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  1. ok guys this is getting out of hand have you not learnt from past mistakes you left them too long on retail back in 09 and it screwed the economy and made people leave as quest mobs were none existent. ITts going the same way and this time they have damn legions of bots i sent a 10 min clip from my twitch channel of a legion of bots the response was we need to check it out FFS how much evidence do you need . you need to jump on this NOW put a GM in game for a couple of hours a day with a big ol ban hammer and in a week you will have rid the servers of the overwhelming amount of bots .if nothin
  2. needs to be an elite not one of the non elites if you mouse over the mob if it counts the quest name will be on its info
  3. which doest work if you are moving you have to be stationary !!! hence why i said
  4. STUCK UNDER TERRAIN i beta tested Aion back in the day and then played it up till about 5.0 and in that time i never had cause to send in a support ticket because i was stuck under terrain . since Playing classic i have had to send in 4 tickets so what did you guys change why are we suddenly glitching through and getting stuck under the terrain . Might i suggest adding a /stuck command that will work if you are moving as im sure that would be a better solution than support getting tickets to move peoples chars as they are stuck .i even had a SM try and summon me but they were unable
  5. def a step to far for me they have removed everything i worked for.I think when 6.0 hits us/na i will be putting down my wings for the last time at least on official servers
  6. my personal opinion having played on the korean server is that this is the final nail in the coffin.with the removal of the lvling system and the crafting the stuff that is fun that i have alot of time invested in i see absolutly no reason to stay everything i worked hard at obtaining over the past ten years is being thrown out the window. IMO a big nyerk you to everyone that has supported the game over the years.
  7. no its old Aion rehashed again on a 10+ year old engine which was being pushed when they released it . with the changes they are making basicically a new aion it would have been better to make Aion 2 on a new modern engine that would be able to carry the game forward.
  8. Exactly so make AION 2 ?!!!
  9. like i said nothing wrong with people like yourself that just want to go staight to end game fast track is there for that however dont remove the option to quest to end game at a normal speed that option should still be available you are cutting out a pretty big chunk of players by removing that option . for example i would imagine the RPers are pretty pissed about it and people like myself that enjoy the lvling process. I have never found Aion to be grindy i do not remember having to just grind mobs for the hell of it, because i quested did the instances etc. so killing mobs had a rewa
  10. whats the point of lvling if not to learn how to play your class might as well just start at endgame !! not saying you must know how to play properly at low lvls but the whole point of lvling systems are so that you learn how to play your class etc . if people want to just faceroll to end game thats fine thats what fast track is for but dont take away the game for the people that actually enjoy lvling properly !!
  11. im sure im not the only person that likes lvling at a normal speed and enjoying the maps even after the 50 + toons ive made over the past 10 years i still like questing i dont get the whole lets get you to end game in a few sec makes no sense to me. people get to end game now without actually knowing how to play thier class having done no group stuff so having no idea how they perform in a group situation or anything about the other classes. The continual dumbbing down and nerfing into the ground removes all the fun . im pretty pissed as a beta tester that all the money ( from when i
  12. So let me get this right in 6.0 They are revamping the entire map and removing large parts of it The archdeava system is going and the skills for all classes are being revamped The economy is being completly changed with Kinah no longer having any value . Crafting (as we know it) aethertapping and essance tapping are gone all the time kinah blood sweat and tears gone (really not happy about this part !!!!) So basically its a brand new game why the hell not put this Aion into maintence mode and just make Aion 2 on a new engine cause 6.0 is a completly new game !!
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