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  1. Pin Bug = NCWest feature

    I have happily not had the Pin bug on either of my 2 accounts since switching to the new launcher about 2 weeks ago (although there were issues with getting launcher sorted to work initially) and the Pin bug was a regular annoyance prior to new launcher; just saying new launcher does now work for me without Pin bug, but maybe new launcher and/or Pin bug not consistent xp for other folks from what I read here in forums so maybe NA NCSoft needs to look at that holistically on the overall patterns, not on a case by case basis, and advise/modify/patch accordingly....
  2. New Launcher

    mmorpg = many misgivings of repeatedly processing garbage
  3. New Launcher

    Initially I had the didn't recognize password problem with the launcher on both my accounts but I re-installed it making sure it was 'run as administrator'. Strangely this resolved the issue on one account but it persisted on the other so I changed the password for that on My Account and it was resolved, so I changed back to my old password and it stayed resolved. No problems with the 2 accounts running at same time, I just close the launcher after first account login, and start a new instance. One thing I am happy about with the new launcher is that I have not encountered the PIN bug.
  4. Grade B Miniums

    oh, pardon my er on ums & ons but ty for the check in
  5. Grade B Miniums

    Also from some of the drops from the Lugbug daily quests definitely C maybe B not sure wasn't paying attention to it
  6. Grade B Miniums

    Minium Vault. Take random path from the NPC in the middle. If you finish on time, i.e. before the minion steels a box where the boss is, there will be 4 boxes to open 3 of which have combos of A grade, or A & S grade minium, and 1 box that will either have an A-D contract only, or both an A-D and A-C
  7. My characters were deleted

    I don't see how any char that is "GenricUserNNNNN'' could be specific. Suggest that GenericUser49660 log a ticket... You can submit a ticket via: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  8. I was asked to Download and run HijackThis from the following link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/hjt/ and submit the log file for review but I was able to resolve the issue otherwise as follows: I reinstalled the launcher making sure it was " run as administrator", I then launched the launcher with "run as administrator". I then used a different account (but which had the same issue previously, and the same password) and it all worked OK. I then closed the launcher and opened it again with "run as administrator" but when I used this first account I still got the invalid password. So I logged into My Account on NC West home, changed my password and was able to log in via the launcher with "run as administrator". I then quit the launcher, changed my password back in My Account to what it originally was, and was able to login via the launcher with "run as administrator". This hints to me that it was maybe a date/time stamp problem on the password of this account since it is the oldest and the password has been the same since day one. My second account was more recent but not by much. I was subsequently able to login without running the launcher with "run as administrator"
  9. New launcher doesn't recognize my password but older launcher does???
  10. Thanks. I have submitted ticket #23610006 for this. If a resolution is forthcoming I'll post it here
  11. Feedback: Event Thread

    4 fcksake stop spamming for 1 day at least hey!!!...everyone sees & hears u & acknowledges u from the other side of the mirror already...don't need it for breakfast lunch & tea non stop
  12. Feedback: Event Thread

    I thought I knew what MMORPG was but recent events have given me pause to think it has morphed into Many Maintenance's Offering Random Problem Gambling. Yes the egg event or something on a scale like it would bring back some balance for the event space, and there is a birthday coming up.
  13. Transformation Update

    As a matter of principle that might require boycotting the forums as well
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 9, 2020

    It was 3.67 presents...the tricycle only came with 2 wheels!
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 2, 2020

    not yet...at the 2 hour mark from down (the patch will download though)
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 2, 2020

    The right path for Elyos did not offer four boxes only the 3 with minium chances if the minion didn't get there first. The box with the chance for a contract was never there, the dude in the middle for random path seems necessary for that and I don't need compo for that..it was actually a nice change to have a less cluttered inventory. I was just happy to be able to count the runs towards my daily completions for the weekly as they were then That instance it would be a rapid catch up, and maybe all forgotten in a week or two by most...maybe.
  17. Transformation Update

    Ultimate Ultimate Ultimate...blah blah blah. I do sincerely hope something better comes along for all of you focused on just that but I wouldn't like to see it completely hijack two other aspects of transformations in general that might be easily improved for all, especially new and returning players and those with poor RNG results: How about a more level playing field or catch up for acquiring ancient & legendary that are suited for each class and to more readily unlock the small buffs for collection sets. It is so frustrating to combine 6 normal for a normal, 6 greater for a greater, etc. Could the RNG be done away with or improved for 6 combos at least for normal/greater/ancient, its not like they are quick to collect for that one long shot at something useful and encouraging to even think of combining 11 legendary. Why would I do that if I don't have useful combos? Find a way to stop a preferred transformation dropping off the quick bar, this is happening much more frequently since last patch, almost daily. It is frustrating to launch into Abyssal Fragment/Splinter or wherever and go to the transform click and its not there and loose precious time for a good run. If there is a way other than post it notes I'd like to know please
  18. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 26, 2020

    Its Noon on Monday reset now.
  19. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    TY Vantheria, so I thought to let you know I did a run on LUT with one of the vandals tonight just before reset, easy peasy, much simpler and less time/effort than HM which is still a necessary for me, and it was on par for time (my main focus) with Minium Vault depending on the MV path and where the targets choose to be. But all up a good additional quick few minutes option for some extra XP, a drop to dismantle for socket stones, & mainly to keep that weekly Lugbug legendary shard on track, so no need to use up Luna for additional entries to MV, and also a bonus event cone by chance which will not make any difference for me
  20. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Please ignore that...It was my time zone and the reset time and my alt hadn't selected prior to actual reset. Tonight 7PM Tuesday they have refreshed, thankfully.
  21. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    1) yes the right path is working for Elyos at least, but max of 3 boxes at the end but np as I just wanted to up the boss count for weekly is main reason and extra Minium always good unless level C, so TY, and bonus I got this right side run nailed now to around 5 minutes 2) I don't think the Ing renown rewards reset on Monday idk maybe because they weren't moved like with the Lark & Kata NPC's so maybe still on Wednesday cycle but whether I bought socket stones or not on GST they are still not available to select on the 1-3 Ing levl 3 NPC...and the stuff grayed out on the Lark 1 -3 NPC yesterday was reset and available today
  22. Update on Aetherforge Masters

    the dots are definitely being connected but way too much many to many than of one to one or two !!!
  23. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    seems like sad times from some encounters that maybe i am happily not exposed to... did u invite them?, guess u couldn't see em if engaged, until they did the deed...
  24. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    TYVM Loki, yes as Elyos I'll try that tip.. for the rest of my post as quoted there above, I later updated my original comments to wait and see until Monday as those may be related to the change in reset times, and thanks to other contributor's advice for that.
  25. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    that's rude or ignorant on their part but maybe the instance design shouldn't allow for that distinction...having never tried pf my comment is a generalization of sympathy, that's all