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  1. Siege EK Lakrum

    @Cyan hello
  2. Siege EK Lakrum

    Last siege Elyos had lvl5 buff and couldnt take the fortress... @Cyan The server is unbalanced, theres 3 asmos for 1 elyo.. Are you guys gona do something about the server or will keep ignoring? Today 30min before siege starts, theres 25 elyos online vs 71 asmos.. Theres no higher buff, more elyos are gona quit if they fail again... Can you guys do your job and give any update or idea what you guys gona do about EK? Please dont come with we have nothing planned... server is dead has been 2 months now and you know it
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 27, 2019

    What about EK? Any updates?
  4. Regarding Server Transfers

    Aly you care so much about EK players that every single shot you have you come rubbish talk it.. 2k posts in a forum of a dead game.. thats what aion community has became about, stupid, selfish and egotards players seekin for atention.. EK died faster then any other new server they made it and they should give xfers and delete it or merge it... You can call us w/e you want, we dont give a fk They made a new server, we expect players, theres no players, they need fix it.. they created EK so they better give it atention.. Its NCSOFT mistake not ours I dont spent hours in forums like you kid so i didnt expect the server to die so fast And to hope for NC to nyerk others just show us how fkin stupid you are as a person Go eat a bigmac before answering this, or even better.. shut the f up Have a nice day
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 13, 2019

    transfers news?? its already feb 13
  6. Regarding Server Transfers

    Save EK @Cyan
  7. SM vs Sorc

    this sm is not bad.. i mean 2x good players same gear etc etc both have chance to win.. dont think sorcs has more chacnes or the sm has more chances..
  8. SM vs Sorc

    I think a good sorc can have advantage vs sm.. take a look on this fight: i dont know why sm didnt open with contract, but even if he do contract/instafear, sorc can easly weave and aoe insta cc,
  9. Cleric support PVP video old Israphel

    Mlsk gear: Full set pvp 75 +15 - manastones power +7/8/9 and precision +7/8/9 75 pvp acc's +4 wings +15 bracelet +7 plume +5 My actual gear: Full set pvp 75, 4 pices +10, boots +1 Manastones: only the chest and shield with will +7, rest is mr16 Harvester rings, belt and 1 earing Appolon earing Ahserion necklace Plume +2 mb/ma Bracelet +7 40+ mr Dredg MR hat Craft MR wing +5 Current lvl 74
  10. Cleric support PVP video old Israphel

    Im using full 75 set wtih MR 16, 2 earings and neckless from apollon, 2 rings and belt harvested +2 My set now is onlly +10, but thoses videos are kind old so it was only +1- +5 max, and i think i didnt have the harvested stuff In the last fight i switch to my stupid bloodmark block set The ssin is full 75 plus 15 with powers7 and atk/crit manastones full accs 75 +3, 2 weap +15 I will take a print screen from our gear and drop here Thank you
  11. Cleric support PVP video old Israphel

    Hey some ppl were saying the audio was bugged i reupload it I dont know how edit the topic, cant find any button so im posting the new link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFZ9IW9oqLg
  12. Sup guys! I just finish a pvp video as a support cleric! My editting skills are terrible so hopefully the video is watchble! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MfABglYI2Q Thank you