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  1. aion 7.0 release in N/A

    I'd rather Let eu got the patch first, so I can make some preparation plans after seen it live.
  2. NC Coin

    Because a por country's priority Is use their income in videogames right?
  3. so....what...now?

    If only we had something like a legion to make friends and have runs without the risk of Shnitsheads in your groups.
  4. 2nd Kaisinel

    Wow gratz! May I ask what's your cast speed with the kaisy xform?
  5. I was mid in a PF run and I paid lunas to run it, I hope I got em (or my run) back.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    The most blessed post.
  7. Understand the Situation

    At least we have the precedent of the enchantment bug at start of 6.5 patch, so we at least know that they can track your ap/gp loss and give you a round up amount.
  8. State of The Game

    Not everybody is worried about get gp tho.
  9. Gunner DMG bug in IDD

    Most magic classes have some magic defense reduction debuff, so you're probably hitting your bigs skills when those.debuffs are up.and sometimes not. My At Ravage Cannon usually deals 160k to Frigida, yesterday there were an sm and sorc in group, it escalated to 250k or 330k crit dmg.
  10. I think Fm and Bos arent good right now to pug runs, at least in fm, people don't do the events and then wonder why nergal killed em with an autoattack. And God forbids if you suggest or try to explain what's happening because offended ppl will kick you.
  11. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    Oh, this explains why essencetapping was kept. Btw I like this new notes format instead of a pdf.
  12. One of the WORST garbage mmorpgs I've ever played

    > 3 days playing > Post merge name

    Well, this explains a LOT of things.
  14. Morphing-The End Of The Lesser Faction

    I doubt people will use their coins in pve stones.