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  1. ...I know i said next week and it will be from this post, but for all my efforts I got maybe 3 or 4 DT weapons for my 2 chars per 2 dual boxing accounts maxed to 5 but that was not the main issue for me ...I also said I hadn't missed a thing but that's not entirely correct... I've not missed the disappointment one iota of striving for fail, mindless repetition, and the lack of fun from the decline to the current lackluster business model. I recently got from an unnamed Korean MMORPG alternative vendor/soon to be NA publisher two top priority take away quotes from their road map that I f
  2. I've not renewed my Premium, haven't logged for a week but did just now to extend the house for main char, and much the same the week prior to that, and haven't missed a thing of it at all. It's going to have to get a lot better for this to change. Been checking out Black Desert Online instead, maybe something else later. Bye until this time next week you all
  3. ...and if u got the U$ 1500 to burn then don't complain about getting burnt...its on u this time round..go get some counselling
  4. NCsoft's take on MMORPG, lest we forget: - Money Making Operation Requiring Players Gamble
  5. Thanks for the tip on BDO...I might take advantage of the current discounted pricing and try it out for 2021 and park Aion for a while. Interestingly the BDO Korean developer Pearl Abyss has just cut the NA/EU publisher Kakao Games out of the equation and will publish/develop directly so that might also be a refreshing change from the current Aion NA model 🙂
  6. Yes, have a great end of year, and new year start
  7. spawn times for me would be 0400, 0600, 1200, 1600 when in Sydney and 0230, 0430, 1030, 1430 in Darwin...it's not going to happen
  8. Thanks for the pickup on that. I've cashed in my handful of reds and cleared some space. Pity the Bitterthorn weapon had a 3 day use by date.
  9. TY for asking Beat & sharing lost. FYI's and I'm not advocating this but just to share for my Sin the current +6 all round stigmas (+1 default stigma skill for all round set = the minimum +7) clockwise from top...Quickening Doom, Agony Ruin, Shadow Walk, Shadowfall, Venomous Strike, Apply Lethal Venom, and in the middle Fang Drop Stab. At the long lost time when this was set up I most likely used what was at hand but did decide most needed, and probably still do/want is to retain Shadow Walk for the 5 min Advanced Stealth invisibility to avoid PVP ambush and just to get to most PVE stu
  10. not important just curious as i don't think i'm going to find out personally anyhow in the next few weeks with my fly in/ fly out job to Darwin resuming in 30 hours instead of from home so bye bye high speed cable for a week, and then on return it's drive up to Brisbane QLD from Sydney NSW (930km/580m) if the borders stay open till end of year..so then with lots of kids, swimming pool/beaches, BBQ's , high temperatures (hopefully no major bush fires this time), etc there will be little or no Aion, no loss for me on that last aspect... anyway hope you all please have an enjoyable, great, saf
  11. so at least one char needs to finish? from each team? or on 'end' the potential nirvana gamble somehow unfolds?
  12. pardon my ignorance of this event but if everyone of the (I guess) 3 chars x 2 teams involved are afk how does it end? if nobody cares about the play just the reward I'll take a chance on it, and will even have a go at the play, assuming I won't be kicked or abused for not knowing better at what I attempt
  13. not that it matters to me/my chars much as i'm not in that morphing league this game, but why don't they/u NC just have a register of custom/regional code/objects to check before upgrade against the detailed patch notes , and which recently only u seem to get before it's all a done deal...planning 101 I would have thought aka a checklist, or correct me on that please as I'm wary to continue investing with vigor when these unnecessary and recurring themes here caution me otherwise...maybe like it might make some folks feel like their not able to stop working on their holidays as their lugga
  14. So you NC asked what do I/we think of the changes to Daeva Dash so I say how would I know. Why not in future provide some info on where it is and any other unknown mechanics like where is NPC as I saw somewhere, that would be helpful to those that don't know, forgot, or can't be bothered. Yes i'm sure I can hunt around for them, stumble across, google it or someone on forum will be kind enough to advise, but since its your event it is not unreasonable to expect such basics to be covered by NC up front.
  15. It's the other way around - brought 4 months forward and keeping the original end date
  16. TY for tips about potential AP boost for doing some of left or right before 2 min close down then going middle...might try it some time when times there to experiment... So after pondering these revelations I did a middle run only with Vandal #1 skanky and attempted to pay more attention... Using AP Jelly 10 min 20% AP gain buff x2, we got from Klaw Q (when 1st buff applied) to Girad all done just in time, then kobolds/buga/box on # 2 jelly ...total result = 929,997 AP It was a good run in that the vandal took out the entire second room, Oculazen's and the rest of them all,
  17. TY for the tip. I just installed the Night Mode Pro extension for Opera browser and get similar result. I only targeted the Aion forums display.
  18. So I tried again, several times and Herelym mine last boss goes "pfff" vaporizes on kill and drops nothing, same with box. I'm also coming to the conclusion that Lumiel's Transmutation gamble should have the Auto Combat system installed otherwise how are we going to feed it.
  19. ...and sort out the new forum like etc buttons please. the text overlaps the icons and there is no apparent option to withdraw a click if not intended, seriously did u UAT this or just take it in good faith that a Seoul special always has mild chilli; go burn it again
  20. minor things but enough of them and it's not: herelym mine last boss goes "pfff" vaporizes on kill and drops nothing, same with box, its not just for the AP and weekly, its not like there are many solo options unfortunately, anyway I'll try again but never happened pre-7.7 combat support tutorial from Alt J menu goes halfway through but no button to push so Esc it (auto-hunt remnant?) lumiel's transformation tutorial is rubbish - the text is truncated, the click the broken sword does nothing so Esc it and there it is in inventory. 2nd attempt I try to drag b-sword to sacrific
  21. So what you are saying is no one can make comment about the upcoming 7.7 release until after it happens. Since everyone is about to be gagged are you or NC in general going to step up a level and provide some useful information so we can prepare for 7.7!?
  22. What can be bought with 13,000 Gen Crystals that's useful...Ancient PVE/P boxes...non-trade-able gear...am I missing some options?
  23. sounds like it will level the playing field/catch up the gap a bit for new people or those existing that can't easily get past lakrum/titan gear, or at all ...like because the circumstances to farm kata/dem stuff is just not an option for some... so if the 'entry/mid tier level' new stuff is much better than lakrum/titan vs somewhat better than kata/dem stuff, then good good i'm thinking and go farm marks like mad while the current events & kinah options allow (?) or is this wishful idea heading towards wistful
  24. FYI I just picked up 300 Grade B Miniums from complete the daily Lugbug 8/8, when it's Grade C which is still random but more common I think its 500
  25. Thanks both of you for the workarounds. I can now see a vaguely humorous angle to the Kisk placements.
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