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  1. This event sounds a lot better on paper than the function it actually serves. The event says that it’s made to “help gear up faster”. Hmm... As a rerolled main, I’m in the same boat as all the people wanting to +9 or higher their vandal’s stigmas. Yet I can’t get higher than +3 or +4 without failing back down. I can’t even hit the +6 threshold on half my stigmas! A nice addition to the stigma side of the event would be a replication of the stigma protection boosts we had for using any type of enchantment method (+0 stigmas or enchant stones) with a rate boost (but certainly this is asking
  2. I used to get this error a lot when my WiFi takes a crap for ten minutes every so often...I have since started running in compatibility mode like @Gabe-DN suggested and this happens a LOT less to me now. I'd second trying compatibility mode, since if you have Windows 10 it tends to mess with the client in various ways for everyone.
  3. The Hovering Set too for the same price as the Ninja Set, since it was purchasable *with kinah* from the Tavern NPC forever...I'd buy it for sure for my Vandal and my AT.
  4. What happened to the IO jetpack skin! I want it so badly, that's probably one of my favorite wing skins of all time. And I miss the old Kunax skins...Also... CIPHER BLADE SKINS PLEASE! The panda, the bunny...good ol' shugo...y'know. Or just weapon skins in general: Oh shugo mech, you'll live on in my dreams, nyerk nyerk...
  5. @OnlyOne-DN No problem! I'm glad I've inspired you, gunner will always have a special place in my heart. Practice makes perfect. Failure is the best way to learn, so I hope you've learned what you need to do and take action
  6. Alright, I'll bite... I'll go ahead and answer to you simply why gunner feels so bad: you are not max geared, and you don't pvp. I played gunner at the very beginning of 5.0 before I quit and returned at the beginning of 5.8. I played my gunner through 6.x and about a month before 7.0, I've rerolled AT. But hear me out. I decided to no longer play my gunner because I felt what you were feeling, and I asked myself quite a bit why gunner felt so awful. I have pretty good ping. My rotations are decent. I can switch between cannon and pistols quickly. Why was my damage lacking? Wel
  7. The minion contracts and green stigma bundles were free from the lockbox vendor. So, everyone has a ton of guaranteed A minions, not just Cute contracts.The lockbox vendor was also removed.
  8. I'm with Van on this one...I was one of the people who was on early running instances to try and figure out the details of the event because NCSoft didn't post them until 1pm. It feels pretty bad now that they doubled the rewards even though I was up early running things to have a grasp of the situation. Sucks I don't get compensated for those runs on my main, but at least all of my alts will get the double boxes.
  9. doing the math... If you have the worst RNG, you'll get 5 gems per box from 8 runs (4 CoE, 4 without prestige. 5 x 8 = 40 Gems a week, 50 Gems a week with prestige. If you have the best RNG, you'll get 50 gems per box (if you do I hate you because you're hacking zzz) from 8 runs, 400 Gems a week, 500 with prestige. So, if this event lasts two weeks (assuming it ends when 7.0 hits because CoE and Mirash go poof), it's impossible even for the person with hack op RNG that gets 50 a box every time, couldn't attain the legendary box (which is random transform, not selectable btw) for
  10. If NCSoft isn't going to give us the event info before the event is out, then I guess we have to piece it together ourselves... It seems that you will get Ice Gem boxes from Bosses (NOT 100% DROP, and no one has said yet that they have gotten boxes from normal instance mobs like last End of the World). Open the boxes and they will give from 5-50 Ice Gems. Turn in the Ice Gems for rewards. So far, the event vendor looks VERY similar to the flower event. here's screenshots of the vendor rewards: Regular Sale Page 1 2 Limited Sale Page 1 The boxes are dropping from CoE an
  11. PLEASE make the End of the World event worthwhile...I'm talking: Ancient/Legendary Transform Contracts Fighting Spirit Fragments AT LEAST Legendary PvPvE Stones, if not a possibility of Ultimate PvPvE The fragments alone would help so many people out and make them feel a little better about 7.0 coming, including myself. If you choose to listen to community suggestions ever, let this be the time!
  12. I've had my painter's name picked out since the class was announced in Korea: His name is Nouveau! Level one, saved and ready to go.
  13. Ah I see, so you guys really ARE trying to tank the game so hard that you can shut it down. I'm not even surprised at this point. It's almost like NCWest is having a competition to see which dev's decisions lose them the most money. I'm not even going to ask the questions I want answered because I know it's just a waste of time. It's not in one ear without the other with NC, it's the fact that they don't have ears at all. When will they learn from games that have vast staff in their forums always answering questions and being transparent with their community?
  14. I completely agree. They keep screwing us over time and time again and we're all either too stubborn or too attached to this silly game after all these years to let it die. Essentially with all the things we'd be asking for, we're asking for one thing: Proper management of Aion: not screwing over your loyal player base completely for the whales that will pay to win hardcore as the last cash grab before shutting down the game. There's no reason for NCWest to treat the last of us the way they have aside from wanting to push us away and tank the game. Only ONE staff member who is only
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