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  1. 6.0 info

    Rn you reroll gear stats using scrolls from the golden sand market, they are just removing the extra step of having to buy them.
  2. 6.0 info

    I'm trying to stay optimistic D: The game itself is better imo which is good because NCwest has no say in that aspect. Cash shop is a bit more regional so maybe they won't shoot themselves in the foot? KR did just go f2p so they are still "learning"... their mobile games over there are printing money so they are heavily blinded by the $$'s in their eyes right now.
  3. 6.0 info

    The purple enchants (middle tier) are always in the quna shop 24/7 on KR. This cash shop event is what I mentioned above where people can swipe for pvp gear. The asura's giftboxes they list there gives everything you need to get pvp gear without playing the game except AP for going to next tier. The people that have whaled out full +15 purple pvp sets are about 4-5 months ahead of a very active f2p now. There's also 2x drop rate for the instances, double AP rewards for the pvp instances. And you get points for success/fail of enchanting to get some crap rewards during event.
  4. 6.0 info

    Google contains a vast wealth of information and it's only a click away: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/necessary Inevitable is literally in the definition. Their Q1 earnings in Aion will likely be pretty high. The average KR player doesn't like P2W but there are a lot of whales who are going ham with the micro transactions right now. Kaisinel transforms are a cash cow and they've done cash shop events where people can indirectly swipe for pvp armor. Lakrum is too small for the KR population but I don't see it being as claustrophobicly zergy here. OWPVP has existed since the game's inception which is expected from a open world pvpve game. As for endgame, you are right - the content is thin and relies on gear progression and pvp for replayability. That's why handing out gear to vets and not fostering the new/returning players into a healthier population will keep this game dead. Hopefully NCwest realizes this.
  5. 6.0 info

    I mean.. those two words are synonyms so I don't see your point there. NCsoft didn't really take a step forward it just looks like that tbh. I don't know how much info NA players get but the minion nerf was always known to be temporary: http://aion.plaync.com/board/tazz/view?articleID=346&page=
  6. 6.0 info

    lol 6.0 has a much lower gap even when the minion update comes out. It's not even close to equal like the old days of Aion but it's much better than the current state. A minion update was kinda necessary because they were nerfed hard in 6.0 and money talks... I just wish they didn't bring back the worst RNG mechanic in the game. But the KR players are pretty mad from what I've seen, maybe ncsoft will listen to th... haha wtf am I saying ofc they wont.
  7. 6.0 info

    March 14 - Minion Update http://aion.plaync.com/board/tazz/view?articleID=352&page= So Aion lasted a whole 2 months without godstone RNG lmao. That's a gg from me. The HP boost made minions much less of a factor but that obviously doesn't drive sales.
  8. Aion Assassin pvp 6.0

    @Jake-DN likes to exaggerate but there's truth to his words. The sin decently out-gears the glad: http://aion.plaync.com/characters/01054-005rxV vs http://aion.plaync.com/characters/01054-005:bn. The sin also has top tier xform vs glad with 1 tier lower. That's also why the sin attacks so fast.. top xform gives insta attack speed cap.
  9. 6.0 info

    Ah the pve qq is beginning. It's gonna get a lot saltier when they realize the 5.x patches were a pve paradise and a fluke mainly due to the KR master server. If you don't like getting ganked while taking pretty screenshots under a waterfall you might want to quit before 6.0.
  10. @Jake What's Your View On 6.0

    Oh another familiar name, are you playing 5.x? I play a lot on the KR server atm and what you say is pretty much right when it comes to competitive pvp. If your opponent has the 1st tier xform the illusion of a fair fight is completely broken just like getting 1 shot by minions. At least with some of the previous p2w like temperings I could delude myself into thinking I stood a fair chance and still enjoy it. Just look at NCsoft's massive profits in their mobile games and understand this same mentality is coming to Aion now that it's f2p in KR. The xform system is pretty much a copy pasta of lineage M cards. I will say though they removed a lot of trash that kept me from playing retail since 4.3. I think the patch is good enough for casual owpvp to be relatively fun again and I get a little nostalgia pvping on KR. This requires a population though... but seeing familiar faces and some buzz is a good sign. Needs a fresh server or no gear handouts though. Can't overstate that enough. Otherwise the patch won't keep ANY of the new/returning players for the same old reasons, can't even p2w to catch up like you can now.
  11. @Jake What's Your View On 6.0

    Mhm. The pvp tournaments you guys did were the highest we ever got on twitch. Fun times.
  12. @Jake What's Your View On 6.0

    I'm active on KR and pvp'd a ton here in NA so I'll sum it up like this: * New fresh start servers = worth playing if you got that nostalgia itch (doesn't help that mmo pvp in general is dead with a bleak outlook) * No new server and existing players are grandfathered gear handouts = game buried 6ft deep is now 600ft deep * No new server and no gear handouts = ????
  13. 6.0 info

    Ehhh I don't understand this pvp/pve sentiment. It's a pvpve game and a massive chunk of the population has quit from 4.3 to 5.8 because these patches are almost pure pve. It's not subjective either. Korea added the master server to provide a pvp centric experience and then focused almost purely on the pve side of the game for the live/traditional servers. We didn't get a master server so only one side has been represented in the last couple years of content. 6.0 removed the master server so they've brought back the pvpve balance that is fundamental to this game. The kinah/trading restrictions are the symptom of a larger problem that will be coming with 6.0 though. Until now, Korea has been p2p + cash shop which allowed the devs to keep the fundamentals of the game enjoyable for every customer. Since NCWest has been f2p since 3.0 they've had to find ways to monetize the game that was at it's core still p2p. So even after all the p2w stuff they've done, the game is still playable as a f2p if you are experienced and play enough. Now that Korea is f2p as well, the devs have changed the core of the game to allow much more insidious monetization that will be harder to overcome as a f2p. NCsoft has made a killing on their mobile games and this freemium nickle-and-dime mindset is making its way into their PC games. I expect NCWest to follow the same model now that it's baked into the game, I doubt they can remove the shallow mobile feeling even if they wanted to. On the bright side, since KR and NA will be monetized similarly, the complaints of the Korean players should now be somewhat aligned with ours so at least we have player representation now! Unfortunately, the KR market tolerates p2w a lot more and their MMO options are better than ours so they can jump ship easier if this game gets rinsed by NCsoft.
  14. 6.0 info

    "5.8 is a good patch" Says the last 1000 people playing this game lol. 6.0 can bring new players which is what this game needs. No one new wants to play a game with so much power creep and minimal catch up mechanics.
  15. 6.0 info

    You still get a full set of gold gear at ascension but the stats will be different. You get full gold gear sets periodically from the yellow campaign quests while leveling up which fully covers any gearing concerns from 1-80. The skins I can remember wearing: 4x = kahrun skins 6x = danann skins 7x = bloodmark skins