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  1. Thanks for stating the obvious. Listen we don't care if its a cash grab we will spend money for it, and if you don't want to contribute that's fine, just remember the how community benefits from the community rewards.
  2. 6.0 is in 9 months, that's a login time and power up event is tomorrow so its very good to see BCM and buy so much tempering's omegas and stigmas. How community benefits from this event.
  3. So pretty much grey wolf is only better if tempered.
  4. Can something be one about the blatant animation hackers MiuMiu-KT and Mlaki-KT on Elyos side?
  5. I went to Pernon and noticed that 3/4 palaces are owned. When will the 4th be put on Auction its February now.
  6. So pretty much its 4.8 again. What we have now in 5.8 is good, where everyone can gear up aand enjoy the game. I have a lot of fun in Evergale and to be honest +15 75 gear AP is 'pretty much' the cap for both paying and non-paying players.
  7. Dagger-sword allows you have more damage on the offhand weapon when you do auto attacks while the main hand weapon in auto attacks is kept the same from dagger-dagger. Sword for some reason as an offhand weapon gives atleast 30% more auto attack damage vs dagger.
  8. Lol, leveling is easy Adma, Theo, Fallen Poeta, Drakenseer giving tons of xp. More and more 75s are leveled everyday. Some of us almost have 3 75s. X events, Kumuki so much XP being spoonfed and you have the audacity to even call it an awful exp grind. Pre- 5.1 or 5.3 I can understand but leveling too hard. You're a joke. Not to mention there is no good reason to level up high if you can get good essence cores, 75 is only worth it if you really need avatar form bad and that extra 2% in stats for level 80 gear.
  9. Is the Dark Dragon skin skill icon suppose to look a Bastion, the chest?
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