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  1. "Hey guys. I know you're unhappy that you can't farm omegas and temps with the event anymore, but here's an enchanting event. While we're at it we'll let you buy omegas and temps from our store!" P2W Scam
  2. For once I believed we could catch up to the end game, have fair fights and enjoy ourselves without needing to abide by this artificial scarcity of items to remain competitive. Too tall of an order, I suppose. I'll just wait for a game that doesn't make me feel like it's my job to grind, my job to spend thousands of dollars to keep it running, only to be rewarded with this mediocrity and slow-mindedness. If they decide to fix this, I'm game to continue, but never again will I support it. P.S. I doubt they allow media to actually be posted, so if you're curious; Youtube: Nightcore - Mid
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