots of people keep paying for that much why would they need to sweeten the deal and that's if they put it up. Better off asking for biggy bulk prices like 100 for 50 temperings.
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